A Merry Moncrieff Christmas (published – The Stampers’ Sampler)

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Stamping never fails to provide me with surprises but not too often can I say that they are surreal.  However to open the pages of the Autumn issue of The Stampers’ Sampler and to see a feature with the title A Merry Moncrieff Christmas well I’d say that is definitely a surreal moment!
(The first two pages of the feature)1SAM-1404-The-Stampers-Sampler-Autumn-2015_4-600x600I have to tell you that I am sure my cheeks were a deep shade of pink but I quickly recovered to simply enjoy the moment and the absolute honour of them collating submissions for their Happy Holiday Challenge into one feature.
I am sharing only one of the submissions from this feature (another time I will share some other submissions which made it into print in this issue but did not form part of this feature), a wall hanging featuring beautiful Oxford Impressions stamps. snowdaysholidaysThis is one of my favourite Oxford Impressions Christmas stamps. In fact I am willing myself to step away from this stamp for Christmas 2014 because I have used it so much since I received the Season for Giving stamp plate.
This wall hanging had lots of texture and layers from a doily which I gilded with waxes, muslin, old book text, wax paper which again received the gilded treatment,detailonelace and corrugated cardboard packaging.  In fact I got to the point where I was using corrugated cardboard so much, making an appearance on almost everything, that I have consciously not used it for weeks, even months.  LOL I am sitting here searching my brain, wondering if I have made use of it without realising it but no, nothing is coming to mind!detailtwoA sweet button on top of a bark star. detail3Apologies if I am sharing too many Christmas/Holiday projects but that is what is dominating my crafty life at the moment but I will try and sneak in a few non-festive blog posts here and there.
If you are in the middle of Christmas preparations, creating cards/gifts then I hope you are doing well and on track. I still have a dozen or so cards to make and a few gifts. Just so glad that I started the first batch of cards back in August otherwise I would be in a right pickle!
As always, thank you for your visit to this post.

A Joyful Christmas

Hello Everyone
Let me first apologise that I am bombarding you with scheduled posts. All of a sudden I realised I had so much to share before the 25th and so now I am desperately trying to post them. I wouldn’t bother doing so but if I share a post it means I am able to share links to sites such as the wonderful Nicecrane Designs and the lovely Ignacio who generously let me play with images from A Joyful Christmas.  All three cards were made quite a few weeks ago and it might be possible that Ignacio has shared at his Nicecrane Blog.AJoyfulChristmasPThis will be a photo heavy post as I have three cards to share so I completely understand if you don’t want to wade your way through the photographs. ajoyfulchristmaslynnemoncrieffAll backgrounds are the same:- Nordic Snowflake stencil, modelling paste (Maimeri from That’s Crafty, the light version is so perfect for cardmaking) and gilding waxes.
The images were all printed onto a heavy cardstock.28 November 003I like the combination of the rustic jute twine against the Prima Icon Star which was all dressed up with mica flakes. A stamped tassel was also included.28 November 004An Oxford Impressions’ postal mark set within a metal frame.28 November 002Card No. 2 is a larger sized card at 8″x8″ ajoyfulchristmaslynnemoncrieffThe corrugated cardboard I painted with Sea Lavender (Martha Stewart paint available from That’s Crafty).28 November 027Card No. 3 is a return to the 6″x6″ size. ajoyfulchristmaslynnemoncrieffA sweet image with the dog beside his little mistress.28 November 016My next scheduled post will be on Sunday for That’s Crafty.
I am trying to catch-up with your Blogs as I am aware that, due to circumstances outwith my control, I was not able to visit for a few days.
I wish you all a good weekend and if you are in the middle of last minute preparations, here’s to life not getting too frantic.
Festive Wishes

The cosy warmth of friendship on a winter’s day.

Hello Everyone
To start this brand new week I am sharing an altered matchbox I made using a Nicecrane image, an image from that beautiful set called Vintage Women’s Christmas.
matchboxMatchboxes are always a fabulous item to alter and I need to point you in the direction of my lovely art friend, Marie @ Lost Bird Studio as she is surely the Queen of Matchboxes (also the Queen of Soldering!).
Such a sweet image.  If you are interested I printed this onto low glossy cardstock which I then edged with vintage mica flakes (Luna Silver).nicecraneimageOpened, ready to be filled with treats.matchboxopen
Layers of paint (the colour quality is poor, photograph taken when there was barely any daylight. I used Martha Stewart Sea Lavender, a mother of pearl/silver paint (from a supermarket) and gilding wax) and the snowflake stencil (from That’s Crafty) which has appeared on nearly everything I have made for this Christmas and more mica flakes. snowflakesGauze softens the effect.sideimageofbox A Prima natural icon star has been given the sparkle treatment! detail2Thank you for visiting my first post of this week. I really have too much I should have been sharing by now so if possible I aim to schedule as many posts as possible so that I can share all Christmas related samples before the 25th.
Have a wonderful week and here’s to it not being too stressful for you.

