Letters and Postcards From Lily Herself

Hello Everyone
If you are a visitor to my Blog then chances are you will have seen me share one or possibly two or even three or four (!) DT posts featuring Oxford Impressions Lily Elsie stamp  plate.  At the time of receiving the plate the mailing envelope lay unopened for weeks but once opened I certainly made up for lost time as I found myself unable to control myself from c reating a bundle of DT samples.  I still have quite a few samples to share with you but for today it is one card.
The card was made along the lines of the tags which were the first samples I shared, where I made my absolute favourite backgrounds, no it wasn’t a Gelli print, I didn’t have a GP at that time!  It is where I build up layers of stamping in-between layers of paint and text.
The true colour of this card is a very muted pink, a barely there pink with hints of grey.lynnemoncriefflilyelsiecardI wanted minimum embellishments on the card as I was interested in keeping Oxford Impressions stamps as the focus of which I used several on the background.  In the main they are French postal marks, French script and words.DIGITAL CAMERALily Elsie has appealed to me for quite some time so you can just imagine how excited I was when I learnt that Suzanne had created a stamp plate consisting of three beautiful Lily Elsie stamps. I didn’t use any of the sentiments which are also included but I have used on samples I’ve shared previously and ones still to share. DIGITAL CAMERANew Lily Elsie samples are on hold for the time being as this past week I have, finally, found myself in Halloween mode, not a mood I find myself easily drawn to although I absolutely appreciate other crafters Halloween creations. However, my stained hands are evidence of fun with various baths and surrounded by various bits of this and that air drying so that I can use them in my Halloween DT samples.
In the meantime, have a wonderful weekend. My next scheduled post is Sunday although I’ve not decided if I will try and squeeze in another post tomorrow.
Many Thanks for your visits and the wonderful comments which I’ve now read, for my Steampunk published art.
Oops, I should mention that the Lily Elsie stamps are available in the U.K. from That’s Crafty.

The Inventor And Her London Beau (Published)

Hello Everyone
I am in the middle of trying to organise my files of artwork stored on my laptop as I have that sense, any time soon my Blog will be consumed with Halloween and Christmas projects so I really do need to organise older items and slot them in now and this post certainly does contain older items.
The two pieces of Oxford Impressions artwork, a wall hanging and tag were actually submitted to Rubber Stamp Madness on my behalf, which was a lovely surprise in itself but then to have the Editor contact me to say that they wanted to feature the two pieces in the form of an  article, well you can imagine how excited I was at such a prospect especially as this was the first time my art had been submitted to RSM.
It was all very interesting as I was asked questions such as what inspired me to create the two pieces, my creative process and asking whether Steampunk was popular in the U.K. those were just some of the questions along with having to provide step-by-step instructions.
The stamp credits are Oxford Impressions:- Steampunk Elements and the photo real stamp of the lady is from April In Paris.  Both sets available directly from Oxford Impressions but you will also be able to purchase them, in the U.K. from That’s Crafty.detail2Normally I would provide some details as to the process of creating the artwork but you will appreciate that it is unfair to RSM if I were to do so. However I will say that this involved lots of fussy cutting and I do mean lots as all those cogs, wheels, etc were hand-cut.
lynnemoncrieffRSMarticle1The notion behind this Steampunk inspired wall hanging was to have the woman as the inventor. detail3However, she is very smitten with the dashing London gent who walks into her life. detail1A border of stamped elements runs across the bottom edge.
detail5The second item in the article is this tag which again involved lots of fussy cutting!RSM steampunk tagMany thanks for visiting this post.
So far I have not mangaged any visits to your Blogs but I hope you are all having a good start to this week and I do plan on catching-up with you soon.

The Balloon Seller

Hello Everyone
Each month seems to pass quicker than the previous with me not quite believing  that next Sunday will see me sharing the first That’s Crafty DT project for the month of September!
For today, here is a peek at my latest DT project for That’s Crafty.DIGITAL CAMERAYou might well be able to recognise the stamp set I have been playing with.
Details of supplies and instructions along with photographs can be viewed at the That’s Crafty Blog, HERE.Thank you for your visit this Sunday.

The Power of Words

Hello Everyone
Let me sneak in a post before my That’s Crafty DT post scheduled for Sunday.
DIGITAL CAMERAA few weeks ago I shared a pendant I made for my lovely friend Alison (craftytrog’s inky adventures), for her birthday.  Well once again I inked up one of the Tattooed Ladies for this Oxford Impressions DT sampleDIGITAL CAMERAThe Tattooed Lady exudes a sense of her own power, her own belief DIGITAL CAMERADo you believe in the power of imagery and words? I certainly believe in the power of affirmations, they can bring encouragement  in times of extreme self-doubt and so it was that when I received the Oxford Impressions Tattooed Lady set to play with that I viewed the two sentiment stamps as affirmations.
When I altered this Memory Frame  I had visions of this becoming a decorative item which is why I made the chain short as I did not  want it to resemble a piece of wearable art.  This would possibly be wall art or hanging from a drawer handle in a creative space.  With the bold photo real stamped image of the woman and the positive words on the other side of this piece, I liked the idea that it would possibly give the viewer encouragement as she creates in her art space.
DIGITAL CAMERAThank You for visiting today and for your visits this past week. Tomorrow I will return with my final post for this week.

