Winter Wishes (The Stampers’ Sampler)

This post features a trio of snowflake angels which appear in the Autumn issue of The Stampers’ Sampler – squeezing them in here, before the end of the year, really should have shared them before now!
This is quite photo heavy but will be short on words…that’s a first!
The trio gathered together – each doll approx 4.5″ x 8″
triocclynnemsampler2016Other than the little labels with a festive sentiment, all stamps are Character Constructions and available HERE. Catherine Moore ships to the U.K. otherwise I think it is almost impossible to source them here.
Each angel consists of many stamps, so they are not quick makes but once you give yourself over to them, they are such fun to stamp, assemble and then adorn.  For all the paper dolls, I painted papers/cardstock.angelonecclynnem2016She has such a wonderfully sweet face.angeloneonecclynnem2016ICE Resin brings a wonderful dimension to the wings, with the merest hint of glitter.
angelonetwocclynnem2016The crinoline stamp is a huge favourite of mine, for the angels I dressed it up further with layers of tulle or vintage lace.angelonefourcclynnem2016Glad Tidings.angeltwoonecclynnem2016The colours are subtle, a very pale blue with hints of silver.angeltwotwocclynnem2016Snowflake WishesangelthreeonecclynnemEach has sheer ribbon as a hanging mechanism so they could be displayed on a Christmas tree or door handle or arranged along a mantle.angelthreetwocclynnemShe hands out snowflake wishes to passersby on a winter day.
angelthreefivecclynnemCatherine Moore’s beautiful stamps allowed me to have fun. One of the joys of 2016 has been working with her stamps and the honour of being on Catherine’s D.T.
January 1st is looming upon us but I will try and share at least one more blog post before the end of the year comes calling.

Hanging Around The Christmas Tree

A quick post to share two ornaments featuring Character Constructions stamps and Sandra Evertson Relics & Artifacts.
Some weeks ago I received Character Constructions Christmas Vintage Christmas Plate No. 6  which has wonderful festive sentiments and I thought it would be fun to use them on ornaments. The second ornament has a sentiment from the Bird and Bee No. 14 set.
ornieonedetailonelynneccI have been drawn to tartan this year, do not ask me why!ornieonelynnemccAt this time of the year, a dash of glitter is acceptable, just a light sprinkle as the ICE Resin magnifies it.ornietwolynnemccSimply stamped muslin bags again featuring Character Constructions stampsgiftbagsHope you are all whizzing though your Christmas preparations!

Angelic Winter Wishes (Somerset Studio Gallery)

A wonderful way to close out the year is making an appearance in Somerset Studio Gallery. I am so thankful to have multiple pieces in this issue, a few are festive/winter related so I thought I would squeeze in a couple between now and the 25th.  I will be back-tracking, after Christmas, to share artwork that I haven’t caught up with as yet, some going as far back as the summer!
Supplies used:-
Redlead Paperworks Sentiment
That’s Crafty Dinky Stencil Snowflake
Sandra Evertson Relics and Artifacts direct from Sandra Evertson or from That’s Crafty.
One of the festive creations is this…onesomersetlynnemredrandaassemblage on canvas substrate with That’s Crafty stencil in the backgroundthreelynnemredrandaand pairing up two Relics and Artifacts.fivelynnemredrandaThis is a favourite Redlead winter sentiment,  layered onto a fragment of mop up papertwolynnemredrandawith a crystal Curio to bring lightsevenlynnemredrandaand to stand the assemblage, a wooden spool, distressed and softened with a scrap of vintage lace with pearl.
ninelynnemHere’s to it not being too hectic a time for all of you if you are in the middle of festive preparations.
Warm Winter Wishes!

Snowflake Angels (Somerset Studio)

Today I am sharing two assemblages which appear in the Nov/Dec issue of Somerset Studio. I have two articles, yes, pinch me!
In the article I share how Relics and Artifacts and other elements, such as paperclay, helped me create snowflake angels.
Some of the Supplies used:-
Character Constructions (wings) The Bee Keeper’s Tea No. 7
Redlead Paperworks (Snowflake Wishes)
Carabelle Studio Stamp – from That’s Crafty
That’s Crafty – Greyboard Panels, Greyboard Snowflakes, Dinky Stencil Snowflakes
Sandra Evertson Relics and Artifacts – @ Sandra Evertson or in the U.K. from That’s Crafty
artdollsomlynneoneA framed paperclay face.artdollsomlynnetwoExcuse the blurry photo!  The stamped wings, from Character Constructions, have been coated with ICE Resin with a sprinkle of sparkleartdollsomlynnethreewith the R&A heart having the same treatment of the ICE Resin.artdollsomlynnesixA wee stamped tag with a sentiment from Redlead.artdollsomlynnefiveThe second assemblage, which is slightly more gold in tone.artdolltwosomlynneonePaperclay features heavily on this one, using it in two different ways.  Paperclay has been such a revelation for me, now I don’t know what I do without it in my stash!  The crown and wings on this snowflake angel are Carabelle Studio, used with paperclay.artdolltwosomlynnetwoA wee addition of a snowflake charm with pearl added to the R&A.artdolltwosomlynnethreeYou can just about see the snowflakes stencilled onto the substrate,  this is a wonderful Dinky Stencil.artdolltwosomlynnefiveAfter, I realised the sentiment I conjured up really makes no sense at all yet at the time, it seemed to make complete sense to me!artdolltwosomlynnesevenDresden Trim is so wonderful for all those little extra touches.artdolltwosomelynneeightThank you to Christen Hammons at Somerset Studio for publishing my article.  I always feel thankful for the amazing products we have at our fingertips because the vision of That’s Crafty, Catherine Moore, Redlead, Sandra Evertson, made it possible for me to have fun creating those two assemblages.
Many thanks for your visit.

