Heart To Heart

Hello Everyone
Recently I participated in a lovely swap which was hosted by the lovely Vickie Kammerer.
I need to re-wind to the beginning of December, or thereabouts.  Vickie’s name I recognised from Stampington & Company as she is an artist whose art I was drawn to from my early days of reading Stampington publications.  Via Facebook we started to “connect” with each other and I joined an Ornament Swap she was hosting in December.  At the turn of the year, the lovely Julie Ann Lee, Vickie and myself said it would be fun to have another swap and before you know it, Vickie got the ball rolling and set up another swap, this time with a heart theme.
We could create anything we wished, a heart appearing somewhere, making one for each person on the list.  I used a That’s Crafty MDF heart from their Alterable Surface range along with equally fabulous Relics and Artifacts.  Below are the five heart ornaments I sent out to America and the sweet, Julie Ann in England.  I have to share that this swap was a lot of fun but I also had a dose of anxiety about what to create as each person on the list is an artist I hugely admire, lots of pressure and hand on heart, I am not happy with what I sent out, I spent far too much time dithering!lynnemoncrieffoneI tend to get wearied creating duplicates so I altered them slightly but all have the MDF heart as a substrate.lynnemoncriefftwoWith Crackle Paste, Liquid Glass, Ice Resin and Frescos making an appearance.
threeSo there we have it, a quick post to get the month of March underway! I have a few posts drafted for this month and March will also see a new challenge theme announced at Crafty Individuals, so if you are a CI fan, keep a look out for the new theme.


18 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Autumn
    Mar 01, 2016 @ 15:48:48

    Lynne, these are the coolest! The dolls are awesome on the heart backgrounds.


  2. diane
    Mar 01, 2016 @ 16:03:42

    What lovely heart ornaments and fun dolls Lynne.

    Hugs Diane


  3. Valerie-Jael
    Mar 01, 2016 @ 16:43:07

    They are all stunning. Hugs, Valerie


  4. Tamara
    Mar 01, 2016 @ 19:58:33

    these are so rustic and charming yet soft and beautiful at the same time..what lovely combinations of colors and textures! Best wishes for your week.. And thank you for your visit last week. ❤



  5. Sharon Bruner
    Mar 01, 2016 @ 20:06:40

    Absolutely adorable!!! Such beautiful hearts and precious little dolls. I’m sure each artist was thrilled to receive one of your ornaments, Lynne. You are right up there with the best of them in my opinion. I’m an old stamper from way back and I have admired your work for several years, young lady! LOL I especially love the time and patience you put into preparing your backgrounds. I’m always telling myself that I’m going to do that………..:) Thank you for sharing your fun swap with us. inkybru xx


  6. Annie G
    Mar 01, 2016 @ 20:25:55

    Gorgeous gifts that I am sure the artists will treasure Lynne x love the textured hearts and the way you have used the resin x look forward to seeing what you received in return

    Best wishes
    Annie x


  7. Anne R
    Mar 01, 2016 @ 20:46:54

    Oh Lynne, you should be happy with what you sent because each one is just beautiful! The heart backgrounds are beautiful and I just love how you added the frozen Charlottes to them! Beautiful work! Hugs, Anne xx


  8. Yvonne Whaley
    Mar 01, 2016 @ 21:09:33

    Beautiful gifts, I’m sure your srtistic friends loved them.
    Yvonne xx


  9. Julie Lee
    Mar 01, 2016 @ 22:32:05

    Lynne I was delighted with the beautiful heart.. It shares my favourite vase that belonged to my grandmother along with the other beautiful hearts from the swap. It was a joy and a privilege to participate with artists such as yourselves who I admire greatly. I never dreamed I would own something created by you or any of the other talented artists. I am so lucky! xx


  10. pearshapedchris
    Mar 01, 2016 @ 23:07:25

    These are all beautiful and are sure to be treasured! Hugs, Chrisx


  11. Gerrina
    Mar 02, 2016 @ 07:49:55

    The hearts (especially the blue one) look good! Great texture and it is fun like the look to grow out of the hanging!
    It is allways so hard to think about what to do if you really want the recieving person like your makes. It is good to realize that most of the time the other has the same problem! And the best part of swapping is that you recieve something different from your style, maybe even something you wouldn’t make… Hugs, Gerrina


  12. Dorthe
    Mar 02, 2016 @ 16:43:37

    I don`t know what happened to my comment, so writing again to you, dear Lynne.
    Please don`t be unhappy with your beautiful hearts, they are so lovely, in their soft pinks and blue. The dolls added, looks wonderful on the heart shape, and so sweet in their frames. They are adorable with the “tassels” and such a heartfelt gift swap piece.
    I know your feeling of wanting to create pieces everyone will love, and I`m sure you did so with your beautiful hearts !!
    Dorthe, xx


  13. Jackie P Neal
    Mar 03, 2016 @ 00:10:08

    I had issues with loosing a comment as well- looks like the blog gremlins are about!
    On to your beautiful hearts… How could you be unhappy with these beautiful treasures? Oh my, dear Lynne, I do understand the anxiety you must have felt as I probably would have felt the same, however, you rose to and above the challenge and created some very beautiful pieces to be proud of for sure! I know I would have loved to be one of the recipients!
    Beautiful work! hugs,


  14. michele s
    Mar 04, 2016 @ 05:12:53

    there is something so mysterious and marvelous about these hearts you’ve created! i am sure they liked them — i know i do! xo


  15. Sue F
    Mar 04, 2016 @ 12:01:15

    These are gorgeous. Like little charms they’ll bring joy to the recipients. Thanks Lynne for the advice you left in your comment about using the photo real stamps.


  16. Samantha Read
    Mar 05, 2016 @ 13:26:45

    Wow Lynne. Just too much gorgeousness in one place! Those are adorable!! xx


  17. Shari T.
    Mar 06, 2016 @ 18:14:57

    Hand over heart, Lynne–I LOVE these ornaments!! 🙂 🙂 And I know your swap partners are going to LOVE and ADORE these, too!! 🙂 🙂 Dither or not, which I will lean to the not-dithering side, each ornament is unique and special–I love the different little hearts you’ve adorned each cherub with 🙂 Simply lovely creations one and all!! 🙂 🙂 XOXO-Shari


  18. craftytrog
    Mar 12, 2016 @ 11:17:16

    They are all utterly gorgeous, and each will definitely be treasured by the recipient! xx


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