Let The Party Begin (The Stampers’ Sampler)

Hello Everyone
Recently, HERE, I shared a post with celebration cards, which were published in The Stampers’ Sampler, for the Celebration Challenge Call. I mentioned in that post that alongside the cards, I also had a trio of canvas panels published.  The canvas panels, even moreso than the cards, were a conscious effort of me to “let go”, to not hold back on the application of colour and use of colour.  It was actually quite freeing!
It’s always an honour to be published in The Stampers’ Sampler, none moreso when they make a feature of my submissions and I would say, being very honest, that although I never, ever take for granted being published in any of the Stampington titles I submit to, always staggered to be published add to that, when the artwork is not immediately associated with my style makes it to print, if it is at all possible, I’d say it means even more to me because it does not come naturally to me.
I’ve quite a few detail photographs for each piece so intend to share the panels over several posts. I think it’s fair to say, the panel I am sharing in this post and the subsequent ones, are probably the brightest, boldest pieces I’ve ever shared here!
8″x8″ canvas panel (Links for stamps and stencils appear throughout this post.)

Redlead’s She Lets Herself Fly is the stencil that this girl with wings comes from (a wonderful stencil featuring two girls – the other appears on one of the other panels which I’ll be sharing another day).
twoI continued the theme of stamping onto fabric throughout the cards and canvas panel submissions, such as her party  hat ( HERE) and balloon (which appears on this stamp set, HERE.)
threeTo add texture to her dress I used a That’s Crafty Dinky Stencil.  I so love a Dinky Stencil, something I never imagined I’d say but not only do I like the designs, I am fond of their scale, perfect for adding the smallest touch of stencilling.  I used the same stencil in two ways, to give me the yellow dots and the circles.  A hint of sparkle in the form of a trio of rhinestones on the hem of her dress.fourThe bold colour choice was really determined by the fabric,fivewith let the party begin repeatedly stamped onto the background
sixwith words stencilled onto painted cardstock to create word tiles.  I tried to link this stencil but cannot find it over at Redlead Paperworks, maybe it is out of stock at the moment.
A grungy background where I allowed the white of the panel to peek through.
sevenPompom trim brings a whimsical touch and
eightright back up to the top edge of the panel there is more stamping onto fabric with the  banner (a PaperArtsy LPC stamp).
nineMany thanks for your visits and comments, even moreso during a time when I haven’t managed to visit your own blogs, I really do miss those visits.

13 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. butterfly
    Jun 22, 2016 @ 00:33:05

    Party time indeed – zingy colours and fabulous texture and dimension… love it!
    Alison x


  2. Sharon Bruner
    Jun 22, 2016 @ 02:19:27

    When I opened the page to these gorgeous panels, I was in love! So bright and cheerful and the colors just sang! I was so surprised to see that you were the artist who had created such colorful panels. “) Yay for Lynne! for stepping outside her box and playing with color. You have done a splendid job! They really do say, “Let the party begin!” Kudos to you! Love them! Cheers! and happy creating! inkybru xx


  3. Sue F
    Jun 22, 2016 @ 08:30:52

    Such lovely , bright sunny colours and the texture on the dress is fantastic.


  4. Anne R
    Jun 22, 2016 @ 09:24:44

    How wonderful Lynne! Sometimes it is good just to let yourself go outside your comfort zone and just see what happens. I just love the explosion of colour here and those little pompoms are an absolute delight! Beautiful work! Hugs, Anne xx


  5. Dorthe Hansen
    Jun 22, 2016 @ 16:42:21

    Hello sweet friend,
    yes I agree, Lynne, this is the brightest, I`m sure I have seen coming from you 🙂 You write it was a wonderful lesson in letting go, and I can see you enjoyed playing with the bright colors, and all the wonderful stamps, used. It looks great how you made the background-maybe scraped the color on,-with something- giving an abstract feeling. You have masterly also found fabric matching the colors, or maybe opposite , which makes it all get together so beautifully, and with the words tags ,too I love the stamping on fabric, and your play,- congratulations my dear, -also when turning outside your comfort zone, you create magic !!
    Dorthe, xx


  6. corrinegilman
    Jun 22, 2016 @ 22:13:43

    I want a bubbly dress like that. So glad you are published again. xox


  7. Gerrina
    Jun 23, 2016 @ 13:25:37

    I can see a bit of your style back on the canvasses, but wow these lookm so sunny with all the colours; like them very much! Would not have thought you had make them though by seeing them; so that part is very true!
    Think it is great to try different things; it enlights wich way you want to go and what you like! Hugs, Gerrina


  8. Win Dinn
    Jun 23, 2016 @ 23:27:52

    These photos are fabulous fun, and I suspect the process was as well. Pure delight!


  9. michele s
    Jun 24, 2016 @ 05:45:30

    bright and beautiful! xo


  10. Corinne
    Jun 24, 2016 @ 08:14:22

    Oooh Lynne, this is SO adorable… Love love love it.
    I’ve just looked at this stencil on Red Leads site, and ooh, I’ve seen your two other canvas teehee. All absolutely delightful!!!!!!! 😀
    Well done and congratulations to you for this new series of publications, you’re a great artist and I feel very honoured to be your friend.
    I wish you a lovely day Lynne.
    Hugs, Coco xxx
    (and sorry for the lack of visits too, I really miss your blog… but it’s so hard for me at the moment!)


  11. Hazel Agnew
    Jun 27, 2016 @ 16:37:12

    Juicily vibrant! x


  12. craftytrog
    Jun 27, 2016 @ 19:23:07

    Absolutely love this Lynne!!! xxx


  13. Jackie P Neal
    Sep 15, 2016 @ 13:48:43

    Oh dear! i think i referred to the cards as panels and here are the panels!!
    OMGoodness! Look at the joy and fun on this panel!! So many beautiful details to pour over! There again, are the beautiful old roses and I just love the addition of the pink crochet and pink pom poms! Revealing some of the white space was a perfect choice! I love this Lynne and look forward to the others! You have such a delicate sense of whimsy in your art!! xo


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