All The Promises They Made

For their June Challenge  Crafty Individuals June  set the challenge of Vintage with a heart. On setting out I had in mind to make the piece predominately stamping, keeping embellishments to a minimum and see how many CI stamps I could incorporate to create a story of love.
Here is my list of stamps used:-
One of the females from – CI-065
Linked hearts – stamp off-cut from CI
Letter – CI-214
Paris cancellation mark – CI-122
Cherish & Hope -CI-256
By Air Mail – CI-239
Postcard, carte postale and P.C. Paris – CI-307
This heart shaped hanging tells the story of a woman waiting at home for the return of her love who is at war. Surrounding her are symbols of their correspondence and love.  She sits writing another letter looking wistfully into the distance imagining his safe return to her. As he departed for  war promises are made, they will write letters each day which are represented by the letter, cancellation mark and other postal related images. We have the linked hearts symbolising their love for each other and the words cherish and hope, hope being what she has for his safe return, she has promised she will wait for him. 

I wanted a heart shaped base so hand-cut a heart from chipboard then adhered K&co paper. The paper was pretty but I wanted it aged so I  stamped postmarks, etc  randomly.  The linked hearts were stamped twice, once onto the heart and then onto K%co scrap, cutting out one of the hearts so I could layer it.The first, full image is a truer representation of the colour, the light started to change when photographing the detail.I edged the female image with lace, the lace represents the lace edging on the handkerchief which she hands to him as he departs.
A favourite of mine, stamping onto ribbon to tie it in with the theme of the artwork. Here I stamped, “carte postale”.
With other obligations, sometimes I don’t always have the opportunity to spend time on a completely stamped piece such as this,  just stamps and ink. As I really enjoy working with photo real stamps and digital images I did wonder if I would return to completely stamped projects but I have since realised that they all have a place in my crafting life and sometimes it is good to take a wee break from one as when you return to that style you enjoy it all the more.
It would be interesting to know, what type of project do you find the most happiness and contentment when working on or are you like me, that you like the variety of mixing up what you work with. It is always fun to know what makes other crafters tick. Lynne x

In Residence

The stamp at the centre of this wee collection of cards and a tag is one of the latest releases from Crafty Individuals CI-310.
Peacock Green mist was sponged onto a tag (largest size tag from  CI Must Haves pack of tags).
This mist was also used to dye the lace and fabric flowers. With Distress Ink in Bundled Sage and Brilliance Rust I stamped onto the tag using  CI-182 (probably one of my most used CI stamps) and stamps from the Crafty Elements stamp set CI-235. Also stamping onto the fabric flower. I painted washes of colour onto watercolour before stamping the peacock. This is the same technique carried out for the cards also.After stamping onto the washes of colour I then painted the image with metallic acrylic paints. As I didn’t want to obliterate the washes of colour  I opted to only partially paint with the metallic acrylics, mainly the peacock, branches, borders and vases, with touches of diluted metallics added here and there.
Peacocks are always associated with a sense of elegance so I selected a subtle, elegant paper from Anna Griffin, this also allows the stamped image to shine, literally with the metallic paints!
Painted German Scrap, old German text, teeny pieces of Tissue Tape or a Laura Ashley velvet-rub on along with the dyed fabric flowers are what adorn these cards.
Crafty Individuals latest challenge theme is Free As A Bird. My association with peacocks are as residents in the gardens of Stately Homes, which I would imagine, probably does not constitute as being “free as a bird.  I will leave you as I muse on that. Lynne x

Have You Donned Your Easter Bonnet?

“In your Easter Bonnet,
With all the frills upon it
You’ll be the grandest lady
in the Easter Parade”
(Irving Berlin)

A new bonnet for Easter was considered a luxury item and for many, an important item. If their finances would not stretch to a new bonnet then they would alter an existing bonnet with ribbon and flowers, possibly a new length of ribbon would be purchased for the occasion. With this in mind I made this mini concertina tag book for Tag Tuesday’s  “Happy Easter” theme
All images are from Divas D’Este’s Victorian Easter Parade collage sheet. I also computer generated the song lyrics.
Bo Bunny paper  was used for it’s bold floral design, adding lace, feathers, flowers and a very unusual silver leaf embellishment which you will see in the first photograph, this was a gift from Cynnie. Ric Rac was added to tie the book closed.

Whether you have donned your Easter bonnet or prefer a more relaxed look to your appearance, have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend. Lynne x


When I started to take rubber stamping seriously, Crafty Individuals stamps were amongst the first I purchased, falling in love with their vintage, collage style. I was delighted that Jean set up a Crafty Individuals Blog and that this was quickly followed by the announcement of a Crafty Individuals Challenge. The first challenge is well underway, the theme being “Simply Squares”, where at least one CI product has to be  incorporated into the artwork.
I knew what I wanted to make and which item I would be using and I have to own up and say not one CI stamp is used on this piece. On receiving some of their beautiful badges the idea came into my mind of using one to form a piece of jewellery.
Using felt and lace I built up layers. Pearl beads were stitched onto the lace and a piece of broken jewellery is the finishing touch (thanks Dot!)
I like the idea of attaching this to a handbag although not the bag that it is photographed beside, this bag is too special to have brooches pinned to it as it is a beaded bag from the 1920’s which belonged to my Great Aunt Jean.  As it has the same colours as the brooch it was a perfect backdrop to photograph it on.

