Learning to Fly (Somerset Studio)

I am winding back the clock to the Sept/Oct 2018 issue of Somerset Studio, when at that time, I had the lovely surprise, of this submission, featured as a Spotlight.
I remember at the time, the inspiration for this project and another which I am sharing in this post, were the fabulous Greyboard Wings from That’s Crafty and their Art Shrines. With beautiful image of a young woman from Red Lead, I had the possibility of giving her wings, outsized wings which would enable me to attach chain, suspended from a tree branch.Although there is a strong nature element to this hanging shrine, it is also an Affirmation.  The shrine is trying to convey the spirit of a person, most especially when that person doesn’t see what is actually within them, almost blind to their own spirit and what they are capable of.PaperArtsy Frescos enabled me to bring a speckled appearance to the RELICS & ARTIFACTS Imperial Egg, nestling inside the Art Shrine. 
The twin to this shrine, has the message of “Fly, Soar”, almost saying to the young woman from the first shrine, you have the spirit with you, this is now time for you to fly, for you to soar.  The light catching the wing.At the time of working on the shrines, I was not conscious until setting them side by side, viewing them as twins, possibly a subconscious nod to Gemini.  Side by side, they could be viewed that it is one side of the personality, nudging the other side, supporting it, shoring it up to say you are able to achieve anything, believe in yourself.
Thank you always for the visits you make to my Blog.

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Rita P.
    Mar 26, 2019 @ 14:40:08

    Thank you for the stories residing in the art. Beautiful.


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