Nature Study (Somerset Studio)

This project is another article in the Jan/Feb issue of Somerset Studio, it was in answer to an art call for the colour Olive which isn’t a colour which I would normally reach for but I knew I had PaperArtsy olive Fresco so I had no excuse to dive in. It was packaging which inspired me, cardboard packaging from Amazon (I always have to battle with my conscience when I say their name!!!) which has almost a folder appearance to it.
I wanted it to become a Nature Study portfolio with not only green to transform the cardboard packaging but also a Green ethos to the items I reached for throughout.
The folder opens to reveal a panel of tree bark, embellished with a piece of found paper, stamped and layered with a beautiful feather and for the right side, where a book or other item would normally be packaged, this is the area where the art panels are stored.
The jute twine ties this element to close it,
A cluster of stamped tags, it was probably walnut ink (I keep a large jar which I top up when required and so far, no sign of mould appearing) I used to stain the found paper/cardstock.  All of those stamps are from Character Constructions.  That is one of the many reasons I adore Character Constructions, not only for the stunning paper dolls stamps but there are also so many detail stamps included on the plates.
The rear which was stamped with a script stamp (PaperArtsy ESN) and a beautiful fern stamp).
Inside the portfolio there are four panels which are all substrates of birch tree bark which I have randomly painted. There are layers and layers and texture upon texture, all items from around the home and garden. Some items again stained with walnut ink and I was so pleased, without going out of my way, I discovered that piece of book text.
Tree bark, burlap, muslin, brown packing paper, cardboard paper and a wooden button/bead from a piece of clothing.
Loose fibres gives the impression of nesting material within the stamped nest, which was stamped onto birch tree bark
I peeled back a layer of the tree bark to place this stamped image of the nest behind it.
Panel Two which features another Red Lead bird stamp
which was stamped onto resin paper or maybe the ICE Resin was applied after stamping…I think I should have referred to the instructions in my article! I know he rests on a MDF heart from That’s Crafty.
Thank you to Dorthe for the driftwood and the sweet wee cone.
Within the folder, other than the two panels featuring birds, there were two other panels, featuring leaves.
The leaves were stamped onto deli paper which had the PaperArtsy Freco paint, diluted and applied to create a textural appearance.
Red Lead have an extensive range of nature themed stamps and they do some of the very best bird stamps you could ever hope to source.
I appreciate, this was a very long blog post with lots of photos so huge thanks if you managed to stay until the end!

Mother Nature And Her Gentle Wings

Good Morning
Sunday rolls around once more and it is my turn for a DT project over at the That’s Crafty blog.  I used a host of their own products for my project along with one of my all time favourite Character Constructions stamps.  Laura recently added more to her stock of Character Constructions stamps.
If you would like to see the full project and details, they can be viewed HERE
Enjoy your Sunday

Winter Wonderland … A Resounding Silence (Somerset Studio Gallery)

Appearing in Somerset Studio Gallery is such a wonderful way to end the year. This assemblage is another piece I am lucky enough to have published as a Spotlight, in this issue.
Tree – Crafty Individuals CI-450
Sentiment – PaperArtsy ESN
Dinky Stencil – That’s Crafty Snowflake Background
I was trying to convey peace, stillness, on a winter day with the low winter sun dancing on the frosted landscape, the only sound the crunch underfoot on the snow impacted ground.ssglynnemcipanelTo heighten the natural and organic feel to the panel, the tree was stamped onto some mop up/under paper which does result in a less than perfect stamped impression but for this, it was exactly what I was aiming for.
When I first started to stamp, I would have thought a less than perfect stamped impression was good for only one thing, being tossed into the rubbish bin but now, there is great freedom and sense of satisfaction when a perfectly imperfect impression actually adds more to a project.ssglynnemcitwoThat’s Crafty greyboard snowflakes, oh I just love them.  The snowflake brings the eye towards the textural layers.
With the colour palette silvery white with mere hints of gold, this representing the golden glow of the winter sun.ssglynnecithreeThank you to anyone who takes the time to visit, especially at this time of the year when there is great demands on your time….so Thank You!

She Flies

Hello Everyone
For my DT post over at That’s Crafty, once again I have been dipping into Infusions, which I’ve used in a few ways, including stamping with the Infusions.blogonelynnemoncrieffIf you are interested, the post can be found HERE with instructions, etc.

