clock strikes midnight

This friendly witch is here to wish you “A Happy All Hallows’ Eve!”

Paper doll stamps available from Character Constructions.  (If you want a list of all the paper doll stamps used, then please just ask me.)
Sentiment from Redlead Paperworks
Each Halloween I reaquaint myself with Robert Burns’ Tam o’Shanter which I first studied at school.  Over the past few years, I like to re-visit it at this time of the year.  There is the most wonderful pace to the poem, as though you are actually alongside Tam on his grey mare, Meg.  If you are interested, this link provides the original and also a translation.
Hope your evening goes well and you do not get too spooked – unless of course you want to!

The Adventure Begins

I’ve been playing with stamps that are new to me, PaperArtsy Everything Art stamps, for my DT post over at That’s Crafty.
This photo shows one side of the bag but more photos along with instructions, if you are interested, can be seen HERE.
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Dreams of Joy & Truth (Somerset Life)

Stampington & Company’s Somerset Life is quite unique, they call it “authentic and creative living”, with exceptional photography and beautiful articles guaranteed to cover all styles and topics, it makes it such a gentle read.   In 2012 I was published with a Creative Living idea, that one time made me so happy, it was a dream fulfilled of being published in Somerset Life.  I genuinely never expected to be published, it wasn’t a magazine I submitted to and it just seemed a dream too far to expect to submit an idea that would catch their eye.  Little did I know that 2016 would transcend any such dreams.
This particular article in the Summer issue features three pins where torn fabric and a sentiment stamped onto fabric is the feature.
joylynnemtwoThe bezels are quite small so it was a matter of seeking stamps that would fit the dimensions especially as I wanted the floral background fabric to also be seen.
joyonelynnemAs a really quick way to present the pins and a practical way to prevent them from tangling up with each other as they made their way to the Stampington offices, I made use of shipping tags.dreamonelynnemThe pins are easily detached to be pinned onto clothing, etc.dreamtwolynnemThe doming effect can be seen better in this photograph.betruelynnemThe fabric was frayed within an inch of its life before being encapsulated.betruelynnemoneJoy and Dream are PaperArtsy ESN stamps.
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Home Sweet Home

Recently, my lovely friend Dorthe, moved home.  In celebration of this, I wanted to make a paper doll to send as a greeting.
Dorthe likes natural colours so I kept the colours soft with tones of green, russet and cream.
I forgot to measure her but she is standing quite tall.
Just to say that all stamps are Character Constructions
nineThe hat and head are from the same stamp but I stamped the hat separately so I could make it appear as a layer.  This is the link to the stamp HERE.For her body, I again layered, this time the windows and canopies.fourI could not resist dressing her with her earrings and a crochet lace collar.twoShe grasps some home related tags,fivealong with a key for Dorthe’s new home.threeDorthe loves lace so I thought I would trim this lady’s dress with a lovely piece of lace, creating a small detail with a lace rose and vintage button.sixDorthe, I wish you both beautiful, cosy times in your new home and lovely, relaxing days spent in the garden. This is a time to create new memories in this home but to still keep a place in your heart for your old home which you loved so much.
Many thanks to those of you taking the time out of your day to visit this post.

A Huddle of Kindly Witches (Somerset Studio)

I am sharing a trio of kindly witches, they do not mean you any harm.
The trio are still bubbling over with the excitement of making an appearance in Somerset Studio (Sep/Oct issue).  They are aware that if it were not for some generous people, they would not have the opportunity to make this appearance so shout-outs to Catherine Moore Character Constructions, Redlead Paperworks and Oxford Impressions along with a thank you to Anne Redfern who kindly gifted me some pumpkin die-cuts.

Character Constructions stamps
Oxford Impressions stamps
Redlead Paperworks – Halloween Collage Sheet Skirts
Calico Craft Parts – Bats
Height 10″ approxone
twoTo add interest to the wings I scribbled Halloween related words. threeA lace rose painted for it to co-ordinate and a scrap of stained seam binding tied at her waist.fourBOO is an Oxford Impressions stamp which I decided to form into a flag banner, her pet bat catches a free ride by clinging to the banner!fiveEach witch perches atop a spool.  I should mention that the skirts for each witch, they are available from Redlead Paperworks, all links at top of post.sixNo. 2
oneThis time the hat was made in the same way as the wings, drawn free hand before cutting and scribbling Halloween related words.
twoA Calico Craft Parts MDF bat becomes a pendant for her to wear.threeShe clutches a pumpkin in her hand.fourThe final witch. oneAll the faces, arms and torso were stamped onto stained cardstock.twoAnother pumpkin with another MDF bat making an appearance.
None of the dolls are articulated but I do like to angle the arms, it brings more character to the paper dolls by doing so.fourThank you for your visit to this post.  I hope to share some more drafted posts throughout this week, a mixture of projects.

Leaf II

Last week, for my That’s Crafty DT post I shared an assemblage featuring one of the PaperArtsy Lin Brown stamps. This week the same stamp features, this time on a card.blogIf you would like to view more details, please visit HERE.

Crafty Individuals Giveaway

If you are a fan of Crafty Individuals then you might be interested to know that over at the Blog, Jean is offering a stunning Giveaway.n-offerPlease visit the link above if you are interested in joining the Giveaway. You do not have much time, Jean will be picking a winner by Sunday.
Good Luck Wishes!

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