Celebrate The Earth (3D Challenge Craft Stamper)

I thought it was time to share some old but new projects… old as in made months, possible a year or two ago but new, as in not shared, other than published.
When I received a small zinc bucket to alter for Craft Stamper’s 3D Challenge (July 2018), I knew I didn’t want to simply alter the surface of the bucket, I wanted the project to be “more”.
The bucket made my mind automatically turn towards the garden which took me on a journey through my gorgeous collection of Character Constructions stamps.  Knowing that some of the stamps have a whimsical style to them, it helped me along with the vignette that started to take hold in my head, of flowers popping out of the bucket but with it being Character Constructions stamps, the flowers would have a slight twist! Instead of pretty flower heads, we have ladies!  The stamps are incredible in their detail and when fussy cutting, they are quite delicate in some areas.  To keep with the natural, earthy feel I was aiming for, I broke twigs to adhere the stamped images to, including the stamped flowers and butterflies, all managing to be propped into the bucket amongst the moss.This photo shows the twigs and also the texture I managed to build up to alter the zinc bucket, wanting an aged effect as though it has been out in a garden for an age, becoming weathered by the elements and time.  It rests upon a vintage tart tin (I write about how I rusted the tart tin within the 3D Challenge)

I adore this stamp which is also Character Constructions.
My project is a way to celebrate the earth both in the style of the project but also the materials I worked with, this sentiment is stamped onto cardboard paper which is something I love making not only for the amazing surface it provides but also as a way to be kind to the environment.Looking down on the assemblage which was propped upon a wood slice, altered slightly to allow it to co-ordinate.It is fascinating to look at the 3D Challenge, to view how everyone has their own interpretation of working with the item supplied by Trish Latimer.

Heart and Soul: Journal & ATC (as in Craft Stamper)

I have neglected this Blog and it is sad because I adored Blogging and the connections made through Blogging was so important in my creative life.  I will try, now and again, to share some past projects which for whatever reason, have been neglected by me to share there, on Instagram and FB.  I am finding, more and more, Instagram is more accessible for me but want to try to keep my Blog going, if possible.
Anyway, today I have a project which appeared in the February issue of Craft Stamper.  With a heart theme set, I turned to the beautiful hearts from That’s Crafty (available in various sizes whether in MDF or white/greyboard) and I have to say a stamp which I never tire of inking up from Catherine Moore’s Character Constructions stamps.
I seem to have lost several photos I took at the time, before sending to Craft Stamper.  This is how I packaged up the journal and ATC which I then popped into a glassine bag.  Torn calico, stained with Infusions, wraps around both ATC and journal and I also made a tag to co-ordinate, the tag is another That’s Crafty product, one of the smaller sized MDF tags.This is the journal, with ATC placed upon it.
A textural cover with the detailing of the Character Constructions stamps and the beautiful wings are of course, from That’s Crafty!  Quiet Strength Takes Courage, one of my Affirmations stamps which I feel suits this image so well.
Within the feature in Craft Stamper, I write in the intro …
Sometimes, when life throws challenges in our way, we might need to seek a place to jot down worries, thoughts, niggling doubts or dreams that we are not ready to share with others. The Heart and Soul Journal is such a place, a place to build inner strength.

Gratitude to Craft Stamper, Trish Latimer for having me share this project and to That’s Crafty and Catherine Moore for creating inspirational projects which not only allow for creative fun, they allow for me to take the ideas within my head and have them materialize.

At Home With Nature

As part of the That’s Crafty D.T., we were provided with the fabulous MDF Art House Shrine, each of us altering it any which way, with our finished house shrines appearing as a 3D Challenge in Craft Stamper magazine.  They appeared in the March issue so I thought I would now share my house, which has a theme of nature.
It is always special to be part of a collective, showing the diversity of a team but also the versatility of the product, namely this time the art shrine.

I shared a video of the project over at FB, for some reason, my Blog will not allow me to upload the video here but it can be viewed at my facebook page.  https://www.facebook.com/lynne.moncrieff/videos/857281537794840/  The video showing different angles of the house shrine, including stencilled side panels, etc.
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Craft Stamper

I have overlooked sharing peeks at projects I have in Craft Stamper (May issue).
With the brief of making cards to a vintage/shabby style with colours of Springtime, I had fun working with Character Constructions stamps.  Catherine Moore generously offered one stamp set for a lucky winner – there is still time to enter the Giveaway!
The second card in my article features PaperArtsy, from the recently released ScrapCosy (ESC) which seemed a perfect fit for the brief and was a lovely contrast to the whimsical image on the first card, with the ESC flower being more traditional in style.
In this same issue, I also appear as my role with the That’s Crafty DT, as we had the wonderful challenge of working with a That’s Crafty Splat, for the Craft Stamper 3D Challenge.  I had fun incorporating PaperArtsy stamps and RELICS & ARTIFACTS onto the Splat. I’ve always thought that R&As and That’s Crafty Alterable Surfaces are perfect for each other.
Thank you to Trish Latimer and for the wonderful companies who created such fabulous products to play with.

Nature Girl (3D Challenge – Craft Stamper)

In the new issue of Craft Stamper, the RELICS & ARTIFACTS Ambassadors are thrilled to be making an appearance for the 3D challenge.
Working with a specific R&A, Imperial Egg and with a Cat Kerr stamp of our choice, we each set about to make our submission. I selected the She Flies stamp, a stamp which can be used as one whole stamp or as three individual elements: girl’s face, sentiment and wings.  I was keen to use all the stamped elements but working with them individually (if that makes sense!).  The wings are stamped into paperclay, to allow the Nature Girl to fly amongst her woodland friends.
Sharing this sneaky peek, provided by Trish Latimer
A copy of the magazine can be purchased from www.craftstamper.com or www.mags-uk.com, digital copies from www.pocketmags.co.uk
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Relics and Artifacts: Retailer Project Feature in Craft Stamper

Before I was invited to be a Relics and Artifacts Ambassador, it was suggested by Sandra and Trish, that I create two projects featuring Relics and Artifacts for Craft Stamper.
Relics & Artifacts are a dream to create with and I don’t say this because I am an Ambassador, I say this because I have been using them for some time now and grow to love them more and more.
To see the full range of R&As, including Bohemian Jewels, Velveteen Flowers and more, visit HERE.
If you are already creating with them or have only recently discovered them, then why not join the Facebook Tribe and share your R&A creations with us.
Just to add, some of the R&As are available, in the U.K. from That’s Crafty 

If you are a Craft Stamper reader then you might want to know that there is a Giveaway for some R&As!

The idea of the projects, to show how easy it is to work with R&As, with the stepped-out project showing how by simply transforming the Chandelier Pendants with a few supplies, they can become home decor items in very little time.

The assemblage frame is more time time intensive but the idea was to display the use of multiple R&As, all from different R&A sets, yet coming together in one theme.

Craft Stamper links:-
To purchase subscriptions: www.craftstamper.com
Single print copies: www.mags-uk.com
Digital copies: www.pocketmags.com

Stamps used on both R&A projects – individual stamp details are noted in the Craft Stamper article along with PaperArtsy Fresco Finish paint colours.
Character Constructions
Redlead Paperworks
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