You Will Find Him In The Study

Office Supplies is one of the challenges at Gingersnap Creations. I was drawn to this challenge for the reason that as far back as I can remember I have always loved pencils, notebooks, etc. That love has never left me.
When I was gathering supplies for this challenge it brought to mind the Ledger book I once had in my possession. On the day my dad retired and clearing out his office, here was a Ledger which belonged as far back as my Great-Grandfather. The writing was exquisite but the book had seen better days, with curled up edges and some mildew on the cover. Despite this I decided I wanted to take the book home.  A home was found for the Ledger in the attic but a year or so later we made the decision to bin it, convincing myself that I would never have a use for it. Now all this was well before I started to delve into what I do now, in fact I hadn’t even started basic cardmaking at this time. The motto is most definitely “Don’t Throw Anything Away!!!”. Of course, now, I would never dream of letting such a possession out of my hands but that is because I see everything as a possibility to alter or use in some way.
Now onto my entry for the Office Supplies challenge. I’ll start with a list of office supplies used.
Office Supplies
Old paperweight
2 Erasers
Greyboard from old notebook
Old postage stamp
Vintage pen nib
All the items have a masculine feel to them.
A collage was created to alter this paperweight. The base is watercolour paper washed with walnut ink with a collage of stamed images and pieces torn from a Divas D’Este’s collage sheet.
A cover made for Post-It-Notes. Using greyboard from an old notebook I made a cover. Then got stamping on some of the walnut inked watercolour paper.  The stamps used are from a variety of Oxford Impressions plates. The ribbon was dyed to match the cover.
A little close-up of the details on the cover – old postage stamp and vintage pen nib.
Finally the 2 items that I started to alter first of all – 2 erasers

This was such a fun challenge and if time had been on my side I would have worked on more supplies. Maybe I’ll jot a note on a Post-It to remind me to alter some more office supplies soon. Lynne x

Miss Parker’s Sewing Swatch Book

Vintage Sewing is the theme at Tag Tuesday, always a favourite theme of mine.
I had no intention of making a tag book but after making one tag I couldn’t stop myself from making some more and that is when I had this idea of Miss Parker’s swatch book.
There is always a large jar of walnut ink on my work table. For all the tags I applied washes of walnut ink to watercolour paper.
Isn’t that wee spool cute! Wrapping gingham ribbon around it then attaching to a safety pin. The eagle-eyed amongst you would also spot the hook (from hook and eye).
On all the tags I used Oxford Impression stamps, the majority are from “Dressforms and Corset” plate, others from “Times Past” and “The Art of Being Beautiful”.
One of the reasons I am such a fan of Oxford Impressions’ stamps is that they make it so easy to create your own background papers.
Some of the dressforms were stamped twice enabling me to cut out elements and layering with silicone glue. I also like to stitch stamped buttons.
Scraps of lace and the odd snap and hook and eye added for dimension.
With lace and stamped borders overhanging you snatch a peek at the tags underneath when the book is closed.

A little “P.S.”. It has been quite a busy week on my Blog and I wanted to say “Thank You” as I know many of you have visited more than once. Lynne x

Take A Letter

Typewriters is one of the challenges underway at Gingersnap  Creations. I couldn’t let this challenge pass as I own a cute stamp from The Stampsmith which was so perfect for this theme.
The notebook is made from old cardboard packaging, from a box which I covered with text paper and added my initials with letters cut from scrapbook paper and antique dimensional accent added.
The black ribbon represents the ribbon in a typewriter and of course it had to be stapled to the book.

Ideally this notebook would be propped against a vintage typewriter. Yes, I continue to daydream about the typewriter I didn’t bring home from the charity shop.  Lynne x


Butterflies is the challenge set at Gothic Arches Challenge Blog.
One of the butterfly beauties from Divas D’Este’s Playful Butterfly Women graces my arch. You might remember I used one of the images recently on a flag (“Watch Me Fly“)
The background is a paper napkin/serviette (this time from  my friend Lucy.) The design was exactly what I wanted, flowers, butterflies and foliage.
The butterfly which my playful butterfly woman stands perched upon is cut from the napkin/serviette. Lots of silicone glue was  applied to the butterfly and butterfly woman to achieve dimension.

Faithful Friends

Friends” is the challenge theme at Tag Tuesday this week.
For my tag book I used a beautiful collage sheet from Divas D’Este “Going to the Dogs”.  When I laid eyes on this CS I knew it wouldn’t be too long before I used it. Unable to select one particular image, I decided to make a tag book.
Mostly the tags were  made from scraps. I stamped Anna Corba Vintage Labels onto the papers. When the tag book is closed you get a little peek at the  lace and scalloped edges from the other tags.
I printed words onto white cardstock.
Scraps of fabric ribbon stickers and glittery stickers added to the tags.
You can see why I struggled to select only one image for this tag challenge, the images are so beautiful.

Sweet Marie (GSC)

Joining in the fun at Gingersnap Creations has been long overdue so the weekend before last I settled down to a relaxing evening to make something for their  “Kings and Queens” theme.  Sometimes when we start to plan a project all the pieces come together with actually, very little planning, just pure luck. I had just the perfect stamp for this theme from Character Constructions (CC stamps and making art dolls go hand in hand) but of course she would need a gown. Well I did not need to look very hard as that same day a bounty of goodies arrived from my friend Cynnie which included a bundle of serviettes/napkins. One in particular caught my eye because it had  “Chocolat” and a French address, could this be anymore perfect for Marie’s gown, I think not.
Marie was stamped onto watercolour paper and painted with washes of delicate colours, imagine the colour of French macaroons.

I know that vintage is my preferred style but now and again I like a little whimsy and CC stamps are whimsical in abundance.I trimmed the hem and bodice of her gown with pink lace .Her bodice edged with the finest French lace!
Her hair is so high she doesn’t realise she has the Eiffel Tower caught in it. I spy a feather, could there possibly be birds nesting in her hair?
From the tip of the feather to the hem on her dress, she stands at more than 12″ tall.

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