Art Girl

I am sure you can relate, I do not like anything going to waste, so when I had some of the frame elements, left over from creating shrine samples for That’s Crafty, I laid them aside knowing I could continue the fun later.
With That’s Crafty now re-stocking, selected Character Constructions stamps, I thought it would be fun to play with some of the Paris Flea stamps and give this art girl a cosy home.  I’ve played with Paris Flea many times since receiving the collection last year, it is fun to mix ‘n’ match and bring life to the paper dolls with your imagination.
All details of this project can be seen HERE, including specific stamps and how I formed the paper doll element.  I also sneaked in one of my Affirmations!  I still have more to write about the Affirmations but have to say, heartfelt thanks for the reaction, I never imagined I would ever have stamps and then to have them so warmly received, it has been overwhelming.

Somerset Art Gal No. 3 (Somerset Studio)

Today sees the final Somerset Art Gal being shared.
Once again, the same stamp companies:- Character Constructions for all the paper doll elements, including the bodice and skirt.  The words dangling from her wrist are from Darkroom Door Creative Word Block and the stamps appearing on the outsize wooden peg are Redlead Paperworks.    The paints are PaperArtsy Fresco Finish (available from That’s Crafty)
This Art Gal does not believe in a minimal approach.  She is happiest with her many paintbrushes surrounding her.
Personally, I’ve never liked tattoos but when I was inking up (no pun intended!) the paper dolls, onto some lovely vintage French receipt paper, I thought it would bring a fun twist to incorporate the script, as though it were tattoos.  With tattoos being popular amongst artists, it just seemed cool to do this.  This Art Gals is into her tattoos in a big way!
It just so happened I had Frescos in colours that worked perfectly with the colours of the Somerset Studio Artist Paper.  I like nothing more than when I can make something my own and not only that, the finger painted mark making also brought texture to the paper.
You can just about make out the paint and stamping on the outsize wooden peg.
Thank you for your visits to the Somerset Art Gal. They were great fun to make. They were time intensive but somehow, that was okay, enjoying the process of making the Artist Papers my own, creating the characters of the dolls with the individual stamps but poor fingers are not happiest when having such a big fussy cutting session!
There will be new Character Constructions stamps available any day now – it’s possible they will be available by the time this post goes live – The Daisy Blue Collection.   For many, resistance will be futile!

Somerset Art Gal No. 2 (Somerset Studio)

A picture is a poem without words
Somerset Art Gal No. 2 being shared today.
Stamp Supplies
Paperdoll stamps – Character Constructions
Art related words – Darkroom Door
Stamps on wooden peg – Redlead Paperworks
She has a “don’t mess with me” stare to her eye so don’t even try asking if you can use her favourite paint colour,
unless you are prepared to prise them out of her grasp!
She loves to customise her clothing.  Here she’s added fingertip spots to her skirt, dipping her fingers into paint.
She is so cool and confident, never one to shy away, so she will happily declare herself to be artistic.
Somehow she manages to pull this look off – girly bows and lace and stripy/dotty leggings – yes, this girl knows her own self and she is running with it!
Did you spy the tattoo she has on her foot?!
Thank you so much for your visit.  I hope the Somerset Art Gals have brought some cheer.

Somerset Art Gals (Somerset Studio)

