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Hello Everyone
Did you know that June  Dezinaworld has been busy creating a new 25 piece kit and not only that,  the news that the Dollar Store has returned. Whenever it is possible, June keeps her Dezinaworld Blog up-dated with new image sheets/kits and of course there is the Olde Curiosity Shoppe where all the images are free for you to use in your art.
I wish I could tell you I have new Dezinaworld art to share with you but all I have is a discovery I made as I was deleting images from my laptop. I believe I made these cards when I first discovered Dezinaworld, possibly 2 years ago.
These were quick cards I made for friends, notecards, using the Spring Ladies image sheet.They appear very minimal compared to what I do now! The final card. On a personal note I am sorry I have been absent, not managing to visit your Blogs or up-date my own Blog. Personal matters have caused me to be away from the computer for much of the time but I hope this afternoon to organise posts so I can schedule them as I have lots of old artwork to share and some new pieces using Crafty Individuals newest released stamps.
As always, thank you so much for visiting. It is so encouraging when I am able to come on-line and read your wonderful comments.

24 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. roseymcg
    May 14, 2012 @ 14:31:56

    Hello Lynne: I too have had a similar experience, wherein I’ve been sorting through old posts or older images which I produced some while ago. It seems our artistry is evolving! It is of interest to me to see how your work has evolved over the two or so years you’ve been making art using Dezinaworld’s images, among other product lines.
    I love June’s work. I just wish there were tim enough for me to stop posting and start using some of her best images!
    This year, I’ll be especially busy with personal things of my own to complete, so time will be even shorter. And this is liable to make it even tougher for me to complete anything physical offline.
    Ah, well….perhaps later in the year I can join in the fun more often.
    Take care, my dear!


  2. supersnooks13
    May 14, 2012 @ 14:43:08

    more simple yes, but still beautiful…fun to see how we evolve in our art…love you lots my darling girl…


  3. Brenda Brown
    May 14, 2012 @ 14:45:22

    These are gorgeous Lynne, they still reflect your style even if you have moved on – as we all do. I hope things are ok and pleased you are still creating. We will all still be here when you are able to get back – don’t worry. Just take care.
    hugs {brenda} xox


  4. Annie
    May 14, 2012 @ 15:08:02

    Hi Lynne your cards are lovely and it is certainly interesting to see how our creations move forward. When I first started card making almost 17 years ago I never imagined stamping becoming so huge. It has certainly evolved and the products available are amazing. I have not been blogging either as I just can’t find the time. Hope everything is okay with you…….Annie 🙂


  5. Diane
    May 14, 2012 @ 15:13:58

    These cards are lovely, and I love to see how your art has evolved too! Hope everything quiets down and gets back to normal for you.


  6. Valerie-Jael
    May 14, 2012 @ 15:18:42

    Nice cards, I prefer them like this with less bits and pieces on them! Valerie


  7. Fliss
    May 14, 2012 @ 15:22:26

    Glad to see you back Lynne and these are such beautiful shabby chic creations. love them all.
    Hoping you have a good week.
    Hugs, Fliss xx


  8. may
    May 14, 2012 @ 16:00:25

    Very beautiful cards Lynne, hope all has sorted itself out… I missed your makes, Hugs May x x xx


  9. Cynthia Schelzig
    May 14, 2012 @ 16:02:17

    These are gorgeous cards Lynne!…old or new or in between,,,it is all art isn´t it.


  10. Lululiz
    May 14, 2012 @ 16:24:22

    They are beautiful! Gorgeous images and sweet embellishments, people would love to receive them.


  11. Marianne
    May 14, 2012 @ 17:33:27

    Hi, Lynne,
    It’s always interesting to see how we progress with our creativity. Very pretty cards.

    Wishing you a delightful day,


  12. Dorthe
    May 14, 2012 @ 17:41:27

    Hello dear Lynne,
    Yes maybe they are more simple than what you do now, -but I think they are so very lovely, and each so very beautiful balanced in colours and composition.
    Dear friend
    , I hope your monday was a good start on your week, and wishes you a lovely evening.
    You are in my thoughts,-see you soon.
    Smiles and greetings,Dorthe


    May 14, 2012 @ 17:48:02

    Lynne, I absolutely adore them all. Yes I agree they are very different from the cards you create today but your personality is still there and your talent too, they are gorgeous. Thanks so much for sending them to me as well. i will file and use them in the future too. I will reply to your email tomorrow if thats ok my friend, off to get some work done and a shower as its been a tiring day but cant wait to catch up with you xxxx


  14. Queenie
    May 14, 2012 @ 19:14:50

    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie


  15. The Scrap Yard
    May 14, 2012 @ 22:59:08

    Hi Lynne, time certainly gets away from you when your busy with family and life itself. So happy you shared these lovely cards. Its wonderful to see how far ones art has come. Its nice to know we are all still learning.


  16. stempelchaotin
    May 15, 2012 @ 06:50:50

    Oh wow these so wonderful Lynne.
    Gorgeous stamping work. Love them all. xoxo


  17. Florence
    May 15, 2012 @ 07:18:01

    Hi Lynne. These are gorgeous. So pleased you found them.
    Regards Florence xx


  18. Ira
    May 15, 2012 @ 07:52:49

    Beautiful ladies don’t need much extra, do they Lynne, lovely cards, all of them. You’ve used some fine papers for them, too! Hope you’re doing fine, Ira x


  19. Sophie
    May 15, 2012 @ 08:57:38

    Oh, liebe Lynne, du bist einfach ein Schatz!
    So viele wunderbare Kunstwerke machst du. Du gibst mir soviel Inspiration.
    Dafür eine dicke Umarmung

    Danke für alles, und für alles was noch von dir kommt und zu sehen ist.
    1001 Umarmungen…xoxo
    Liebe Grüße von Sophie


  20. Sophie
    May 15, 2012 @ 08:59:45

    Und danke für deine lieben Kommentare auf meinem Blog.
    Ich freue mich jedesmal sehr darüber.
    Liebe Grüße ❤


  21. Maria
    May 15, 2012 @ 22:53:27

    Hiya Lynne, these are such gorgeous cards, and although a little different to your recent creations, they still show your beautiful trademark style.

    Take care
    Maria x


  22. marjiekemper
    May 17, 2012 @ 13:26:45

    You’ve worked your magic! They’re all lovely… each with your unique style.


  23. MarieS.
    May 18, 2012 @ 06:52:51

    Just lovely,dear Lynne.Hope all is well.


  24. Sharon
    May 18, 2012 @ 11:39:58

    Great images from June!!! Love what you have done with them Lynne!! Perfect as always!!


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