So Young And In Love (Somerset Gallery)

Hello Everyone
I am re-winding with this  scheduled post back to when I read on my lovely friend Penny’s Blog (A Penny For Your Thoughts) that I was published in Somerset Studio Gallery, something that was news to me!  I had not received my complimentary issue so had no idea that I had anything amongst their pages. I was so excited as this was the first time I’d been published in Somerset Gallery.
I had submitted Valentine tags to Somerset Holidays & Celebrations early last year and here they were one year +  in Somerset Gallery.
At the time I was on Divas D’Este DT (they closed their on-line store to focus on their Etsy store, Urban Renewal) and had been playing around with their images for Valentine projects.Alongside the images I had also used Oxford Impressions stamps from April In ParisI have since received a replacement, complimentary copy of Somerset Gallery. It isn’t just the fun of being in print but being in print alongside friends such as Penny and Lynn (Trash to Treasure Art).
Thank You for taking the time to visit and for your comments on my previous post, the Abraham Lincoln card. I have some more cards to share using that stamp set which I will share another time.

Let The Story Begin

Romance is starting to fill the air as thoughts turn from Christmas towards Valentine’s Day. With that in mind, I created this hanging with a sense of old style romance using Divas D’Este’s J’adore. I’ve previously dipped into this collage sheet (CS) for DT artwork and happy to return to it once again.Printing onto a transparency allowed me to layer this image onto another Divas D’Este CS, this time French Script.
The script shows through beautifully, especially on their faces.  I always keep this sheet to hand as it is useful to have, adding bits here and there, as I did with tucking it slightly beneath the image.This beautiful stamp of a bundle of letters is from Oxford Impressions’ Season of Giving plate,  a Christmas set of stamps but so useful to dip into throughout the year. Tying it with pink satin ribbon adds a special touch then the postal mark from another O.I. set, this time Art of Being Beautiful. This is a story about love, that particular stamp is from the A Scandalous Beauty plate. Is this  Chapter 1 of a sweeping epic of love spanning decades or a bittersweet novella? I’ll let you be the author of their story of love.
I am linking to Pink Saturday.

That Sinking Feeling

For today’s post I am sharing two cards I made with images from Divas D’Este’s  Tiny Vintage Italian Postcards  CS. This CS is absolutely stunning and I deliberated for a while in my consideration of what surface I would print it onto, finally opting for vellum and glad I did as the surface is perfect for art style images.Oxford Impressions’ Venezia set was used to support the images.
The background was kept as a loose style with watermarks.The second cardA scrap of book text. By luck I had an old travel literature book on Venice which I knew I wouldn’t read again.  Mica scraps and pearls.This post was a break from Winter/Christmas but I will return on Friday with Pink Santas!

Pack It In (Published in Somerset Studio!)

A change of plan to the post I had drafted, having scheduled Divas D’Este artwork for today although that part remains the same but instead of the planned post I am changing it for something that has come out of the blue.  I am published in Somerset Studio! I have two gift bags published for their Colour Filled Holiday challenge.
Christmas preparations can be frenzied so the  idea behind my submission was to create practical and pretty gift packaging using only a handful of supplies and with the minimum of expense. As much as I like altering brown paper bags I wanted a crisp appearance to the gift bags so used white lunch bags.
Both images are from Divas D’Este. The first image is from the Merry Christmas sheet and the children from Christmas kids. All stamps are from Oxford Impressions’ Winter Snow plateThe bags have a slightly wax coating so permanent inks have to be used.Due to the minimum of supplies required this makes it easy to create a batch in an evening. An ideal project for using up scraps!
I am sorry if I have not managed to recently visit your Blogs,  I hope to catch up with all of you within the next couple of days.

Hope In The Palm Of Her Hands

At Divas D’Este you will find an abundance of CS with images of children, from cute to whimsical. For my latest DT artwork for Divas D’Este I am returning to the CS called “Angelic Girls“. Recently I shared a card made with a little girl with attitude, well that was also from the same CS.  The little girl today is a more gentle soul.For me, half the fun of working on a project is gathering the bits ‘n’ pieces, most will end up being surplus to requirements but I like having that selection before me. I gathered sheet music, old French text, lace, dried hydrangea blossoms, etc. The base is 6.5″ x 6.5″ which I covered with sheet music before layering all the elements. The Divas image was layered onto a letter which is from their ever useful French Script CS.
Lifting the bow you will see that underneath is very old French book text, dried hydrangea petals, lace and “Hope”.Using Word I created the title “She held hope in the palm of her hands”, ageing the cardstock prior to printing.Due to this year’s weather, too much rain, I was unable to dry any hydrangea blossoms which was a pity but at least I have my small stock from last year. I like when the colour fades.This week I will share some more Dezinaworld DT on Wednesday and on the 1st of October there will be a new challenge theme announced at The Stampsmith Challenge. In-between I will return with a scattering of projects. Have a lovely week. Lynne x

Butterfly Girl With Mischief In Her Eyes

Today’s post is short and I hope you find the card to be sweet.This image is one of many available on Divas D’Este’s  Angelic Girls CS. I printed the CS onto photo paper, slightly distressing the image. One of my favourite tools for distressing is an old emery board.  
To create layering I tore two pieces from Divas D’Este’s “French Script” CS, distressing by crumpling and sanding.
Divas D’Este also run an Etsy store called Urban Renewal. I’ve mentioned this store previously but wanted to let you know that new items have been added. There are a wide range of items  including hard to find paper ephemera, a glass rolling pin, bottles, a china doll’s head, the list goes on and on. Alongside the vintage are items made by Di including a stunning Under The Sea necklace. The link is above and also on my sidebar if you wish to pop over and do some window shopping although beware as I am sure at least one item will catch your eye!
Lynne x