A Warm Glow At Christmas

Hello Everyone
To start this week I am sharing some cards I made some weeks ago now when I first received the stunning Vintage Women’s Christmas image sheets from Ignacio at Nicecranes.
Apologies in advance for this post being photo heavy and I really do not expect you to take in all the photographs with you all being so busy yourselves.
The cards I am sharing today are 6″x6″, all  using a stencil and modeling paste (details further on) to form the snowflake background onto which I applied gilding wax.winterrose(lynnemoncrieff)I was disappointed with the way the background translated in the photograph as there is much more depth to it in real life, it looks rather washed out in the photograph! snowflakedetailPlenty of shimmer and sparkle on this card with the mix of vintage mica flakes and the gilding wax, I used two (or it might have been three, gilding waxes).  The mica flakes are available to purchase from That’s Crafty , such a quick way to add sparkle to edge an image and I would have been lost without them this year.detail4Also  shimmer in the form of the flower (taken from a shoe!) which I layered with German Scrap and a metal frame, adding a touch of stamping with the calendar detail from Oxford Impressions.  You can source the stamps directly from Oxford Impressions (Austen Gallery) or in the U.K. from That’s Crafty.detail2I couldn’t resist smudging some gilding wax onto all the different elements. stainedtrimCard No. 2
gatheringthetreeVintage Women’s Christmas was printed onto low gloss  which is so much nicer than regular photo paper.nicecranedesignimageTexture in various forms, with the snowflake texture paste design on the cardbase, various found papers scrunched and gilded, the Oxford Impressions sentiment stamped onto found paper and then swiped with Rose Quartz, again there is corrugated cardboard and  the mica flake edging on the image.detail2It was only to be a two card post but as the days are whizzing past I am squeezing in a third card.
This is such a sweet image.  lynnemoncrieff1That is what also appeals to me about this collection of images, there are children as well as femmes, a nice mix of vintage images.
I randomly sprinkled the flakes onto the image, not keeping only to the edge.nicecraneimageIt isn’t only a matter of ease, reaching for the same elements to mix up and use on cards and other projects, it is also that those are the items I like to incorporate:- found papers, corrugated cardboard, fragments of lace whether they be stained or not and for Christmas, by smudging some wax onto those items, it adds another dimension and makes them all the more festive.detail1This year I have been using Studio Calico Starbursts and Stars on nearly all my cards and other items, you will see them repeatedly making an appearance, alongside Prima Bark Icons Stars.  For my DT post for That’s Crafty yesterday they all made an appearance, they are nice little touches to scatter here and there and if you like the look of them they can be purchased from That’s Crafty. In fact that is where you can also find the snowflake stencil and the texture paste I used, Maimeri Light Modelling Paste. Why I mention this is because I have used different types of Modelling Paste over the years, not being loyal to any particular brand. Recently I have been using a tub purchased from a supermarket. I was pleasantly surprised with how good it was and had it in different strengths but I did find that even the light was causing cardstock to buckle ever so slightly at the edges. So far, no buckling with Maimeri Light. detail2I hope this start to a new week finds you all progressing well with your Christmas preparations and if, like me you are still surrounded with Christmas stamps and images, at least you are making some headway and nearing the end of what you need to achieve.
This week I will be focusing on Christmas for most of my Blog posts with a mix of samples to share. In the meantime, many thanks for your visit and here’s to you having a lovely week.

Fir Trees & Snowflakes

Hello Everyone
Let me stay with the theme of Christmas for this scheduled post where I thought I would share another a decoration using one of the images from Nicecrane’s Vintage Women’s Christmas. I have been playing with the images in the hope of making a little bit of a dent into my Christmas To Do List.
This sweet and rather mischievous looking child inspired me to make a wall hanging instead of a card.detail1I really should have focused on making another card but for some reason as I gathered all the pieces to make a card, it morphed into this hanging which would look pretty hanging from a door handle. lynnemoncrieffwallhangingI wanted a rustic appearance yet still to have a pretty look to it.  The lace ruffle and fragment of vintage lace at the bottom of the panel softens it to bring that pretty touch.
If you wish to join me as I share with you some of the details on this panel such as this bark star which I applied wax to bring some shimmer to it, topped with a vintage button.12 november 003The stamps are all from Oxford Impressions.
I know they can barely be seen but that is almost their appeal to me, when something is peeking out beneath a layer and makes you want to lean in and take time for a closer look.12 november 037Found papers are brought to life after I’d applied different mediums to the pieces, catching the light beautifully.12 november 001Thank You for your visit to this post as your visits are always appreciated. I still have lots of Christmas samples to share with you but my  next post will see me take a mini break from this theme.