Joy Amongst The Roses

Hello Everyone
I try to be organised and have a system when it comes to what I will post and if it is a time when I keep returning to the same stamp or set then I try to stagger the samples I share. However what can happen is that I then overlook the samples which is exactly what I have done with cards made using Oxford Impressions’ Jane’s Garden.
When I received the Gelli Plate from That’s Crafty I couldn’t stop playing with it and made some prints to use with the Jane’s Garden set. That’s quite a few weeks ago now and yet I haven’t shared any of the cards.
Oxford Impressions’ Jane’s Garden can be purchased directly from Oxford Impressions (Austen Gallery) or from That’s Crafty.
Let me start with the base of the card, a Gelli Print which has a lacy effect, no surprise !  I then over-stamped with the lovely rose stamp from Jane’s Garden.
DIGITAL CAMERAThis stamp is so finely detailed. I know I must use it as a focal for a project. DIGITAL CAMERAThe true colour representation are the other photographs, not the this one.  This is too washed out but nevermind!
DIGITAL CAMERAThis might well by my favourite Jane from the set. She has a lovely coyness to her and seems to be filled with joy.
I wouldn’t say the detail shows up but Jane, the flurry of butterflies and watering can were all stamped onto another Gelli print.
I do have a compulsion for using tags!
DIGITAL CAMERARoses in the garden nestled amongst a border of lace steeped in tea and coffee. DIGITAL CAMERAHere we have two butterflies carrying a bow and pearl to embellish the top of the card.DIGITAL CAMERAThe other two cards I will share another time.
Thank you for your visit to this post. I always appreciate your visits and  comments.

Ladies Who Shop (published in Haute Handbags)

Hello Everyone
Back in December 2012 I was ecstatic to receive an e-mail from the Editor of Stampington & co’s Haute Handbags.  A few weeks earlier, on a whim (having taken a brave pill!), I submitted, for the very first time, to this incredible publication.  The Editor outlined that my Ladies Who Shop tote bag was to be published in the next edition, which was to be the Summer 2013 publication and that she needed some further information from me regarding the tote.  May 1st was the publication date and duly I received my complimentary issue.  I was buzzing to see that the tote was gracing a full page.
It makes it all the more special that anything I have published represents one of the teams I design for, in this instance, Crafty Individuals.stamp on fabricThe stamp used is CI-322stampusedTotes are one of my absolute favourite items to alter. If you are a regular to my Blog you will have seen me use them time and again whether directly stamping onto them, using TAP or t-shirt transfer paper.  I not only like to alter them to give as gifts but find they make pretty storage items.
July challenge stamped toteWhen I was lucky enough to receive this stamp from Crafty Individuals I knew I would have to alter a tote for those Ladies Who Shop! DIGITAL CAMERAThe colour palette I would describe as chocolate, cream and raspberry. bow and a tasselA decadent bow embellishes the top of the tote along with a sumptuous tassel and pink tassel trim decorates the top edging.
advertisementThis Elements set is such good value as the three Flappers are each of a generous size and then there is also the dressmaker label which I stamped directly onto the tote.
I didn’t want the back of the tote to be heavily embellished but at the same time I didn’t want to leave it unadorned so I opted to stamp one of the Flappers directly onto the tote.
back of toteFor some time now I’ve altered such tote bags and still I haven’t grown weary of altering them and so to have Haute Handbags and previous to this, The Stampers’ Sampler, publish them is much more than I could ever hope to dream of.
Thank you for visiting this post.

New Crafty Individuals Stamps

Hello Everyone
Have you seen the new Crafty Individuals stamps? (available to purchase from the Crafty Individuals on-line store)DIGITAL CAMERASix new releases that cover a broad range of subject matter.
Let’s start with CI-392 for all of those with a love for quirky.  This mother and child, in penguin form.  DIGITAL CAMERACI-393 is far more elegant in style. A collage style stamp with a ledger background, a flurry of butterflies and two fans. DIGITAL CAMERAStaying with ladylike elegance, CI-394 is an Elements set with two advertisements along with a fan stamp (would work well with CI-393) and a pair of gloves. DIGITAL CAMERA Another Elements set, CI-395. I would call the style of flowers as naive.  If you own CI-385, Summer Meadow, then I’d say this is a must-have for you.DIGITAL CAMERADare I mention Christmas?! CI-396 is another Elements set. This set has a vintage Christmas theme with a generous sized stamp in the form of Santa Claus. There is also an angel, Santa Claus definition (I like that so much) and one other stamp so good value for money. DIGITAL CAMERA Finally we have CI-397, also an Elements set. This is packed full of stamps with a seaside theme to it. I just love that beautiful feather, so delicate. There are 9 stamps in total. If you own any of the other seaside related sets from Crafty Individuals (or other stamp companies) then this will mix and match perfectly.DIGITAL CAMERASo there we have it, six new stamps from Crafty Individuals. I wonder which, if any, are your favourites.
Thank you for joining me in the first of my posts for this brand new week. I will return soon with another post but in the meantime,

