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Today is, sadly, the final day of the RELICS & ARTIFACTS/That’s Crafty collaboration. Over at the That’s Crafty blog. I am sharing my second and final collaboration project.  My first collaboration project can be seen HERE.
For my project today, this is a sneaky peek and if you would like to read the inspiration and more, including lots of photos,  then please visit HERE.
Over at the Muse today, there is a re-cap of all the RELICS & ARTIFACTS’ Ambassador collaboration project from this past week.  Just to note, there is a wonderful Giveaway prize from That’s Crafty and RELICS & ARTIFACTS but be quick!
Thank you for any support given to the RELICS & ARTIFACTS Ambassadors and That’s Crafty DT.  It was a special collaboration for us but we sure hope that you have been inspired, have been introduced to  R&As or That’s Crafty products that might have been new to you and also viewing art from artists whose names might also be new to you.
If you would like to source products then here are some links.
That’s Crafty’s range of Alterable Surfaces: , Dinky Stencils, clear stamp sets including Lynne’s Affirmations  they also stock a selected range of R&As.
The complete range of R&As, Dresden Trim, Velveteen Flowers and more, including ICE Resin products available directly from Sandra Evertson.
Enjoy your day and your Bank Holiday weekend if you are having one!

Day 5 of R&As/That’s Crafty Collaboration

Day 5 of the Relics & Artifacts and That’s Crafty collaboration.  We are whizzing through the days, so much inspiration this week.
Today, we have Sherry at the Muse.  Wait until you see the transformation of a That’s Crafty Upright, it is spellbinding! Then we have Fliss over at the That’s Crafty blog who also worked on an Upright, such a sweet project.
There are prizes from both Relics & Artifacts and That’s Crafty so it is worth taking the time to visit each of the blogs daily.
Thank you for your time.

Relics & Artifacts with That’s Crafty … A Collaboration

The collaboration between Relics & Artifacts and That’s Crafty is very special indeed, viewing the inspirational artwork of established artists as they combine R&As with That’s Crafty surfaces/stencils, etc.  It’s a thrill to be a participant of the collaboration with two projects, Sandra and her Ambassadors and Laura, requested I make a project for both of them.
Today, I am sharing my first project at the Muse.  When I was working on this project, I paused because it was a significant moment for me.  Here I happened to be, working on a project with products from two companies, whose products I genuinely adore and believe in and have been combining for a wee while now.  Add to that, I was inking up one of my stamp Affirmations.  For someone who stumbled into stamping, purely looking for another hobby, I could never have imagined where that stumble would lead to.
The complete project, with inspiration can be seen here, at the Muse.
To see the project made by Nikki, representing the That’s Crafty side of the collaboration, click HERE
Thank You to those of you who are visiting the two daily blog posts and remember, there are two prizes available.

More That’s Crafty News… HOCHANDA & Continuing with the Collaboration

(That’s Crafty – HOCHANDA Wednesday 26th April @ 10.00 a.m. & 5.00 p.m.)

It sure is a busy time for That’s Crafty.
Tuesday sees Day 2 of the Relics & Artifacts and That’s Crafty collaboration.  Today, it is the turn of Milagros (a R&A Ambassador) and Carol (That’s Crafty DT).  You can view their projects at the links, here… Milagros and Carol.  Carol has also made a video. Everyone leads such busy lives but it would be well worth some of your time to visit the links because the artists have put their heart and soul into their projects.
If all that were not enough this Tuesday, we have a bonus project.  Laura Holland has created a fabulous project and it can be viewed HERE.  It is extra special to have Laura create some art because she rarely is able to do so.  That is Tuesday all wrapped up but for Wednesday…
That’s Crafty are appearing on HOCHANDA, with Neil Burley once again taking the helm and sharing his amazing demonstrations live, including some fantastic techniques for working on clear acrylic covers. Please tune in if you can, as the demos will be well worth watching, especially if you have never worked on acrylic before. I worked with one of the acrylic covers and have to say, I am keen to explore acrylic further.
There will be lots of recent releases in the show, including several back in stock items, which sold out in the last shows.
You can watch online at and on FREEVIEW 85, SKY 663 and FREESAT 817.
The times are 10.00 a.m. and 5.00 p.m. Wednesday 26th April.
Okay, now I can take a breath! I will return tomorrow with news of the artists sharing their collaboration projects.
If you are interested in sourcing Relics & Artifacts, That’s Crafty stock selected items or the complete range including other items, from Sandra’s site.
Thank you, always, for your visit.

A Collaboration!

It is an exciting day as RELICS & ARTIFACTS and That’s Crafty are collaborating, this is a first!
I will be sharing links to where you can view the daily blog posts but to give you an idea of what is taking place, daily, there will be a blog post over at R&As Muse where one of their Ambassadors will be sharing their R&A/That’s Crafty art and at That’s Crafty, blog, one of the D.T. will be sharing their R&A/That’s Crafty art.
There are also prizes up for grabs!
We had fun with this collaboration and we hope that shines through in the projects we will be sharing with you.  R&As and That’s Crafty Alterable Surfaces were made for each other, with the range of art styles amongst the artists involved, we believe you will be inspired further to create with those products.
Enjoy this jam packed week of blog posts, there has been so much hard work involved and we literally are scattered across the globe!
(I should add, That’s Crafty stock a selected range of Relics & Artifacts, HERE and you can also purchase direct from Sandra Evertson, HERE, where you can source not only the Archival Resin R&As, also Dresden Trim, Bohemian Jewels, Velveteen Flowers, ICE Resin supplies and much more!

A gentle heart

Sorry for the lateness of what should have been a scheduled post, for That’s Crafty.
Over at their blog, I am sharing this Upright.
All details: supplies, instructions and more photos and details of the beautiful sentiment stamp I worked with, all can be seen HERE.
Thank you so much for your visit. I realise I have been even more absent, than normal!

She Sees Clearly (@PaperArtsy)

This evening I am delighted to be returning to the PaperArtsy blog for Topic #6 Resin.
There were so many possibilities with this Topic but here is a sneaky peek of what I finally opted to make for my tutorial.
All details can be viewed HERE, over at the PaperArtsy blog.
Thank you so much for your visit and I hope you like my tutorial.

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