Do It Yourself

Hello Everyone
Time once again for my weekly DT project for That’s Crafty.
Fun was had as I played with something that was new for me, something I had been wanting to try for some time now. Let me share with you what I had fun withDIGITAL CAMERAThis is a Speedball Stamp Carving Kit.
What did I create with this kit? Well you need to take a peek at the That’s Crafty Blog.
Enjoy your Sunday and many thanks for visiting.

Her Friend From Paris

Hello Everyone
This post is a continuation from the previous post where I shared two tags made with Oxford Impressions’ Lily Elsie stamp plate.DIGITAL CAMERAStamp sets & Links
Oxford Impressions
That’s Crafty
Both Lily Elsie and With Love set can be purchased from the above.
The Friend stamp is from the With Love set – such a useful plate of stamps to have.
This is the second tag, well actually it is the fourth, if we count the two in the previous post,  I’ve made with the Lily Elsie set. DIGITAL CAMERAAll the backgrounds consist of paint, found text and a handful of stamped images. DIGITAL CAMERAThank you for your visit to this post.
It will probably be Sunday when I next return, that will be with my That’s Crafty DT post.
Have a lovely weekend.

You Are Beautiful

Hello Everyone
When I learnt that Suzanne at Oxford Impressions had produced a set of stamps with Lily Elsie as the theme, well I am not too proud to tell you that I was so excited.  I adore images of Lily Elsie and I have a passion for photo real stamps, a perfect combination.  Unfortunately the stamps lay unopened for many a week as they arrived at the height of my illness. Maybe,  in a way, when I did come to inking the stamps, the pleasure was all the more so for having had to wait so long before playing with them.  I hope I never lose that wonderful excitement of new stamps.  I am sure many of you relate!
The Lily Elsie set comprises three photo real stamps and a sentiment stamp.  It can be purchased direct from Oxford Impressions HERE and for anyone in the U.K. who would like to buy this set it can be purchased from That’s Crafty HERE.
I should probably apologise in advance for the fact that the stamps will be cropping up again and again! You will also see this style of background popping up here and there mainly because it is one I always enjoy doing and the muted palette lends its style to the Lily Elsie stamps.
For this post I will start at the beginning, easing myself gently into crafting again, I made some tags.  I used Crafty Individuals Shabby Tags as the base, I cannot do without those tags in my supplies.DIGITAL CAMERAYou are beautiful is the sentiment included with the set.
I find it so relaxing to make backgrounds.  I build up and then pull back the colour and in-between the paint layers I add layers of stamping and fragments of found text, etc.  I also painted Crunchy Tissue Paper,  stamped on it and added it here and there. With this I like that the stamping blends together and creates a lovely distressed appearance. In spots I used an old emery board to distress further, you can see this in the photo below.
I scattered a bundle of stamps in front of me to use on the backgrounds but in the main they come from the With Love set, again you can purchase direct from Oxford Impressions or in the U.K. from That’s Crafty.
DIGITAL CAMERAOne of the other Lily Elsie stamps.  Again I used stamps from the With Love set and Femme is from Beloved (no longer available).
DIGITAL CAMERAFragments of lace, but of course!  You should be able to see the layers in the background – stamps such as Paris and Carte Postale to name two.DIGITAL CAMERAAfter stamping the image (Archival ink onto glossy cardstock) I distressed it,  gently with an old emery board (I am very low tech with my tools lol).  The text which I layered the image upon, vintage French book text, had a wash of paint.DIGITAL CAMERAThis post is becoming photo heavy so I shall leave it there and share the other tags, in another post, very soon.
As always, thank you for your visit.

New Oxford Impressions Stamps @ That’s Crafty

A quick post to share the news that some of the latest Oxford Impressions stamps are available at That’s Crafty (on-line store link).
You will find Jane’s Garden, a gorgeous plate of stamps. I will be sharing artwork soon using this plate. Also the stunning Lily Elsie plate.  It is the first time Suzanne at Oxford Impressions has presented stamps in this format.  There are three photo real stamps and also sentiments included in this set.  Any time now I will be sharing the first of my Oxford Impressions DT art where I’ve used this stamp plate because I am now back amongst my supplies! A much gentler pace but so good to be back stamping again.  One final note, if you are fans of Alice,  Laura is stocking Wonderland and also Illustrated Alice.
Please, do not blame me if you blow the budget LOL.

