Introducing Blue Daisy (from Character Constructions)

For anyone who is a collector of Character Constructions stamps, then you will no doubt have already heard the news of Blue Daisy, Catherine Moore’s latest collection.
Once again, Catherine has weaved her magic, this time she has managed to bring an essence of Cowgirl to this collection but the magic is this, each stamp plate can be inked up beyond a Cowgirl theme, including mixing and matching with any existing Character Constructions stamps you might already own.
There are 7 new plates in this collection, here they are laid out before you but if you click the above link, you will see the details of the stamps for each stamp plate.
At the time of drafting this post, Blue Daisy is not available from That’s Crafty (the only U.K. stockists of selected Character Constructions stamps) but if any of the plates have caught your eye, it might be worth contacting Laura Holland with any enquiries.
Look how Catherine packaged the stamps, in pretty polka dot tissue.
Thank you for any visit to this post. I appreciate there has been a flurry of activity especially relating to recent stamp releases.


Character Constructions @ That’s Craft

This post is to announce the news that Character Constructions stamps are now available at That’s Crafty! So far as we are aware, they are the only U.K. stockists of Character Constructions stamps.  There had been queries to their availability outwith the U.S. so it is good to know that Catherine and Laura have pulled together to make this happen and you can see the sets available if you click HERE.
If you are new to Character Constructions, this is the link to Catherine Moore’s website. Catherine is the designer of the stamps and they truly are a labour of love and passion for her.  The stamps are meticulously designed.
Like many of you, I am lucky to have access to many gorgeous stamps and the companies you see me whose stamps I work with time and again, I do so because I genuinely love their stamps and respect the companies.  It would be tough to be enthusiastic if I did not genuinely feel this way.  This also extends to Character Constructions.  The stamps are high quality, the older ones I have actually date back  to my earliest days of stamping, that might be 9 years or so.  Catherine designs them by collections and within the collection, each set, or plate, has a number – French Laundry No. 11, etc.  I find this a good system for keeping track of which stamps I own.
The stamps are wonderful for mixing and matching, constructing paper dolls from various collections but you could stay within the collections if that is what you prefer – there are no rules!  The lesson I learned, the dolls do not need to have their body parts in proportion.  Initially I would stumble over this, blame my years of Art & Design at school (!) but it is so freeing to be lead by your imagination.
I have selected two of the sets available from That’s Crafty, showing the set and previous projects where I used those particular sets.
French Laundry
Character Constructions Clear Stamp Set - French Laundry No. 11

The crinoline skirt is also available from That’s Crafty, look for Paris Flea No. 3
From Paris Flea, I worked with this set to
Character Constructions Clear Stamp Set - Paris Flea No. 2
create another paper doll on outsize wooden peg (again with the same crinoline skirt as above).
If you do a search on my blog you will see the many ways I work with the stamps, either as stand alone paper dolls, cards, tags, presentation ideas and more.  They do not necessarily have to be for pretty paper dolls, they can be arty, edgy, they can be anything you want them to be and they are also for beyond paper dolls – wearable art, journals, assemblage….. For those of you who are like me, you rarely work with pattern paper pads, there’s no reason you cannot stamp onto your own backgrounds or onto fabric.
Catherine has just released a new collection, The Blue Daisy .
If you have any requests then maybe it would be worthwhile contacting That’s Crafty.
This link is to Character Constructions Facebook page
I am sure, if you have any queries about the stamps, Catherine will be willing to answer them, just leave a query at the link above.
Just a thought – some of those stamps would look amazing with That’s Crafty’s new shrines 🙂
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Somerset Art Gal No. 3 (Somerset Studio)

Today sees the final Somerset Art Gal being shared.
Once again, the same stamp companies:- Character Constructions for all the paper doll elements, including the bodice and skirt.  The words dangling from her wrist are from Darkroom Door Creative Word Block and the stamps appearing on the outsize wooden peg are Redlead Paperworks.    The paints are PaperArtsy Fresco Finish (available from That’s Crafty)
This Art Gal does not believe in a minimal approach.  She is happiest with her many paintbrushes surrounding her.
Personally, I’ve never liked tattoos but when I was inking up (no pun intended!) the paper dolls, onto some lovely vintage French receipt paper, I thought it would bring a fun twist to incorporate the script, as though it were tattoos.  With tattoos being popular amongst artists, it just seemed cool to do this.  This Art Gals is into her tattoos in a big way!
It just so happened I had Frescos in colours that worked perfectly with the colours of the Somerset Studio Artist Paper.  I like nothing more than when I can make something my own and not only that, the finger painted mark making also brought texture to the paper.
You can just about make out the paint and stamping on the outsize wooden peg.
Thank you for your visits to the Somerset Art Gal. They were great fun to make. They were time intensive but somehow, that was okay, enjoying the process of making the Artist Papers my own, creating the characters of the dolls with the individual stamps but poor fingers are not happiest when having such a big fussy cutting session!
There will be new Character Constructions stamps available any day now – it’s possible they will be available by the time this post goes live – The Daisy Blue Collection.   For many, resistance will be futile!

Bird Brain

There was great excitement and anticipation on opening the first DT package to arrive from The Altered Element.  For the Upcycle Challenge Lynne supplied me with 6 children’s building blocks. My eyes zoomed into FLY and so Bird Brain was born. Also hidden in the package were 3 Adirondack Colourwashes. As I knew that I had to supply Bird Brain with a dress I was able to incorporate the Colourwashes into the Upcycle project.

I now introduce you to Bird Brain


Supplies –

Character Construction – French Laundry

Butterscotch Adirondack Colourwash

Watercolour paper

Archival Sepia Ink (Ranger)

Koh-I-Noor Watercolour Pencils

Feathers, Gauze Squares, artificial ivy leaf, 3 children’s building blocks.


Stamp top part of female onto watercolour paper with Sepia ink. You need to do this twice. Colour with watercolour pencils. Cut around image and leave a tab. Build the blocks to spell “FLY”, glue together. Adhere the two images together (creates more solid structure). Bend tab and glue onto block. Spray Butterscotch onto craft mat. I diluted with water to create yellow. Soak up solution with gauze swabs (I used 3). Drape to create a dress.  Add smallest feather to her head, two feathers to create wings and feathers randomly scattered in her dress. Stamp and cut out little bird image and glue one in her hand, one on her head and randomly in her dress.  Add decorative ivy leaf to her waist.

She is now ready to go to any Woodland Ball.

Over the next few weeks there will be some more upcycle projects using the remaining 3 blocks and projects using the Adirondack Colourwash sprays.