Ice Storm (Published The Stampers’ Sampler)

Hello Everyone
The Autumn issue of The Stampers’ Sampler is when they publish artwork submitted to their Holiday Happenings Challenge call as it is the final issue for the year.
This collection of cards came about after I created a particular card (card no. 1 which can also be seen  HERE) for That’s Crafty, a card that came about because of some Brushos I had received to play with.
Lynne Perrella is one of the first artists whose art caught my attention in my earliest days of stamping when a friend sent me her old copy of Somerset Studio.  Her stamp designs were also some of the very first I bought when I knew stamping had a grip on me!  Her stamp designs whether her wood back stamps or her LPC collection for PaperArtsy are incredible in their detail.
For the cards below I worked with LPC016 and PLC017 (available from That’s Crafty or direct from PaperArtsy).
When I made this card for That’s Crafty, the stance of the woman, as though she is walking through a snowstorm, I wanted to take that and try to convey the effect of an icy snowstorm and how the hem of her gown and trimmings on her coat may have become tattered and torn as the stormy wind ravages the delicate textiles.onelynnemoncrieffsamplesTo conjure the image of torn and tattered I first thought about the stamped image and how I could bring a tattered appearance to it.  I set about stamping the image repeatedly onto sheets of Brusho stained watercolour paper, selecting the areas I wanted to tear and layering onto the main stamped image.fourlynnemoncrieffsamplerIn some ways the effect is quite subtle and leads the person to lean into the card to see which elements have been torn and layered.  What I deliberated over was whether to heavily ink the edges for definition or to leave them plain.four.1lynnemoncrieffsamplerSoft, feathery handmade paper, as gentle as a light snowfall with thethreelynnemoncrieffsamplerlovely white detailing enhancing the feeling of falling snow3.1lynnemoncrieffsamplerlayered with fragments of handmade paper which I also stained with Brushos.3.2lynnemoncrieffsamplerSubtle stamping onto the Brusho background which I then misted with water to diffuse the stamped texttwolynnemoncrieffsamplerThe blue is more vivid than the colour of blue I would normally work with but it was fun to play with the Brushos and obviously I am thrilled that the team at The Stampers’ Sampler published them.
Many thanks for your visit to this post.


26 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. 3renee
    Dec 02, 2015 @ 03:30:09

    These are amazing, that blue is quite lovely! I can’t wait to see them in the magazine.


  2. Sharon
    Dec 02, 2015 @ 04:30:45

    Wow amazing and just loving all that blue!!!


  3. Lynn Price
    Dec 02, 2015 @ 05:01:31

    Lynne – I am in awe here. You’ve created an exquisite piece that I wish I could see in person. Your concept of a storm is so perfectly carried through – following the kernel of that idea from Lynne’s wonderful stamp. Your choice of colors and how you intricately layered all of that luscious blue with the image into a fabulous composite – and then adding the ruffles and lace to evoke the storm and wind ….. I am absolutely bowled over! xxx Lynn


  4. Gerrina
    Dec 02, 2015 @ 08:10:05

    Super that they published these cards! Think they are so beautifull in all the blueshades (blue is my favo colour) and the torn pieces look perfect so subtile! Really cards to give a closer look and therefore perfect for the Stampers Sample! Hugs, Gerrina


  5. Annie G
    Dec 02, 2015 @ 09:02:28

    Beautiful projects Lynne and the colour is just perfect. Wonderful details and I particularly love the pearls xx


  6. Sharon Bruner
    Dec 02, 2015 @ 11:18:34

    What an incredible idea, Lynne! I love the very subtle way in which you achieved this soft snowfall look. You always inspire and challenge me to try new adventures in creating art. Thanks for sharing! inkybru xx


  7. craftytrog
    Dec 02, 2015 @ 11:24:52

    I love those LP images! Congrats Lynne! xxx


  8. sparkledaysstudio
    Dec 02, 2015 @ 14:08:42

    Nice Lynn. xox Corrine


  9. Autumn
    Dec 02, 2015 @ 14:37:33

    Oh LP definitely drew me in back in the day, and these images do the same today! Gorgeous cards! Biggest congrats on your feature! I haven’t seen these particular images and am so thankful for the link to go check them out. The snowstorm woman is a must have for me to create some paper dolls with! TFS!