Trying to catch-up with projects from last year so I thought I would share my Somerset Art Gals.
This is the Art Gals as they stand side-by-side but I thought it fun to share each Art Gal in detail so I’ve drafted one post a day for three days.
They were published as an article in Somerset Studio Sept/Oct 2016
Stamp Supplies
Paper doll elements – Character Constructions stamps
Art Related Words, Paintbrushes, Paint tubes and Pencils – Darkroom Door
Stamps on outsize wooden peg – Redlead Paperworks
If you read Stampington & Co magazines, you will know they include Artist Papers, quality papers.  In all the years I’ve read their magazines, this was only the third time I’d used the papers.  I always wanted to save the papers within the magazines and also, I rarely use pattern papers, enjoying making my own backgrounds or my real love – any found papers.
On an absolute whim – which came about when I thought of turning some Character Constructions paper doll stamps into artists, I had the idea that a vibrant Artist Paper was what they needed, with me adding my own touches with Fresco Finish paint, to make the paper my own.
They were never going to only be paper dolls, each Art Gal is attached to a huge wooden peg, this enables the dolls to be free standing but also a place for creative notes to be attached, To Do List or a collection of favourite quotes.  I don’t have their dimensions but they are tall.
All Art Gals should wear a beret, especially with Parisian polka dots (paint pen), adorned with vintage trims.
She is a messy one, with smudges of paint on her face. I think we can all relate!
Her brushes are well used but that doesn’t mean they are not much loved – she just never seems to be able to keep her tools pristine.
She doesn’t believe herself to be an artist, much more comfortable with the term crafter but maybe, one day, she will view herself differently.
Thank you for the time you spend here, I appreciate your time is precious.
Have a wonderful week and I’ll return soon with the other Somerset Art Gals.

Winter Wishes (The Stampers’ Sampler)

This post features a trio of snowflake angels which appear in the Autumn issue of The Stampers’ Sampler – squeezing them in here, before the end of the year, really should have shared them before now!
This is quite photo heavy but will be short on words…that’s a first!
The trio gathered together – each doll approx 4.5″ x 8″
triocclynnemsampler2016Other than the little labels with a festive sentiment, all stamps are Character Constructions and available HERE. Catherine Moore ships to the U.K. otherwise I think it is almost impossible to source them here.
Each angel consists of many stamps, so they are not quick makes but once you give yourself over to them, they are such fun to stamp, assemble and then adorn.  For all the paper dolls, I painted papers/cardstock.angelonecclynnem2016She has such a wonderfully sweet face.angeloneonecclynnem2016ICE Resin brings a wonderful dimension to the wings, with the merest hint of glitter.
angelonetwocclynnem2016The crinoline stamp is a huge favourite of mine, for the angels I dressed it up further with layers of tulle or vintage lace.angelonefourcclynnem2016Glad Tidings.angeltwoonecclynnem2016The colours are subtle, a very pale blue with hints of silver.angeltwotwocclynnem2016Snowflake WishesangelthreeonecclynnemEach has sheer ribbon as a hanging mechanism so they could be displayed on a Christmas tree or door handle or arranged along a mantle.angelthreetwocclynnemShe hands out snowflake wishes to passersby on a winter day.
angelthreefivecclynnemCatherine Moore’s beautiful stamps allowed me to have fun. One of the joys of 2016 has been working with her stamps and the honour of being on Catherine’s D.T.
January 1st is looming upon us but I will try and share at least one more blog post before the end of the year comes calling.

A Huddle of Kindly Witches (Somerset Studio)

I am sharing a trio of kindly witches, they do not mean you any harm.
The trio are still bubbling over with the excitement of making an appearance in Somerset Studio (Sep/Oct issue).  They are aware that if it were not for some generous people, they would not have the opportunity to make this appearance so shout-outs to Catherine Moore Character Constructions, Redlead Paperworks and Oxford Impressions along with a thank you to Anne Redfern who kindly gifted me some pumpkin die-cuts.

Character Constructions stamps
Oxford Impressions stamps
Redlead Paperworks – Halloween Collage Sheet Skirts
Calico Craft Parts – Bats
Height 10″ approxone
twoTo add interest to the wings I scribbled Halloween related words. threeA lace rose painted for it to co-ordinate and a scrap of stained seam binding tied at her waist.fourBOO is an Oxford Impressions stamp which I decided to form into a flag banner, her pet bat catches a free ride by clinging to the banner!fiveEach witch perches atop a spool.  I should mention that the skirts for each witch, they are available from Redlead Paperworks, all links at top of post.sixNo. 2
oneThis time the hat was made in the same way as the wings, drawn free hand before cutting and scribbling Halloween related words.
twoA Calico Craft Parts MDF bat becomes a pendant for her to wear.threeShe clutches a pumpkin in her hand.fourThe final witch. oneAll the faces, arms and torso were stamped onto stained cardstock.twoAnother pumpkin with another MDF bat making an appearance.
None of the dolls are articulated but I do like to angle the arms, it brings more character to the paper dolls by doing so.fourThank you for your visit to this post.  I hope to share some more drafted posts throughout this week, a mixture of projects.

