Mark Making Stamps: Collages

Last week saw the release of my That’s Crafty Lynne’s Carved Leaves stamp sets 1 and 2, also the release of Lynne’s Mark Making stamp sets 1 and 2.
The Mark Making stamps came about as a result of playtime with a fineliner bottle of Acrylic Drawing Ink.
The trio of rectangles in set 1 can be stamped as a trio or inked up individually.  I have been using this particular stamp to form frames for stamped words.
With the “line” stamps, although I have used them simply to add marks to edges of journals, etc, I have also used them to form larger frames.  This is made easier with the stamps being clear, easing the placement to form frames.
Set 2 has a large frame style stamp which is really useful: stamp inside the frame, add a photo, use as a journaling space, etc.   Here are two quick samples made for That’s Crafty’s appearance on HOCHANDA last week. Although the focus was on the Journal, each D.T. member received a new journal to work in, I also wanted to make samples to show the new stamps.
For each collage, I paired a Mark Making stamp with an Affirmation from Lynne’s Affirmations Set 12
On each collage I also used That’s Crafty! products, their Flat Matte Sprays, Walnut Ink Crystals, Sand Texture Paste and Texture Paste.  Also their fabulous new product, Liquid Acrylic Wax.
As I said, they were relatively quick samples but I wanted to show that the Mark Making stamps can be used on projects other than in journals.
That’s Crafty Lynne’s Mark Making Stamp Sets 1 and 2, available HERE.
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Nature: A Collage @ That’s Crafty!

On Sunday, my regular D.T. spot over at the That’s Crafty Blog, had me sharing a new collage, featuring some of my recently released stamps, from the Carved Leaves and Mark Making sets.
This is only a mere peek at the project!If you would like to read details about the collage, then please visit HERE.
Thank you for the lovely support for my latest stamp sets.
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New Stamps: Carved Leaves @ That’s Crafty!

It is an exciting time, new stamp releases! There are four new stamp sets in total, for this post, I am focusing on the Lynne’s Carved Leaves Stamp Sets 1 and 2.
On social media (FB and Instagram) I shared two videos showing the “journey” of the Carved Leaves Stamp sets. Last summer, I played around with Cyanotypes, with leaves from the garden. At the time, there was no thought beyond playing around. Months later, when I decided to do something with the Cyanotypes (a concertina book and collages) I realised there was potential to carve stamps from the Cyanotype images.  So that’s exactly what I did, I hand carved a full set of leaves.  Then the leap from there, to actual stamp sets from That’s Crafty!
Laura compiled the words for both stamp sets and I couldn’t be happier with her choice.
With the stamps, their size remains true to the original size.  For me, this was important feature.
In the photos, I coloured the stamps with That’s Crafty Flat Matte Sprays.  I will be sharing videos of this in the coming days.

Lynne’s Carved Stamp Set 1 HERE
Lynne’s Carved Stamp Set 2 HERE
Liquid Acrylic Wax HERE

Huge Thanks to That’s Crafty! for producing the new stamps and all the hard work they do.  Also, to the team, who all worked with my new stamps to create the most amazing samples to take to HOCHANDA.  There will be two shows 29th April 8 a.m. and 11 a.m.  Details are HOCHANDA on Freeview 85, Sky 673, Freesat 817.  We would love you to tune in and watch us, record the shows or catch-up them on rewind over at HOCHANDA.

Unique @ That’s Crafty!

Over at the That’s Crafty! Blog this morning, I am sharing a D.T. project which features new products!
Yes, I am thrilled to have new stamp releases, four new stamp sets and along with the stamps, there are a few fabulous new products from That’s Crafty!
I have been sharing a few posts on social media featuring the new stamps and will be sharing more because That’s Crafty! will be appearing, two shows, Monday 29th April on HOCHANDA. With Jo Channon at the helm, she will be chatting about the new products and of course, demos with them. The team have been busy creating samples so it would be fun if you managed to tune in, record or watch on rewind.
If you would like to see the new blog post, please click HERE.
For the latest product releases, then please visit HERE.

Stretch Your Wings And Fly: Pendants (Somerset Studio)

This is another re-wind post, sharing two pendants which were published in Sept/Oct 2018 Somerset Studio, two Mixed Media pendants which had focal elements of a word (Red Lead stamp), stamped onto birch tree bark, with an application of ICE Resin.I worked with all I had to hand, including some beads which were re-cycled from broken jewellery and the stamped birch tree bark was layered onto suede which was from an old suede skirt. Packaged with re-cycled corrugated cardboard with one of my Affirmations stamped onto scrap calico.  Wings…the second pendant.You can see that this pendant is a variation on the first onewith similar style of packaging. Thank you for taking the time to visit this post.

Light, Darkness – A Book @ That’s Crafty!

On Sunday, I shared my D.T. blog post over at the That’s Crafty Blog.A peek at the project.
Although I knew of this particular style of book, it was reading Rachel Hazell’s Bound, that inspired me to finally make such a book.
All details can be seen HERE.

Cafe Patisserie – Packaging Idea (Greencraft)

Inside the Spring 2018 issue of Stampington & Company’s Greencraft, I was thrilled to have a simple packaging idea, published.
I was inspired by Catherine Moore’s Character Constructions stamps, from the Mannequin Cafe stamp collection.  The simple idea, to re-cycle cardboard packaging into boxes which might contain a cupcake or macaroon, etc.
This is the largest of the boxes – I love this stamp. She is fussy cut then adhered to the Ledger Paper, with her holding a fussy cut cake.
The Ledger Paper was a gift from sweet Dorthe.  It was the perfect paper to adhere to the sides of the painted, re-cycled cardboard packaging.I wanted to add another something to the submission and I happened to have a spotted paper bag, the perfect extra – I could imagine a home baked cookie tucked inside. The  paper bag also tied in with the red spotted bows and red and white twine.
There are many, many reasons why I am passionate about stamping, one of them is the simple transformation of packaging that would otherwise be dumped into the re-cycle bin!  I still dearly miss Stampington’s Greencraft magazine, it was such a great publication to submit to.

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