Alone With The Trees

Hello Everyone
When, not so long ago I shared news of Crafty Individuals most recent stamp releases, I said that I had my favourite. Although the first stamp I inked up was the Elements border set, the stamp that first caught my eye is the majestic CI-453, the stunning trees stamp.
I seem to be more and more drawn to nature themed stamps and I am certainly enjoying creating textures and gathering textural elements when working with such stamps.
This Mixed Media panel uses a That’s Crafty white/greyboard panel as the substrate.blogonelynnemoncrieffYou can see it is a gloriously detailed stamp and inking up such a detailed stamp, there can be the concern of losing that fine detail if stamping onto anything other than smooth cardstock but I really like stamping onto tree bark, going out on a limb (!). I was so pleased not to have lost any of the detail.twoAfter stamping I created a slight wash around the trees, with Infusions,  also dipping my brush into water to almost diffuse the very outer edges of the branches.threeThe wonderful sentiment also stamped onto tree bark and layered to a piece of calico which I’d stained with Infusions.
Various media was used on the background to create texture,  I was aiming for a faux bark appearance.fourA final dip into some gilding wax and Old Gold, creating a veil of shimmer, here and there.sixI’d recently received some Gypsy Cord (available from That’s Crafty) which I wrapped around the panel, layering with more calico stained with Infusions.eightThank you so much for your visit today.
If you happen to be looking to join a challenge then if you are quick, you just about have time to enter Crafty Individuals Anything Goes May Challenge.  You can find all the details at Jean’s blog, HERE.

The Birdlady

Hello Everyone
Ask most stampers and they will immediately associate paper dolls with Character Constructions stamps but Catherine Moore has also some of the most beautiful nature themed illustrations. A stamp which has been on my Wish List for the longest time, I do mean a long time, I finally received this year, this beautiful collage stamp of woman and birds, from Inner Child, Plate No. 7
(All stamps on the cards are from Character Constructions including:- branch, egg, wings, label)
For the first card and another, I decided to play around, adding wings to her so she might fly off with the sweet birds who gather around her.
oneThe wings are from The Beekeeper’s Tea Plate No. 7)
twoJust as a bird gathers items to create her nest, I gathered tiny fragments of bark, stained muslin and rusted fabric, layering with this sweet stamped label.threeSuspending from the tree branch, a spotted egg.  I like that, by chance, the background mimics the mottled pattern of the egg.fourThe same walnut ink crystal solution used on all the cards but for this card, applied in a different way, giving a much softer result.oneI had  stained the watercolour paper and after stamping, I noticed that the placement of the stamped image gives the impression of a setting, or rising sun or moon behind her.  That was just by chance.twoThe same branch stamp as on the first card, this time clustered.
threeThe egg nestling in the nest.fourCard No. 3oneAgain, working with the same stamps, just a matter of whether she got her wings or not!
twoCard No. 4oneIt wouldn’t surprise me if I used this stamp for Christmas cards, with the little tag declaring peace, it would make a lovely Christmas design.
I wonder if any of you still have stamps on your Wish List that you have wanted since your earliest days of stamping?
I seem to be spending less and less time on-line, only can hope that I catch-up with you all very soon. I truly appreciate your loyalty, continuing to visit here even when I have been unable to stop by and say hello to you at your own blogs.

Listen To The Trees

Hello Everyone
At Crafty Individuals, the March challenge is already underway.
For this month, Sylvie has chosen the theme, ‘BOXES OF ALL SORTS’.  As always, this is open to your own interpretation.
Here are the usual guidelines:


To enter this month’s Crafty Individuals Challenge please put together your chosen project, which must include at least one Crafty Individuals product please, then post your Challenge project on your Blog, before the end of the month, and include a link back to the Crafty Individuals Blog.
At the end of the month, Sylvie will choose five lucky participants, each of whom will win a CI rubber stamp of their choice, and don’t forget that as per usual, once you have linked in your creation, you can also claim a lovely 25% discount code to use on anything you purchase from the CI Website, which will be valid to use until the 10th of April.
Further details can be viewed HERE.
For my own samples for the challenge I knew I wanted to work with one of Crafty Individuals most recent releases, CI-450, Listen To The Trees.  This is such a beautiful stamp set and a new direction for CI as it is an A4 stamp sheet.  I also knew the dimension of the tree stamps would be suitable for some wooden boxes I had.boxeslynnemoneOn each box I wanted to achieve, a textural, bark-like appearanceboxeslynnemtwoas though the boxes were fashioned from tree bark and not what they actually were in reality, some very inexpensive,  insipid wood boxes.sixlynnemoncrieffWith trees stamped directly onto the lids, after staining, I suppose I was hoping to achieve the appearance of the images being wood-burned.boxesthreelynnemoncrieffIt can be difficult for me to “step away” from the scraps and fragments I like to litter any projects with but I  knew I wanted an overall restrained appearance to each box however I just had to ink up the lovely sentiments(which are also Crafty Individuals stamps). Stamping onto bark helps bring a little textural element to each lid.fourboxeslynnemoncrieffThroughout this month, periodically Jean will share team samples on her Blog and of course you can read further Challenge details over there also.
It would be lovely to see you entering your art for this challenge.
Many thanks for your visit.


