Celebrate The Earth (3D Challenge Craft Stamper)

I thought it was time to share some old but new projects… old as in made months, possible a year or two ago but new, as in not shared, other than published.
When I received a small zinc bucket to alter for Craft Stamper’s 3D Challenge (July 2018), I knew I didn’t want to simply alter the surface of the bucket, I wanted the project to be “more”.
The bucket made my mind automatically turn towards the garden which took me on a journey through my gorgeous collection of Character Constructions stamps.  Knowing that some of the stamps have a whimsical style to them, it helped me along with the vignette that started to take hold in my head, of flowers popping out of the bucket but with it being Character Constructions stamps, the flowers would have a slight twist! Instead of pretty flower heads, we have ladies!  The stamps are incredible in their detail and when fussy cutting, they are quite delicate in some areas.  To keep with the natural, earthy feel I was aiming for, I broke twigs to adhere the stamped images to, including the stamped flowers and butterflies, all managing to be propped into the bucket amongst the moss.This photo shows the twigs and also the texture I managed to build up to alter the zinc bucket, wanting an aged effect as though it has been out in a garden for an age, becoming weathered by the elements and time.  It rests upon a vintage tart tin (I write about how I rusted the tart tin within the 3D Challenge)

I adore this stamp which is also Character Constructions.
My project is a way to celebrate the earth both in the style of the project but also the materials I worked with, this sentiment is stamped onto cardboard paper which is something I love making not only for the amazing surface it provides but also as a way to be kind to the environment.Looking down on the assemblage which was propped upon a wood slice, altered slightly to allow it to co-ordinate.It is fascinating to look at the 3D Challenge, to view how everyone has their own interpretation of working with the item supplied by Trish Latimer.

Your Brave Wings @ That’s Crafty

I am a bit later in the day than normal, for sharing my sneaky peek of what I am sharing over at the That’s Crafty Blog this week, a very cheeky peek as it doesn’t give very much away!

If you would like to see the project in full, then please visit HERE where I also give instructions, supply list, etc.
Many Thanks, always, for taking the time to visit.

A Gentle Heart @ That’s Crafty

Another D.T. project for That’s Crafty today.
Only a sneaky peek, with the full project HERE.
Have a lovely day, whatever your plans!

The Beauty of Life @ That’s Crafty

Today, time for my D.T. project at That’s Crafty
A beautiful Character Constructions stamp is the focal on my project, it is just a peek that I am sharing here.
Have a lovely day.

Angel Wings Wreath

Over at the That’s Crafty blog I am sharing a project made many, many weeks ago, when That’s Crafty showcased their fabulous MDF wreath and ornaments set on HOCHANDA and featuring the beautiful Character Constructions stamp.
If you would like to see the project in full and the details, then please visit HERE.

Birds of A Feather

At the That’s Crafty blog sharing a project today, one of my favourite stamps, ever.
If you would like to view my project, please visit HERE.
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Seek Stillness

Over at the That’s Crafty blog today, it is my turn to share a D.T. project. As always, sharing only a peek of the project here, a project featuring one of my most favourite stamps, it is just so beautiful.
All the details are at, That’s Crafty if you would like to see the complete project.

Nature Study (Somerset Studio)

This project is another article in the Jan/Feb issue of Somerset Studio, it was in answer to an art call for the colour Olive which isn’t a colour which I would normally reach for but I knew I had PaperArtsy olive Fresco so I had no excuse to dive in. It was packaging which inspired me, cardboard packaging from Amazon (I always have to battle with my conscience when I say their name!!!) which has almost a folder appearance to it.
I wanted it to become a Nature Study portfolio with not only green to transform the cardboard packaging but also a Green ethos to the items I reached for throughout.
The folder opens to reveal a panel of tree bark, embellished with a piece of found paper, stamped and layered with a beautiful feather and for the right side, where a book or other item would normally be packaged, this is the area where the art panels are stored.
The jute twine ties this element to close it,
A cluster of stamped tags, it was probably walnut ink (I keep a large jar which I top up when required and so far, no sign of mould appearing) I used to stain the found paper/cardstock.  All of those stamps are from Character Constructions.  That is one of the many reasons I adore Character Constructions, not only for the stunning paper dolls stamps but there are also so many detail stamps included on the plates.
The rear which was stamped with a script stamp (PaperArtsy ESN) and a beautiful fern stamp).
Inside the portfolio there are four panels which are all substrates of birch tree bark which I have randomly painted. There are layers and layers and texture upon texture, all items from around the home and garden. Some items again stained with walnut ink and I was so pleased, without going out of my way, I discovered that piece of book text.
Tree bark, burlap, muslin, brown packing paper, cardboard paper and a wooden button/bead from a piece of clothing.
Loose fibres gives the impression of nesting material within the stamped nest, which was stamped onto birch tree bark
I peeled back a layer of the tree bark to place this stamped image of the nest behind it.
Panel Two which features another Red Lead bird stamp
which was stamped onto resin paper or maybe the ICE Resin was applied after stamping…I think I should have referred to the instructions in my article! I know he rests on a MDF heart from That’s Crafty.
Thank you to Dorthe for the driftwood and the sweet wee cone.
Within the folder, other than the two panels featuring birds, there were two other panels, featuring leaves.
The leaves were stamped onto deli paper which had the PaperArtsy Freco paint, diluted and applied to create a textural appearance.
Red Lead have an extensive range of nature themed stamps and they do some of the very best bird stamps you could ever hope to source.
I appreciate, this was a very long blog post with lots of photos so huge thanks if you managed to stay until the end!

Mother Nature And Her Gentle Wings

Good Morning
Sunday rolls around once more and it is my turn for a DT project over at the That’s Crafty blog.  I used a host of their own products for my project along with one of my all time favourite Character Constructions stamps.  Laura recently added more to her stock of Character Constructions stamps.
If you would like to see the full project and details, they can be viewed HERE
Enjoy your Sunday

Growing Up

My regular spot over on the That’s Crafty blog today, this is the sneaky peek of it . blogiimagelynnemoncrieff
if you would like to view the full project and the story behind it, then please, visit HERE.
Thank you for your visit today, enjoy your day.

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