Greetings From Mimi

Hello Everyone
Let us catch-up with Mimi.
onceIn the month of May, Mimi took the time to help a sweet person celebrate her day, Betty.  For Mimi, this was the perfect opportunity to dress up in her finest and don her straw boater.
Mimi has been in a creative mood of late.  Since the arrival of Springtime, she has found herself searching through her wardrobe, looking for pieces to be titivated.twoA straw boater, which really had seen better days, was calling out for a little make-over, so, with a nose tickling feather and cluster of fabric flowers, Mimi brought some life back into an old favourite.
threeOf course, she was having so much fun she could not stop at brightening up only the boater.  She could not resist snipping off the buttons from the bodice of her dress, instead replacing them with some rhinestone buttons.  Now, this outfit would be most celebratory for when she greeted her friend.  A sweet yellow primrose fabric flower to adorn the bow on the bodice and why stop there, what about some puffy lace to the sleeves.fourGosh!  Look at the time.  Mimi grabs the book she bought for Betty, a beautiful edition of Little Women and a bouquet of delicately scented flowers from Mimi’s window box.fiveOops! I do get carried away with those paper dolls!!!
Mimi was made as an alternative to a birthday card for my dear Mum.  I have been sharing the outcome of completed paper dolls with my Mum so thought it would be nice to finally make one for her.
sixThe stamps are all Character Constructions and are available from HERE, shipping worldwide.sevenIf any of you are interested in the individual stamps I inked up to complete this paper doll, then please contact me and I can provide all the details.  Eleven individual stamps in total, form Mimi, from head to toe.
Many thanks for your visit to this post as I always appreciate your visits and comments.

Monday with Mimi

Hello Everyone
Another Character Constructions paper doll, created with the Paris Flea collection.
I think her face is adorable and the name Mimi popped into my head so from now on, to me she will be known as Mimi. I don’t know if I should be concerned for my sanity as I find when I create these paper dolls, their characters emerge.  It is fascinating that the placement of legs can make them appear to be sassy, elegant, coy, etc.
I hope it shows that I am having fun with the Character Constructions stamps because I certainly am.oneMimi with the coquettish smile.
To give you an idea of the stamps used to form Mimi, the individual stamps, all from Paris Flea are the beret, which I couldn’t resist adorning with lace.  Then the face, arms and upper body is one whole stamp.
twoMimi wears her favourite pearl ear-rings, a gift from her Papa.threeAn old fashioned girl at heart, Mimi embraces the art of letter writingfourwith a fountain pen, naturally.fiveLace to trim the hem of her skirt.six
Have a wonderful week and many thanks for your visits. I will try and catch-up with you very soon.

The Artist

Hello Everyone
Time to share another Paris Flea paper doll, Agnes.
(Again, she is quite tall, I didn’t measure but she is approx 10-11 inches tall)
CConelynnemoncrieffInstead of a wee story, although there is one circling around in my head (!) I thought I would break down the stamps used to create this paper doll.
The upper body of this female is quite a large stamp consisting of her head, shoulders, corset and striped arms (Paris Flea No 2)
The beret was added to her head and I discarded the original arms to change the style and also worked with a different corset, that is the real fun with Catherine’s designs. CCtwolynnemoncrieffThe arms are individual stamps.  This means, this paper doll could easily have become articulated but I opted to adhere the arms, posing them at an angle.  Look down towards the wrist, can you see they have been layered onto the arms and she clutches a paintbrush, which is another stamp, in one of her hands.CCthreelynnemoncrieffDangling from her wrist, another stamp with a wonderful sentiment on it.  The crinoline, I so love this stamp.CCfourlynnemoncrieffOne of the Paris Flea stamp sets has wonderful accessories, such as this sweet bow which I embellished with some tattered, fruit tea stained seam binding and a rhinestone.CCfivelynnemoncrieffAs with the paper doll I shared last week, once again, those stripy leggings make an appearance.CCsevenlynnemoncrieffQuite a few stamps used but when you consider that they can be mixed up and used in different formats, it means that there is great mileage out of the stamps.
Many thanks for all your visits. I’ve not been managing to spend the usual time with on-line activities but I hope to get back to some sort of normalcy very soon.