Hello Everyone
Today it is my turn for a DT post over at That’s Crafty.
You won’t be surprised to read that I was in my element as I gathered bits ‘n’ pieces for this collage!
onelynnemoncrieffInstructions, supplies, etc can be found at the post, HERE.
As always, thank you for your visit.

Whispers In The Winter Wind

Hello Everyone
I would always say that my favourite themes were Paris, vintage dressmaking and vintage femmes but now I would say that emerging as a firm favourite is nature.
Crafty Individuals have a beautiful selection of tree stamps both realistic in style and slightly more whimsical, I definitely lean towards the realistic style as my choice.
In the U.K, Mother Nature seems to be rather upset, causing devastation from either storm force winds or torrential rainfall, creating floodwater of the likes where streets are turned into canals and a dinghy used instead of a car, with people rooting through their damaged possessions desperately trying to salvage anything and all other belongings being turfed out onto pavements.  How is it that nature can be so devastating yet the flip side is the beauty.  It is the quiet beauty of an early crisp frosty morning I was aiming to capture in this canvas panel.
wintertreelynneThis is something I made over one month ago, when I had metallic paint/sprays out for Christmas/festive cards/tags/gifts, etc.
It all started because of some mop up paper.  I had a sheet of re-cycled white packing paper to protect my surface when working with paints/sprays.  The photographs don’t do the paper justice!  In fact, it was so pretty I really didn’t want to use it especially as I knew I couldn’t re-create it.  It had become quite wrinkled
twoand I know, I could have ironed it but what’s a few wrinkles between friends!  With the tree stamp being so detailed it obviously meant an imperfect stamped image but I’m happy to roll with that especially as it adds a lovely texture to the panel and enhances the naturalistic feel.
fiveAll the paints/sprays are metallics but that hasn’t translated in the photographs.
Hand-made paper and tree bark, misted to give the impression of a frosty morning with a That’s Crafty greyboard snowflake shimmering with pastesixand barely to be seen, a cluster of stars.  This star stencil is one of my favourites from the That’s Crafty Dinky Stencil range.sevenWhispers in the winter wind.

(Crafty Individuals CI-209 is the Elements stamp set used on this canvas panel.)
Many thanks for your visit to this scheduled post and to those of you who took such trouble to answer the question in a recent post.  I will be acknowledging your words,  many thanks.
Have a lovely week and wherever you are in the world, I hope Mother Nature is being kind to you!

Delicate Beauty

Hello Everyone
If you are a regular to my Blog then you might have already seen posts where I have shared artwork depicting the fabulous Feather stamp set from Darkroom Door.  Knowing that my friend Nicki’s birthday was approaching I had to use one of the feathers as Nicki has a love of nature, none more so for our feathered friends.NaturephotooneI wanted the feather to be the main focal on the card but I didn’t want too plain a background, at the same time, nothing too fussy which would detract from the feather’s beauty. Not that I need an excuse to do so – I gathered a watercolour paper pad, dissolved walnut ink crystals, Gesso, paints, brushes and baby wipes and happily spent time painting a large sheet of the watercolour paper. I can happily while away the time doing this.
The colours might not be clear in the photograph but the result is a background where the media have blended to create a diffused, dreamy appearance with hints of blue, grey and soft brown, also with a lovely texture to it.paintedwatercolourpaperI always have a batch of pre-prepared tags, although that batch is dwindling, time soon for a bit of a re-stock.
I didn’t add any extra stamping to the tag, only the feather as I didn’t want to obscure the beautiful marks on the stained tag.phototwoA Darkroom Door stamp which I have reached for many times since I got my hands on this other stamp set earlier in the year. photothreeMany of the usual bits and pieces were gathered to embellish this card.detailIf you have an interest in Darkroom Door then you might be interested to know that the Blog is frequently up-dated.
Thank You for your visit to my first post of this brand new week.