The Miscellaneous Girls (Somerset Studio)

Back in July I was beyond thrilled that a collection of paper doll panels were published in Somerset Studio as an article.  What made it all the more special, one of the first issues I read was dedicated to paperdolls and has become one of my all time favourite issues.  If someone had said to me in 2009 that 7 years later, Somerset Studio would have another issue dedicated to paperdolls and  I would be writing an article, I’d never have imagined that possible.
As a side note, if any of you are addicted to Prima Relics and Artifacts then you will have noticed the packaging is lovely.  The packaging was perfect as the backdrops for my girls, adding a hint of stamping here and there.
This is photo heavy so I have limited the chat for each panel!onelynnemThe lovely part of making paper dolls is how their personalities whisper to you and fun can be had.
twolynnemShe is the Keeper of SecretsthreelynnemThey each have a title and a little story to share their personality traits.onelynnem
It was fun gathering bits and pieces to help bring their character to the fore.twolynnem
The elaborate feathers are pieces cut from vintage French receipt paper, the same paper I stamped their faces onto.threelynnemDetails added to the PaperArtsy Lynne Perrella shirt.
fourlynnemFor each character, I merged Character Constructions stamps with PaperArtsy LPC.  In my article I touch upon the fact that I had inked up those designers’ stamps as both designers either their own art or stamps, appear in the Somerset issue from 2009, the one that made me sit up and be in awe of the paper doll creations within that issue.  Also, I am a huge admirer of both artists.onelynnemThis little birdie is from Character Constructions.  As you can see, this cheeky little fella has made a home within her hat.  Birdie, as this paper doll became known as, was one of my favourites to make along with her story.twolynnemAnother one of her feathered friends who has managed to step from outwith his cage.threelynnemThe Scholar…onelynnem
is a variation on one made for That’s Crafty.
twolynnemKnowledge is precious to her.
threelynnemWanderlust.onellynnemI’ll admit to having suffered from Wanderlust at various times in my life.  I like to ponder the thought of packing a bag and whizzing off somewhere.  Truth be told, I am not as light a traveller as this lady!twolynnemShe is always prepared for an exciting jaunt.threelynnemA pretty parasol in her hand.fourlynnem
fivelynnemThe final one…onelynnemMaybe you can relate to her, she is always chasing time!twolynnemBy carrying a pocket watch in each hand, she believes they will provide more hours in her day.threelynnem
fourlynnemIt’s nice to be able to organise a few blog posts, makes me feel as though I am beginning to get back into the swing of things, once I’ve made a start on visiting your own blogs I will feel as though I am “finally there!”


13 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. valorydegree
    Oct 03, 2016 @ 01:21:15

    These paper dolls are adorable, Lynne; especially “The Scholar.”


  2. Debbie Kaste
    Oct 03, 2016 @ 01:27:56

    Love these Lynne! Am so thrilled for you that you are writing articles for the zines. Always said you are sooo good with words! Was able to page thru the newest issue of ‘Holidays’ and saw your article with the adorable mittens. They are so cute!!! Have been super busy. So sorry I haven’t kept in touch. Hope things are going well for you…..


  3. Annie g
    Oct 03, 2016 @ 01:52:50

    Your Paper Dolls are just fabulous Lynne x each and everyone is unique and the simplest embellishments alter their appearance. so Quirky and fun

    Huge congratulations on this publication

    Sending my best wishes
    Annie x


  4. Meggymay
    Oct 03, 2016 @ 09:06:05

    Lynne, its wonderful that you are now writing for the magazines and reaching out with your art to many folk from all over the world in this way. This selection of projects are gorgeous, with super character details.
    Yvonne xx


  5. Anne R
    Oct 03, 2016 @ 20:59:04

    Lynne, this is a fabulous post, filled with so many beautiful art dolls – the Scholar has caught my eye particularly but I do love them all. So thrilled to know that you have been published again – so well deserved too! Hugs, Anne xx


  6. vintagewithlaces
    Oct 04, 2016 @ 06:53:50

    These are fabulous, dear Lynne! There are so many wonderful details in each panel. Congratulations on having your beautiful dolls published!
    xo Julia


  7. Gerrina
    Oct 04, 2016 @ 08:44:25

    They look funny-weird and seem to attrack me at the same tiem…well done! Hugs, Gerrina


  8. Sharon Bruner
    Oct 04, 2016 @ 13:03:37

    Congratulations, Lynne on another publications with Somerset Studio! I have both issues of Paper Dolls and love them both. I feel so privileged to know a few of the “mothers” of these iittle children. 🙂 You always add the perfect touches to your creations and they are delightful. Those feathers are beautiful (love those vintage French receipt papers!), One of my favorite embellishments are the jump rings filled with glossy for the monocles or eye glasses. The bingo markers really make great buttons! A well-deserved publication for you! So good to know you’re on your way to full recovery and able to post for us! Thanks for sharing. Sharon xx


  9. Dorthe Hansen
    Oct 04, 2016 @ 15:00:35

    Yes, congratulations, Lynne, on this amazing feature in Somerset Studio . I totally love all your paper dolls, they all have their own life, and are so special, the way you brought them to life. The time chaser with her rusty clock,the beautiful Wonderlust girl, with her lovely parasol, the scholar with her pen nips all over, and they are all so charming and telling. Your imagination is giving us the most wonderful little adventures. I wish you many more hours in your magic art room, and hope for you, all will soon be better, dearest friend. !! Dorthe, xx


  10. Samantha Read
    Oct 09, 2016 @ 14:01:02

    Gorgeously whimsical Lynne 🙂 xx


  11. craftytrog
    Oct 09, 2016 @ 16:27:04

    Such wonderful details on these quirky ladies Lynne! I love them all!


  12. pearshapedchris
    Oct 11, 2016 @ 23:22:21

    Congratulations on having some more of your fabulous art published! I do so love these – something I think I will give a try at sometime! Hugs, Chrisx


  13. Jackie P Neal
    Oct 30, 2016 @ 13:19:17

    WOWS!! Good for you Lynne!!
    Each of these dollies brings such a special personality! I have always been a fan of paper dolls and also of CC an LPC stamps! You have brought new meaning to the world of dollies! xx


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