And The Birds Will Sing Once More

For my Divas D’Este DT artwork this week I am using an image from their Free As A Bird CS.
It was a tough choice selecting one image as the CS is packed with birds, some very exotic.  This image has a gentleness about it which appealed to me.
I worked with acrylic paints, using a dry brush technique to paint the canvas before stamping directly onto the canvas with a French text stamp. I was looking to achieve a distressed appearance to the stamping so at times I only partly inked the stamp. Then it was time build up the collage. The CS was printed onto canvas paper which suited this project better than glossy photo paper.I fired up my melt pot and dipped the French text and text scrapbook paper into the melted beeswax and used the beeswax as an adhesive. Beeswax was also brushed randomly onto the canvas.A punched tag was painted with the same cream and blue paints and a scrap of Tissue Tape applied before I dipped the tag into the wax. The printed image was dipped into the beeswax but the edges only as I didn’t want to cover the image.
Once complete I gently buffed the wax with a soft cloth.
I certainly enjoyed my little foray into nature and might not be so hesitant to venture there again. Lynne x

Whisk Me Off To Paris, You Dashing Creature

Dipping into Divas D’Este’s vault once again to use the stunning, J’Adore CS. This is brimming with gorgeous images which made it difficult deciding which one to use for this journal.I started with a blank journal (purchased) and had fun painting it. The paints are from the D.I.Y. store, a place well worth a visit for craft supplies. The heritage colour emulsion (latex) paints are something I’ve used for quite a while, I like their chalky appearance. All the paints were dry brushed to create a soft, romantic background.Next I focused on papers. The Anna Griffin paper was a perfect colour match and I also used sheet music stained with tea and coffee and some paint dry brushed onto it. A stamped letter peeks out with its edges dipped into beeswax.
Once I’d selected the Divas image I layered it onto French book text, the eagle-eyed amongst you will spot which book it is!Stamping Paris onto the book page allows it to be viewed through the transparency. There is such beauty in working with transparencies.Scraps of lace and velvet  ribbon, a punched flower with pearl and a fabric flower all embellish the cover.I wonder if he did eventually  “whisk her off to Paris”. I am sure he did, she looks very persuasive!
Lynne x

In The Company of Ladies

I dipped into Divas D’Este’s vaults for this collage sheet. Normally when creating for them I am working with their latest releases however this CS caught my eye, Regency Fashion Era. The images are so beautiful that there was no doubt that they would be the focal point for all the cards and the addition of  stamped elements  doesn’t detract from them in any way.
This collection of cards uses Ella Blue papers and scraps of Divas D’Este’s French Script and other text CS.
This image with the lady opening a book had to have the stamped ink bottle, quill and open book. The touches of red were also picked from the image with a corner accent and fabric ribbon sticker under the image.The book is layered onto a scrap from Divas French Script and by using silicone glue it creates dimension on the open book.
Is this her diary or a favourite book she holds in her hand and is this the same item that is on the table in the above image I wonder?A feather tucked behind the stamped image brings a touch of elegance and whimsy. The third card has a slightly more sombre feel to it so instead of red accents I used cream and chocolate brown.This image really pops. I could imagine this image on a Christmas card. Lace, red paper flower, scrap from another Divas CS and stamped label accent this image .
A wide band of blue lace peeks from under the stamped image.The final card is possibly my favourite as the colours appeal to me, coffee and taupe.The stamps I used were so perfect to marry up with the Divas D’Este CS.As a stamper I am well aware that when stamps are used we are curious as to the stamp company. On all the cards I used stamps from Oxford Impressions‘ Regency Fashion and Jane Austen. It is the norm for me to always pick the eras of the 20s and 30s but I enjoyed working with these gentle ladies. Lynne x

This Must Be Underwater Love

It is time for another Divas D’Este DT project. I was in a dither as to which project to post for you but as the sun is shining I opted for the altered canvas which uses another image from the Vintage Bathing Beauties CS. You might remember I made some altered canvases and cards with this CS a few weeks ago. This is the final project using this particular sheet.
Normally when picking the theme of bathing belles, I lean towards the softer colours of the beach, sandy colours and soft pinks reminiscent of broken shells. Working with this image I decided to work with colours that are not my first choice but as I was looking at this bathing beauty a story unfolded in my head that it was a day like any other as she was partaking of her daily stroll at the ocean’s edge, the water gently tickling her ankles. She always found such strolls a time of reflection, times to treasure during the summer days. A man’s voice catches her attention, is this soul in trouble she asks herself.   Stepping further into the water his voice becomes stronger but mysteriously she cannot see anyone. The sensible course of action would be of course to call for help but a calmness washes over her as she dives deep into the depths of the ocean. Looking around this new territory she is mesmerized by the clarity of the colours, the shoals of fish swimming past without a care in the world, a myriad of rainbow colours.  Above her the sunlight dances on the water, crystal and blue.  Touching the ocean bed she has the sense that she is home and who should step out from the coral, her gentleman of course!
A tale of whimsy for my whimsical canvas.
As I mentioned with the previous Bathing Beauties canvases  I mounted the image onto chipboard, edging with ink and gently curving the image. The actual canvas was painted various colours, building layers by painting and removing some of the colour only to add another layer and then sanding. I also used decorators mesh to apply texture with paint before removing the mesh. The seashells are from Crafty Individuals The Sea paper pad, creating a frame for the top of the canvas and stamping one of their seaside stamps from the Crafty Elements set.The crystal and blue beads represent the water and then we move to the fish which are also from The Sea pad. Golden Glass Bead Gel was applied in various consistencies, dripping alcohol inks to colour. The bathing belle nestles in dyed gauze, shells and coral and seaweed.
So I will wave goodbye to the Bathing Beauties but they certainly have been lots of fun to work with. Lynne x

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