Introducing Gigi

Hello Everyone
Since I started my Blog, I have been incredibly lucky to have found myself on DTs for stamp companies whose stamps were already in my stamp collection.   At the turn of the year, by complete surprise and the loveliest of ways to kick off a brand new year, Catherine Moore invited me on her Character Constructions DT.  Little did I know, when I started my Blog and the first ever post featured Catherine’s stamps, that one day I would be on her DT.
Catherine’s latest collection is the fabulous Paris Flea, see HERE. If Character Constructions is a name that is new to you, a visit to her site is worthwhile.  You can study her vast catalogue of collections and quite simply, drool over her designs!
Catherine’s designs are predominantly elements to create paper dolls BUT that is only some of the story because they don’t have to be paper dolls, they could be cards, tags, canvas, altered art, assemblages, anything you desire.  She also has beautiful nature themed stamps which I will share with you very soon. I hope over time that I can show the diversity of her designs but for her latest release, I wanted to simply have fun creating a paper doll.
On Facebook, I’ve been asked of U.K. stockists of Character Constructions stamps.   At the moment, the Paris Flea collection (and I believe all Character Constructions stamps) are not available in the U.K.  You can contact Catherine Moore HERE if you have any queries.  Also, Laura Holland from That’s Crafty has in the past sold them (at the time of drafting, she only has one CC stamp set for sale), so she would be another possible line of enquiry.
Character Constructions is also on Facebook as is Catherine Moore, so again, contact could be made there.  You can also find Character Constructions on Pinterest. 

Let me introduce Gigi!CC1Gigi is very much an individual with her cropped hairP1130028and a fresh flower pinned to her beret, she cuts a dash wherever she goes, alwaysCC2.1embracing a unique sense of style, oftentimes vintage.  She has a penchant for crinolines, pairing them with leggings and bold pieces of jewellery and of course hats.
This girl sure does have an eye when it comes to seeking out something ever so special at the Paris Flea markets and has developed a wonderful rapport with the vendors.CC3It was one such vendor, who thought of Gigi when she stumbled across a beautiful heart pendant during the clearance of a Chateau along with a box brimming with the most exquisite lace.  The following morning, she knew Gigi would pay her usual visit to the market and in anticipation, the vendor carefully wrapped the discoveries in tissue paper, tucking them beneath her stall, ensuring the finds would not catch anyone’s eye.
Here comes Gigi!  Bringing the package from outwith its hiding place, Gigi’s eyes widen with delight as the vendor, gently peels away the layers of tissue paper, the early morning sunlight dancing off the rhinestones.  What a wonderful morning this was turning out to be!
Normally Gigi would continue to stroll around, taking time to pause at the other stalls but with the items carefully wrapped up once more in a froth of tissue paper,  Gigi rushes home, butterflies dancing in her tummy at the anticipation of wearing the necklace.   For many, such a piece of jewellery would only be worn after dusk but not this girl.   Securing the necklace around her neck and then taking a length of the delicate lace, wrapping it around her tiny waist, she twirls around her apartment with the sheer thrill of it all.  
Oh, all this excitement has left her quite out of puff!  Hearing the clock chime one o’clock, Gigi rushes to her vintage bureau seeking her favourite fountain pen, another gem of a find at a flea market.  With pen in hand and a single sheet of the prettiest writing paper, Gigi begins to pen a letter of gratitude to her favourite vendor.
Clasping the note,CC4she sets out to hand-deliver the letter before the vendor packs away her stall for the day.
Knowing time is against her,CC7she reaches for a pair of ballet flats as they will be kinder to her feet as she rushes along the cobbles.CC5To give you an idea of the height of this paper doll, she stands at just under 11 inches.
Many thanks for your visit, I hope you enjoyed this post!
Also, to thank Catherine Moore for her beautifully designed stamps.
Have a great week.

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