Mother Nature And Her Gentle Wings

Good Morning
Sunday rolls around once more and it is my turn for a DT project over at the That’s Crafty blog.  I used a host of their own products for my project along with one of my all time favourite Character Constructions stamps.  Laura recently added more to her stock of Character Constructions stamps.
If you would like to see the full project and details, they can be viewed HERE
Enjoy your Sunday

Nature’s Retreat (Willow and Sage)

Amongst all the amazing art adventures in 2016, one would have to be articles I had in Willow and Sage.
Although I would love to dabble with bath and body products (before I discovered rubber stamps, I enjoyed blending aromatherapy oils) and I was obviously aware of Stampington & Co’s Willow and Sage magazine, it wasn’t one I was ever considering submitting to until an invitation was handed to me to submit. To have an article in the Summer 2016 issue was momentous enough but to follow that with an article in Autumn and then Winter issues, no wonder I felt overwhelmed!
In the Autumn issue of Willow and Sage, my article centres around presentation with a rustic appearance with two pockets/pouches and soap bar wraps.
I worked with:-
Zen – Character Constructions Theatre of Dreams Plate No. 8
Wellbeing Word Block – Darkroom Door
onewandslynnePaperArtsy Crunchy Wax Paper was exactly what I needed for this rustic quality I was aiming for.
twowandslynnemoncrieffThe packaging was split into two themes, one which was all about calm, relaxing, being zen,threewandslynnemwhile, in contrast, words such as energy and renew were stamped to form tags for two of the soap bar wraps.fivewandslynnemEmbellishments were quite minimal, any incorporated were wood, such as this peg and wooden leaf
sixwandslynnewith jute twine enhancing the theme.sevenwandslynnem
I have so much catching-up to do that I might not achieve it all but every now and then I am going to try and post a project which is new to the blog but old in terms of when it was made or published.
I really want to get back on track with keeping my blog active and as importantly, visiting your blogs on a regular basis.
Thank you for your visit and thank you to Christen Hammons at Stampington & Co Willow and Sage for this opportunity.

Be As A Bird Who Sings (The Stampers’ Sampler)

Hello Everyone
When The Stampers’ Sampler announced a challenge call, For The Birds, I was eager to submit because I have quite a few beautiful bird themed stamps and an idea in my head!  I wanted to continue with the style of this panel which was a DT post for That’s Crafty, but this time to ink up some beautiful Redlead Paperworks bird themed stamps.  On completion, I submitted a trio of panels to the challenge call and obviously I was more than happy (under-statement!) to see them in print.
Redlead Paperworks stamps:-
Bird Defined
She Sings
Be As A Bird Who Sings
As much as I like nature themed art with a delicate appearance, I have found myself to be more and more interested in setting birds, butterflies, etc against a more urban, industrial background.  For this panel (and the other two), the style allowed me to work with some favoured colours and items such as rusty wire and the stunning That’s Crafty Dinky Stencils and using one of their Alterable Surfaces as a substrate.
shesingsonelynnemoncrieffThis wee birdie is one of my all time favourite bird stamps.  She might well be a lucky mascot as I’ve previously had artwork published which featured her!
This photograph shows that I used the Dinky Stencils (the bricks happen to be amongst my absolute favourite Dinky Stencil designs), in some areas with ink but predominantly with Grungepaste.  Rusty wire, which I formed into coils add to the sense of urban decay, of broken down areas where metal railings and all manner of metal work has rusted through years of neglect.
shesingstwolynnemoncrieffThe background, beyond the use of the stencil, has layers of Frescos to hopefully heighten that sense of decay, of crumbling masonry, of buildings worn by time, weather and neglect.  Although amongst this neglect, the birds continue to sing their song.  It was during working on this panel that I pondered on the fact that amongst neglect, there is hope and on a different level, if there is despair, hope can arise, keeping a song in our hearts and knowing that we can all find our wings.
shesingsthreelynnemoncrieffThe That’s Crafty Alterable Surface will take all manner of abuse.  I applied many layers of paint, Gesso, dissolved walnut ink crystals, so much water and heat and also the Grungepaste and yet the panel did not buckle.  This is the link to the Dinky Stencils.
shesingsfivelynnemoncrieffI am repeating myself (!) but I have to say again, Redlead have some of the very best bird related stamps and so many beautiful sentiment stamps (and stencils) relating to birds.
A piece of wood, painted and stamped brought another textural element to the panel and also ties in with the theme of birdsong.shesingssixlynnemoncrieffI am incredibly lucky to receive so many fabulous products so that I can go off and play around with them and in turn, submit, just never knowing if Stampington will like what they see and publish it.
Another time I will share the third and final panel.
Many thanks for your visit, always appreciated by me and even if it is a time when I might not be so active on-line, I always make sure I read any comments so Thank You.