Her Generous Heart

Hello Everyone
Thank you for your wonderful comments for my DT project for That’s Crafty.
My first post for this week is to share the glorious art belonging to my lovely friend Maria (Made By Maz)
It was a surprise package I received from her and I wish I had photographed it before I delved into it. She had beautifully wrapped the gifts with the fabric you see  and then each item was individually wrapped in muslin. It was a treat for the eyes. DIGITAL CAMERAInside, this beautiful metal heart hanging depicting Juliet which is one of The Stampsmith’s stamps. Maria creates stunning projects using  Stampsmith stamps.DIGITAL CAMERAIt is such an elegant piece with such lovely embossing.
That alone is a very special gift but Maria did not stop there.
If you have not visited Maria’s Blog before then let me tell you that recently she started to work with Ice Resin. The results have been amazing and to say I have been impressed is an understatement. So when I unwrapped another parcel to reveal this bag charm I was speechless. DIGITAL CAMERAThe Resin is as smooth as glass and I just love all the charms she attached. I had to include a detail photograph of the heart.DIGITAL CAMERABoth creations made me feel very special but believe it or not, there was to be more.
All of those amazing bezels for me to play with! I will have the time of my life using them. DIGITAL CAMERAYes, Maria definitely has a most generous heart, I am incredibly lucky to have such a generous and thoughtful friend in my life. Maria, thank you doesn’t seem to be quite enough but you do know how I appreciate all you gifted to me and I know how lucky I am to have your beautiful art to view around me.
Please, why not take time to visit Maria’s wonderful Blog.

The Secrets Of The Sea

Hello Everyone
It is Sunday which means for me a That’s Crafty DT project.
This week sees me using a brand new set of stamps and have fun with Gelatos for the first time.  I hope the result, which you can see at the That’s Crafty Blog, shows just how much fun I had with this DT project. Along with the new stamps and Gelatos I also used Rusting Powder and my Melt Pot was fired up to melt beeswax.  There is so much going on that I was unsure which section to focus on for the sneaky peek.
DIGITAL CAMERAIf you would like to view the DT project then you can do so by visiting HERE where I’ve also included a supply list and instructions.
Thank you for your visit.

Something New

Yes, two posts in one day.
My dear friend Penny is always creative when it comes to birthday gifts,  gifts which are personal, that is what is most touching.  The first year we exchanged birthday gifts Penny sent to me an altered book cover collage.  If you never did see that post then this is the link.  For last year’s birthday Penny actually created a hand carved stamp depicting the name of my Blog.  Again, when I opened that parcel I was overcome with her thoughtfulness.  The link to that particular post, the carved stamp is HERE.
Last year, during one of our chats,  we got to discussing art journalling, something which Penny had taken up with enthusiasm.  Penny was aware it was an area I hadn’t dipped my big toe into but I did say to her that I was open to dabbling.  It might not immediately be obvious that it would suit the subtle colour palette which I favour but paints have always been my favourite way to create backgrounds (I was known at one time to only shop at a well known DIY store to buy my favourite paints).  Penny obviously remembered our “chat” because look at the incredible gift she created for me.DIGITAL CAMERAA handbound Journal created from watercolour paper.   My face was surely a picture when I opened the gift to see this.
Penny created a beautiful front cover and yes, that it her own calligraphy.
She also took the love and care to decorate the back of the journal.DIGITAL CAMERAWhy “A Penny For Your Thoughts”, well that is the name of Penny’s Blog, here is the link A Penny For Your Thoughts.
My main concern, it is too special for me to spoil by using it! I did voice this concern to Penny! I do joke as I intend to try my hand at journalling once my attention is freed up from other creative matters which are a priority at the moment and then I can sit back and know I have a stunning journal to create in.
What I need to mention to Penny …. I wonder if she knows she has created a binding contract that when I have completed the last page of this Journal I will of course be looking for a replacement lol.
I should add that Penny’s name might be familiar to anyone who reads Craft Stamper.  Although I have not seen any of her articles I just know that Penny will be an incredible source of inspiration for their readers, she certainly inspires me and I am lucky to have her friendship.

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