Don’t Doubt The Strength

A peek at the project I am sharing over at That’s Crafty this week, a project that features some of their most recent launches.  The full post can be seen HERE.
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She Hath Wings (Somerset Studio)

To start this new week I thought I’d share something which I made last year, submitted to Somerset Studio’s colour challenge, the colour they stipulated was Olive.  I was so thrilled to see this published in Somerset Studio Jan/Feb 2017.
Although I also submitted other projects, this was the first project made because I knew I wanted to use the stunning Character Constructions stamp, Inner Child No. 7 , a great favourite of mine.
Is she a friend to the birds, who are content with her sitting amongst them, or is it possible that she is one of them.  Some say she has the voice of the sweetest nightingale.

(That’s Crafty is stocking a selected range but Laura Holland is willing to accept any enquiries for Character Constructions stamps which do not appear on the That’s Crafty website.   If you are interested in placing a Special Order, then feel free to contact Laura)


A canvas board was the main substrate for this piece, with That’s Crafty MDF hearts.
The Character Constructions stamp is the focal, stamped onto a piece of leftover paper, painted with PaperArtsy Fresco and one of their glazes providing a sheen.  You can just about see the sentiment “she hath wings”,  a beautiful stamp, available from Redlead Paperworks.
All of those branches are fussy cut, yes, my hands were not so happy with me!  You can find this branch on Character Constructions Queen of Tarts Plate 1
I allowed them to overhang, to give them impression that she really is nestled in the branches of the tree.
In all honesty, I am not sure I achieved the faux bark effect which I was aiming for on the That’s Crafty mdf hearts.  Each has a stamped egg layered onto it, the stamped image has a thin layer of ICE Resin.

Scraps of resin paper also appear layered behind the heart and again on this piece of drifwood, layered with the Home Sweet Nest sentiment.  Such a sweet sentiment from Character Constructions.
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Nature Girl (3D Challenge – Craft Stamper)

In the new issue of Craft Stamper, the RELICS & ARTIFACTS Ambassadors are thrilled to be making an appearance for the 3D challenge.
Working with a specific R&A, Imperial Egg and with a Cat Kerr stamp of our choice, we each set about to make our submission. I selected the She Flies stamp, a stamp which can be used as one whole stamp or as three individual elements: girl’s face, sentiment and wings.  I was keen to use all the stamped elements but working with them individually (if that makes sense!).  The wings are stamped into paperclay, to allow the Nature Girl to fly amongst her woodland friends.
Sharing this sneaky peek, provided by Trish Latimer
A copy of the magazine can be purchased from or, digital copies from
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The Heart of Childhood (for Calico Craft Parts GD)

A scheduled post to share my second and final project as a GD for  Calico Craft Parts blog.
All the details can be found at the Calico Craft Parts blog, along with the inspiration for this piece, HERE, the way the Character Constructions stamp inspired my selection of Calico Craft Parts.
Stamps:- Character Constructions Inner Child No. 4
PaperArtsy Infusions – staining the Calico Craft Parts heart, sari ribbon, trims and more.
Thank you to Calico Craft Parts for having me as a GD.  It is always a privilege to be involved with a company, even if only for the shortest of time, working with products I genuinely admire.
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Hello Everyone
Lin Brown’s latest stamp sets for PaperArtsy are just so beautiful and the perfect focal for a canvas panel I had prepared some time ago.
This is my DT project for That’s Crafty. blogAll details can be viewed HERE.
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A Day At The Beach

Hello Everyone
My previous post shared news of Crafty Individuals most recent releases.  Amongst them, Elements set, CI-459.  I was drawn to the various seaside related words in this set so decided that I would focus on that stamp alone.
One of the main reasons I love stamping so much, is the freedom to stamp onto almost any surface.  I stamped onto calico and seaglass and as you can see, I was not overly bothered about ensuring that the pieces would accommodate the words.  Strangely, because of the beach themed context, even though the full words are not visible, the brain seems to know it is sandcastles and seashells.twoThe textiles are frayed because I wanted them to have a tattered appearance, as though windswept and battered by the seashore.fiveAnother piece of the seaglass.fourYou can see that I painted the compartment tray in a random fashion, to have a distressed, worn appearance that would tie in with the frayed textiles.threeA coconut button seemed to suit the theme but it was too dark against the washed out colour of the tray so I flipped it over, drybrushing with a Fresco, might be Chalk.eightOnto a piece of driftwood, all the way from Denmark, (from lovely Dorthe) a smattering of pearls, mica flakes and starfish.nineJean is sharing lots of inspiration at the Crafty Individuals blog, including samples made by the other team members. If you are interested in this stamp or any of the new releases, then it is worth noting they are available, for a limited period only, at a special Introductory Offer price.
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At The Edge of The Woods

Hello Everyone
I thought I would share something made a few months ago, featuring beautiful nature themed stamps from Redlead Paperworks. Amongst the stamps I’d received at that time, was a set called A Secret Walk In The Garden.
This piece I made, an  assemblage (?) began life knowing I wanted the cluster of ferns stamp to be the focal and for me to work with Infusions.fernslynnemoncrieffStamping onto tree bark, it can be unpredictable but I think that is why I like it.  Little bits flaking off but no wonder as this had a liberal misting of water, directly onto the stamped ferns to achieve a diffused appearance, as though someone has been sketching with black ink in their nature journal and as they sit at the edge of the woods, a misting of rain falls through the canopy of the trees onto their sketching, causing the ink to bleed.threeTo create contrast and hints of colour, I worked with Infusions, applying directly onto the bark.
fourOnto a smaller, scrap piece of tree bark, I stamped this wonderful sentiment.  The tree bark soaks up the Infusions beautifully, adding an aged effect.  You can just see peeking from beneath the stamped panel, stained fabric and crochet lace, all raggedy.
detailtwoMore of the Infusions stained calico layered with various “bits” stained with Infusions or dissolved walnut ink crystals.fiveI’m very lucky to receive such wonderful stamps to play with.
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