Oh Deer, It’s Nearly Christmas!

Hello Everyone
Over at That’s Crafty I am sharing a trio of rustic/woodland style ornaments.blogAs always, instructions, supplies and more photographs can be viewed over at That’s Crafty, HERE.
This is my last post for That’s Crafty for 2015 and I wanted to say huge Thank You for those of you who take the trouble to comment here and also then visit the That’s Crafty blog to leave words for me over there also.

Bird Study No. 1 (Guest Designer – Redlead Paperworks)

Hello Everyone
For my first post of this new week I want to share with you my first piece of Guest Designer art for the fabulous Redlead Paperworks.redleadbadgeIt is such an honour to be creating with Chris and Sharon’s amazing products whether it be their rubber stamp designs, stencils or collage images.
On receiving goodies from them I could not stop myself from inking up some of the lovely feathered friend stamps and other bird theme related stamps for a canvas which is rich in texture.
I wanted to capture a woody essence to the canvas, which is 8″x8″, achieving it with what transpired to be the minimum of products.
This captures the work in progress with the left photograph showing the texture I laid down onto the canvas with the application of Gesso and dissolved walnut ink crystals then moving onto the right side photograph where Gesso and paint has been laid down to create the base that I would ultimately build upon.canvasbaseMost times, the way I work is to then gather a bundle of stamps, different textures to stamp onto and a selection of what could be termed as embellishments.  I then set to work stamping onto the various textures, usually with too many remaining at the end of the project however, I know they will be used at some time, so long as I don’t misplace them in the interim!
I will list the Redlead Paperworks stamps towards the end of this post.
birdstudycanvaslynnemoncrieffNow, let’s zoom in to various areas of this canvas so you get a close-up of the stamped images, firstly the tag.
I always have tags prepared, stored away – either prepared with tea, coffee or dissolved walnut crystals.   The tag was perfect for what I had in mind, it forming  the focal of the canvas, dangling from a twig (a piece of driftwood).
Gathered for the tag alone are stamps from the Little Labels:- Butterfly Wishes (Bird Study), Fragile Nest (smaller egg) and Nest Defined (nest, definition and larger egg), which were either stamped onto wax paper, handmade paper, painted handmade paper or wood.tagdetailThe nest lost none of its detailing when stamped onto the handmade paper. detail4Taking a stroll we next move to the left side of the canvas where we spy one of the Perching Birds.  Again, it was not lost on me that the stamp retained the smallest of details no matter the surface they were stamped onto and considering this Perching Bird was then laid onto one of the highly textured areas of the actual canvas, it is testament to the quality of the stamps.
Some of the text you will see is either from Nest Defined or from Bird Defined, a stamp I recently shared on my Blog as I used it on both a card and Journal to gift to my lovely friend Dorthe.
The nest is from the same set as the smaller egg seen on the tag.  Brilliant value for money as there are two different nests, the small egg and also the word Fragile which I also used on the canvas. detail1Here is the second of the Perching Birds with that word Fragile which I was telling you about a moment ago. detail5With right below him the same nest as on the opposite side. I really liked the effect. When I showed the completed canvas to my Mum she saw this nest and thought it was a piece of pattern fabric I had incorporated – how we can fool!!!  I know you stampers would not be so easily fooled.detail3If you are interested in any of the stamps I used on this canvas then here is a list:-
Redlead Stamps:-
Perching Birds (both birds)
Nest Defined (large nest on the tag, larger egg and nest definition)
Little Labels:- Butterfly Wishes (Bird Study)
Bird Defined (bird definition)
Fragile (nest, smaller egg and word Fragile)
All stamps can be sourced at Redlead.
I cannot begin to tell you how much I enjoyed stamping up the Redlead stamps, I hope it comes across in the canvas.
It wouldn’t surprise me if I dip into some, if not all,  of those stamps for a future project as I really have fallen in love with the details of the nests and birds and I like that there are those smaller supporting stamps such as the wee egg, words, etc.
Thank You for your visit to my first post for this week. I am in the middle of trying to draft and schedule posts as my time on-line seems to be rather hit and miss at the moment, which is also having a knock-on effect to my visits to your Blogs.
Hope everyone is well and enjoying some summer days, of course, that depends on where you call home and also depends if you like the sun, maybe you are like myself with the sun not being your biggest fan.  Although it is nice to look out on blue skies instead of dreich weather!