Their Day Trip To Paris

Hello Everyone
Anyone who knows me has possibly noticed that I reach for the same stamp companies time and time again:- Oxford Impressions, Crafty Individuals and The Stampsmith.  Of course, being on the DTs for those companies has a great deal to do with that but at the same time they are stamps I would reach for, as I have done, even if I weren’t on the teams.  However that doesn’t mean to say I am not drawn to other stamp companies  and own stamps that I would struggle to part with and I am sure there will come a time when DT work doesn’t take the same priority in my crafting life  when I will delve into those other loved but for the moment, neglected stamps.
I was so pleased to see that Laura has introduced Artistic Outpost to her extensive list of stamp companies.  They are a company who for sometime I’ve wanted to acquaint myself with their stamps a wee bit more than I have done to date (I already own a couple of their plates).
Why they appeal to me, the same as my beloved Oxford Impressions, you can mix ‘n’ match and I like that the sets have a vintage air to them.
When my DT goody bag for August arrived from That’s Crafty I was keen to ink one of the sets almost immediately.  I am sure you will be able to guess which set it is!DIGITAL CAMERAAlongside the Artistic Outpost set I used some other stamps but all details of stamps, inks, paints and all other bits ‘n’ pieces are on view at the That’s Crafty Blog and you will also view the project in full along with detail photographs and instructions. All to be seen HERE.
Thank you for your visit to this post and all your visits this past week. Last week I had great plans for organising scheduled posts to share some older items but the time just ran away from me. This coming week I hope to be more organised and share as much as possible, without overwhelming you with too many posts!
Enjoy what remains of the weekend.

Life Is A Circus

Hello Everyone
Life Is A Circus, would you agree with that statement?
I have mentioned previously that I do not like the circus, even as a child it held no appeal to me, thankfully only ever visited the circus once.  Then as I grew older and into my teens, I strongly objected to the abuse of animals all in the name of so called entertainment, don’t worry, I will not stand on my soap box for too long!  Also, I’ve always found clowns to be ever so sinister.  However, strangely enough, I was drawn to the Vintage Circus plate by Oxford Impressions, a plate I was lucky enough to receive before I became a DT member.
For this post I would like to share an Oxford Impressions DT sample, a quick card, where I used stamps from Vintage Circus and also the Tattooed Ladies plate.
Yes, I did actually make this card! Not my usual colour palette to say the very least!DIGITAL CAMERAI shared a Tattooed Lady with you before, in this post, here is another lady from that same plate.
I distressed the image but in hindsight I wish I had grunged up the edges more than merely gently abrading and inking.
DIGITAL CAMERAAs always, my little bits of this which I gathered. By a stroke of luck I came across a piece of polka dot fabric which was the inspiration for using red and white as a colour scheme.  A piece of lovely twill style ribbon (I am sure it was from Maria, Made By Maz,  when I won her Giveaway some time ago) and a stamped star.DIGITAL CAMERAThe background stamps and ticket are from Vintage Circus as is the sentiment. I wanted the sentiment in a horizontal placement so after stamping onto vintage book paper I broke the sentiment up by tearing each word out and then layering onto the background of inked up vintage text. DIGITAL CAMERAI did intend to share another Memory Frame item where I had used a  Tattooed Lady but this post is photo heavy as it is so I will share another day.
Many Thanks for your visit, which I always appreciate.

Rest Your Weary Head

Hello Everyone
To start the week, a quick post where I am sharing a gift I made back in June for my dear friend Dorthe’s birthday.
The gift I decided to make for Dorthe was a pillow which would use the beautiful Portia from The Stampsmith’s Cleopatra and Friends as the focal.
I didn’t take a note of the dimensions of the pillow, it is large enough to be resting on a small chair.
For the focal, I returned to an idea I had first used on a tote bag for The Stampsmith. That time around I used Juliet but for Portia it was the same idea of stamping her onto a stained doily although this time I embellished the edge with beads and not handmade ribbon roses.portialynnemoncrieffTorn vintage lace was stained and the only other embellishment was the addition of two vintage buttons.
Thank You for visiting this post.
Here’s to a creative week for all of us.

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