Life and Nature @ That’s Crafty!

Over at the That’s Crafty! Blog today, I am sharing a project.
This is only a peek at the project.
If you would like to see the full project, then please visit HERE
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At Home With Nature

As part of the That’s Crafty D.T., we were provided with the fabulous MDF Art House Shrine, each of us altering it any which way, with our finished house shrines appearing as a 3D Challenge in Craft Stamper magazine.  They appeared in the March issue so I thought I would now share my house, which has a theme of nature.
It is always special to be part of a collective, showing the diversity of a team but also the versatility of the product, namely this time the art shrine.

I shared a video of the project over at FB, for some reason, my Blog will not allow me to upload the video here but it can be viewed at my facebook page.  The video showing different angles of the house shrine, including stencilled side panels, etc.
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Leaves Grown Old: An Upright @ That’s Crafty

Today, I have a post over at the That’s Crafty blog.

If you would like to read about this project and view the full project, please visit HERE
Have a lovely Sunday and maybe Spring has Sprung in your corner of the world.

Silence: A Mixed Media Panel @ That’s Crafty

This morning at That’s Crafty blog, sharing a D.T. project.

If you would like to view the complete project, please visit HERE.
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Delicate Wings (@ That’s Crafty)

Apologies for taking so long before wishing A Happy New Year.  Here’s to 2018 being a year where it brings you wonderful times and opportunities and of course, an abundance of creativity!
Today is my first 2018 post for That’s Crafty, at the shiny new Blog, it is looking so fresh over there.  I am sharing a project featuring quite a few That’s Crafty’s own products, they are continually releasing fabulous new products which I genuinely want to craft with, not through D.T. loyalty but because I enjoy reaching for the products.
If you would like to view the project and details, then please, click HERE.
If you are a customer of That’s Crafty who enjoys creating with their own product range, then you might be interested in joining the Facebook page, That’s Crafty Creatives.  where we encourage you to share your art with us.
I am aiming for my Blog to be more active once more, it has been sadly neglected by me, as has keeping in contact with all your amazing Blogs.  I truly miss this aspect of my creative life and hope to turn it around but it might take a little bit of time and episodes of me not being so active.
Thank you always for your words of support and encouragement and loyalty.

Seek Stillness

Today at the That’s Crafty blog I am sharing a nature inspired collage which incorporates several That’s Crafty products.
If you would like to view the full project, then please visit HERE.
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The Bird Will Sing For You

Hello Everyone
Sunday rolls around once more which means it is time for my That’s Crafty DT project
mainfocal19januaryThis is my sneaky peek of my project, the full project which can be viewed at the That’s Crafty Blog along with the supply list and instructions.
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The Secrets Of The Sea

Hello Everyone
It is Sunday which means for me a That’s Crafty DT project.
This week sees me using a brand new set of stamps and have fun with Gelatos for the first time.  I hope the result, which you can see at the That’s Crafty Blog, shows just how much fun I had with this DT project. Along with the new stamps and Gelatos I also used Rusting Powder and my Melt Pot was fired up to melt beeswax.  There is so much going on that I was unsure which section to focus on for the sneaky peek.
DIGITAL CAMERAIf you would like to view the DT project then you can do so by visiting HERE where I’ve also included a supply list and instructions.
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Worn By Time (A Tutorial – Ageing & Distressing Part II)

In Part I of my tutorial for The Altered Element I showed ways in which to use Distress Ink pads/re-inkers for creating an aged appearance.

In this part of the tutorial I will

  • dye gauze & lace
  • age pattern paper using Distress Inks and beeswax
  • tint a stamped image

Remember, if you don’t own any Distress re-inkers just pat some colour from an ink pad onto a craft sheet and spray with water.

some of the supplies used in this project

Dyeing  Gauze & Lace
Using a variety of ink pads, re-inkers and tea I dyed some gauze. This gauze is the type used in First Aid boxes or you will find a variety of suitable fabrics, such as cotton scrim at The Altered Element.

  • wet the lace or gauze thoroughly before applying the re-inker
  • add drops of re-inker or dab ink pad onto craft sheet, spray with water then scrunch the wet gauze into the colour. Squeeze the gauze then spread out flat to dry
  •  also use regular tea, coffee for walnut solutions alongside the Distress Inks
  • remember that the colours will lighten as they dry
  • as with the customised backgrounds, make batches of dyed lace and gauze so you have a supply to hand

The embellishments will be used in the finished project. I have to thank Chris (rubbaluvva). A wee while ago she sent me a beautiful card and the main embellishment was a handmade flower on which she used a large pearl bead for its centre.

 Photo shows a selection of dyed gauze & lace

 Using Customised Papers

As in Part I, here I also made use of the dyed paper by stamping on it to create a customised pattern paper. For this sheet I used a beautiful set by Anna Corba, French Vintage Labels. I stamped with Shabby Shutters, Tea Dye and Tattered Rose.

 Aging Pattern Paper

I also aged some pattern paper (this paper is actually drawer liner) using Distress Inks and crumpled. The torn pieces were layered onto the customised stamped paper. A colour duster is a lovely way to add diffused colour to paper.

Using Touches of Beeswax & Crackle Paint

Now I have to hold my hands up and say at times I can be a bit lazy in my use of my Melt Pot. As the area I craft in is so tiny it is impossible for me to have all my tools to hand so as you can imagine, it can at times become a bit of a chore to walk away from my craft area to fire up the Melt Pot but when I motivate myself (!) I realise it is worth the effort.

The use of beeswax can be subtle but it adds another texture to a project and can heighten the vintage feel.

Tinting A Stamped Image

I prefer not to tint all of the image, in this case, her dress, flowers, headscarf and of course, some blush! Sponge applicators help to add to the colour with more precision.

The photo is aged and distressed in the same way as the photo stamp in Part I .

Project – A Hanging Frame

  • Distress Crackle paints in Tattered Rose and Weathered Wood were applied to a simple wooden frame (no glass with this frame)
  • customised stamped paper and pattern paper were adhered to back board of frame

  • “faux” postcards were also dipped into beeswax and beeswax used as a glue to adhere to base
  • photo stamp tucked behind some of the dyed lace (Broken China and tea solution)
  • a bow was created from a piece of dyed gauze (Aged Mahogany) and anchored to the front of the frame with copper staples
  • using another piece of the dyed gauze I made a flower. Simply use a running stitch the full length of the gauze and gather together, stitching a large pearl bead into the centre. A touch of silicone glue adheres it to the frame

 I hope this project (and the card in Part I )shows that with those products you can create your own papers and dye lace, etc to co-ordinate with your project, whether aiming for a masculine vibe or something feminine, with an air of faded romance to it.

Note – Many of the items used in both parts of this tutorial can be sourced from The Altered Element – direct links will take you to the actual products at the on-line shop.

A Fine Romance

Over at Gingersnap Creations the theme for February is Romance. I have never participated in an on-line challenge and realised that it was time I took the leap!! Not sure why on-line challenges seem so much more terrifying than challenges I participate in elsewhere.

On the canvas I built up layers consisting of the “peeling paint technique” and peeling paper. Then immersed a piece from a poetry book into beeswax forcing the corners to curl up. The Crafty Individuals image I stamped onto watercolour paper. Then a matter of adding all sorts of romantic elements.