  10. Terry
    Dec 02, 2015 @ 16:26:24

    Oh I love your kind of ice storms, Lynne! The backgrounds are just a wintry wonderland and I love the images, especially that Christmas tree! Love these! Thank you so much for the lovely Christmas card, so sweet and thoughtful of you. I love it! Hugs!


  11. Avril
    Dec 02, 2015 @ 16:45:03

    A beautiful set of cards Lynne love how you’ve used the deeper blue but still achieved a soft wintry look that goes so well with those images
    Avril xx


  12. Jani Howe
    Dec 02, 2015 @ 17:58:49

    Lynne, I’ve been looking for those beautiful print “love” and “believe” stamps, and can’t find them. Can you help? I thought they were from Paper Artsy, but noooo. I’ve loved your work for years, and have enjoyed seeing how your art has grown!


  13. Corrie
    Dec 02, 2015 @ 17:59:03

    I saw these in the Stampers’ Sampler ! Fantastic as usual Lynne !
    Corrie xx


  14. Sugar Lump Studios
    Dec 02, 2015 @ 21:08:17

    oh oh oh! Loving the blue here! Awesome effects, stamps and for sure a wintery feel!


  15. Anne R
    Dec 03, 2015 @ 07:21:54

    Each card is beautiful Lynne and I can just picture the first lady walking through a snow storm. You really do create the most wonderful backgrounds with the Brushos and they compliments LP’s stamps perfectly. Congratulations on being published again too! Hugs, Anne xx


  16. gio
    Dec 03, 2015 @ 08:30:54

    These sets of cards are so precious! Looking at pictures in details, the torn papers give depth and variety, lots of experimenting with striking result.


  17. Sue F
    Dec 03, 2015 @ 12:42:44

    A stunning set of cards. I loved reading about the story you wanted to tell with them and you certainly achieved that.


  18. JackieP Neal
    Dec 03, 2015 @ 12:43:13

    Absolutely stunning Lynne!
    I do see what you mean about the edges and some you did color dark and others not- I like them both equally!And yes,the blue is so vivid and works so well with the storm effect- I am quite fond of it!
    Have a wonderful day!
    Warmly,Jackie “)


  19. Julie Lee
    Dec 03, 2015 @ 19:00:16

    Such beautiful work with Lynne’s amazing images! I love the use of this beautiful blue and the subtle layering. I love how you really bring out the wonderful texture of the papers you use. I too was drawn to stamping and crafting via Lynne Perrella images: they are so haunting and original. Each of these designs is so special and you have really brought out their magical quality. xx


  20. june
    Dec 03, 2015 @ 23:39:54

    They are all so very beautiful Lynne. I love the blue for Christmas it always looks so beautiful and those stamps are so pretty. Thanks also for the lovely comment on my Alzheimers post. I had not thought of sending it to any Alzheimers places or anything. I just would not know where to begin lol. I am pleased you like it and i posted it on FB too, i hope people will share. The more people that know and understand. the better. xxx


  21. Suzi B
    Dec 04, 2015 @ 06:36:35

    Simply gorgeous! xx


  22. trisha too
    Dec 04, 2015 @ 15:35:19

    Those really are gorgeous stamps, and you’ve made them look even better with your even more beautiful blue backgrounds–lovely!


  23. Fliss
    Dec 04, 2015 @ 21:07:24

    These are all so beautiful Lynne and well done on being published again.
    Fliss xx


  24. Diana Taylor
    Dec 05, 2015 @ 09:07:30

    Beautiful cards – you’ve really captured the essence of a snow storm and I love the torn fragments. Absolutely beautiful, and congratulations on getting them published.


  25. Frances Peets
    Dec 05, 2015 @ 20:09:39

    Dear Lynne, I admire your imagination and your thought process shared here while creating. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work.


  26. Corinne Rollet
    Dec 08, 2015 @ 21:26:55

    Oh what a great idea!! This is very clever and ingenious Lynne, and the result is stunningly beautiful here on this set of cards, very interesting.
    I love them all, your layering is fantastic combined to these stamps and your snowy backgrounds. Hugs, Coco xxx


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