Clan MacDeer & Their Festive Shenanigans

Normally, at this time of the year, I flood my blog with festive inspired creations.  A few factors have hindered this happening this year one being that my mind is still stuck back in March, possibly April… certainly not December!!!!
That said, a few weeks ago I received Happy Mail indeed, stamps from Catherine Moore’s Character Constructions, Vintage Christmas plates No. 6 – 9.
Inking up Plate No. 9, along with stamps:- dresses, arms and feet, from various other CC stamps plates, I really did have a great deal of fun making what I’m about to share in this post. Lots of fussy cutting involved, my fingers are still refusing to speak to me!

(words – Lynne Moncrieff 2016)
Clan MacDeer & Their Festive Shenanigans
If you travel north of my home, keep to the country roads and give yourself enough time in your journey to stop along the way, stretch your legs, partake of light refreshments.  Eventually,  after what seems an eternity, you will spy a castle rising out of the gloaming.  At first sight it is imposing, you will possibly have the urge to about turn.  Instead, find some courage, some say that a little Dutch Courage in the shape of a nip of whisky is all that is required,  I prefer the advice of taking a deep breath and embrace what lies within the walls of the castle.  
Guidebooks will inform you that this is the family residence of Clan MacDeer but in the nearby village, whisperings are muttered that MacDeer are no ordinary family, they are magical creatures, half human and half reindeer.  
Tis only from  1st December ’til Midnight of 1st January that cheer resonates from the castle.  Ceilidh music, the swirl of the bagpipes, the cries and whoops and stomping of feet of those gathered as they dance their way through The Eightsome Reel, The Dashing White Sergeant and the one which sees everyone clamber onto the floor, Strip The Willow.  reindeeronelynnemccAmongst those whose dresses swirl in the air  and whose voices whoop the loudest, are the triplets of the MacDeer clan.  Daphne is the eldest by 1 minute 20 seconds.reindeeronelynnedetailccAggie, she is the baby, with her sweet demeanor and always a quizzical look to her face,reindeerthreelynnemccshe is also the most likely to be fussed over especially with new frocks for the festive season.reindeerthreedetaillynnemccMairi’s greatest wish is that she were the first born of the triplets and not the middle girl.  She can often be heard telling “a fib” when asked if she is the eldest.  Yes, Mairi loves Daphne and Aggie like no other but how she deerly  dearly (!) wants the status of being the eldest.reindeertwolynnemccThe foolish girl that she is, she has even taken to dressing beyond her years!
Of course there are other members of Clan MacDeer and if time permits, then I will allow an introduction.  In the meantime, thank you for stopping by especially at such a busy time.

(words are from my own silly imagination)

Snowflakes On Your Tongue (A Somerset Holiday)

“Happiness is catching snowflakes on your tongue” Charles M, Schulz
To begin this week I am sharing a trio of mittens which appear as an article in Stampington & Co’s A Somerset Holiday (inaugural issue was published October 1st).  It is an annual publication, the previous annual Somerset Holidays & Celebrations had a make-over with this new title focusing solely on festive celebrations.
When I received the article request, I was also asked to provide a quote relating to the festive season.
Happiness is catching snowflakes on your tongue” was the one I selected as the stencil on each mitten is That’s Crafty’s Dinky Stencil snowflake background. I could see a child wearing the mittens on a snowy day, catching snowflakes on their tongue. There was also a more personal reason and relates to why the article is titled “Nostalgic Mitten Ornaments”.  I came up with this title not only because the colours of the mitten have an air of the nostalgic Christmas, the quote also relates to me.  I was such a fan of the Peanuts characters (and continue to be), as created by Charles M. Schulz.  Even though many of the references were alien to a child growing up in Scotland, somehow or other, those characters touched a chord in me.
When A Somerset Holiday arrived in the post and I turned to my article, I had a moment of what was obviously happiness but also a sense of overwhelmed.  If someone had said to that wee shy girl with red hair and glasses, all those years ago that she would have an article in an American magazine where she quotes Charles M. Schulz, well maybe you can understand why the moment touched me the way it did!
Stamps:- Redlead Paperworks
Dinky Stencil – That’s Crafty
mainphotoonesomersethollynneAnnoyingly, I do not have dimensions for the mittens, they would sit nicely into my hand.
A Redlead label stamped onto calico.mittenonelynnemsomersetholidayThe lovely shimmer was achieved with iridescent paste with the Dinky Stencil.mittenthreelynnemsomersetholThe two sizes of pompom trim was a bit of fun.mittentwolynnemsomersetholI have quite a bit of “older stuff” (!) to be sharing, much of which has appeared in various Stampington titles.  I also have a few new makes, some featuring the latest Character Constructions stamps.
Have a wonderful week and hope you are managing to tick off all those items on your Christmas To Do List!!!

Festive Tree

Some of you might have received the latest Crafty Individuals newsletter with news of their recent releases which, for a limited period, are on special introductory offer.
(Also, see below for the link to Jeans’ Giveaway)
With CI-462, Large Christmas Tree I made this rustic style card.blogcitreelynnemYou wouldn’t realise it but the book page has hints of Fresco Old Gold (along with Gesso).  It is a subtle effect which is more prominent IRL.blogsixA simple, stippled background with snowflakes stamped (from CI-465)blogfourFrom an older Elements set, CI-447, I cut into one of the tag stamps, making use of only the word Peace.ciblogtwoMore scrappy layersblogfiveAll of the stamps used on this card along with the new releases and old favourites, are available from Crafty Individuals website.
Visit Jean’s blog to learn of a Giveaway!
I hope you are all cracking on with your festive preparations.  Shame on me, but this year I have also bought cards to send, knew it would be impossible to make all my cards.  Still, I cannot believe it will be December any day now!

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