She Dreams of Christmas

Hello Everyone
Let me squeeze in a post. Not so long ago I shared a Christmas card featuring a beautiful image from Nicecrane’s Vintage Women’s Christmas. Spending time using those images to create Christmas cards has been a pleasure as they are such gorgeous images.
I rarely use pattern papers, not because I don’t like pattern papers, I do and I especially love to see others use them but for some reason and I haven’t figured it out yet, I tend to back away from using them.  For the Christmas cards that I am making this year, although I like using glass glitter/vintage mica flakes with a stencil and texture paste I also wanted another design, something else that would provide shimmer and texture on the card which is why I have been using gilding waxes.
This is an 8″x8″ card.lynnemoncrieffvintagewomenschristmasDifferent waxes were used on the background, obviously after I had laid down the snowflakes which is a Clear Scraps Nordic Snowflakes stencil available from That’s Crafty which I used it with modeling paste.
detail3In fact there is very little the wax hasn’t come into contact with!  Applied to this starburst wooden embellishment and the flat back pearl sticker and also the found paper, doily and the painted corrugated cardboard!detail2For me, the tones in this image are so appealing but I did feel that sparkle was in order so I reached for some beautiful vintage style mica flakes.  A fragment of stained lace was a perfect colour to match this card.detail1It will come as no surprise that any stamps which make an appearance on this card are from Oxford Impressions.
Thank you so much for taking the time to visit this post. There will be more Vintage Women’s Christmas to share very soon so I do hope you like what I am creating with the Nicecrane images.
Edit:- This was a drafted post but I wanted to add a Thank You for the comments I am catching-up on reading for the past couple of Blog posts. I have been a wee bit absent from being on-line the past couple of days and not managed to visit my favourite Blogs but I will catch-up with you very soon if I haven’t managed to do so this evening.

Wrap Up Well On This Frosty Day

Hello Everyone
Ignacio from the fabulous Nicecrane Designs is so generous.  A few weeks ago I was asked to pick an image sheet so I could  have some fun and I could not help but select Vintage Women’s Christmas, it will come as no surprise why I wanted to play with this.
As you can see, it is available as a Saver Pack, consisting of three collage sheets.VintageWomenChristmasPrevI wonder how you are progressing with your Christmas preparations, I am failing dismally, even worse than this time last year which I would have said was impossible. So much so that I have taken the step and bought Christmas cards, now please, do not shun me, it had to be done! This is the first time since I started making cards so it feels like a huge step backwards for me but it was a matter of, something has to give. Saying that, I still intend on sending a handmade card to family members and others on my list which means that every now and then I will be sharing a card or any other projects I manage to make.
For this post it is my first card made using Vintage Women’s Christmas,  with more to follow shortly, once I photograph them!
8″x8″ scallop edged card.
4th november 211You can see that I have been playing with the gorgeous Crafty Individuals Elegant Swirls mask/stencil set! Using with texture paste which I then painted over with gold,copper and bronze paint, an act not to be repeated as it was too time consuming! Once dry I then adhered vintage mica flakes (available from That’s Crafty) which are a favourite of mine at the moment.
I was so drawn to this image that I had to use it first.  Coating the edges with glass glitter for a frosty look and as you can see, lots of layering.4th november 204
I still had to incorporate stamping onto this card with beautiful stamps from various Oxford Impressions winter/Christmas stamp sets. Noel is tucked behind a frame altered for that frosty appearance, as though Jack Frost himself has made an appearance overnight, layering everything in a sparkly coating of frost.4th november 202Layering a metal frame with a circle cut from a vintage doily and a teeny bow tied from a scrap of seam binding. 4th november 198Tucked beneath…..a stamped label, again from Oxford Impressions.4th november 199This piece reminds me of a star or snowflake, it was cut from another vintage doily. 4th november 201Thank you to Ignacio for his generosity in allowing me to have the pleasure to create with this beautiful image and the others which will follow soon. If Nicecrane Designs is a new name to you then why not visit Ignacio’s Blog and discover his wonderful DT and also where he generously shares free images for you to use in your artwork. To visit his on-line store see the link at the top of this post.
Many thanks for your visit to this scheduled post as your visits are always appreciated by me.

The Musings of A Poet

Hello Everyone
To start this new week I am laying DT samples to the side for the moment to share with you a notebook I have altered.
Many of you will have heard of NiceCrane Designs.  If not, then you will discover a wealth of images for sale HERE.  Not so long ago Ignacio generously sent my way Muse of Poets to play with.  I knew immediately that I would be using one of the images to alter a notebook cover.nicecraneimageWhen working with digital images I always consider first the size of the image and surface I will choose to print it onto. I knew from the outset I would be covering the notebook with laces I had previously stained so in this instance printing onto glossy or regular cardstock would not provide the appearance I was aiming for but I did dither, undecided if to choose TAP or canvas printer paper. In the end I opted for canvas printer paper.  The detail is exquisite even on this textured surface.  Unusually for me I didn’t  ink the edges all I did was abrade the edges for texture trimming with some fragments of the stained lace.notebooklynnemoncrieffUnderneath the layers of lace, in some areas there are three layers of lace, I first laid down artist canvas sheet, this is not the same as the printing surface.
The rear of the notebook I left unadorned. I wonder, can you see the stamped script?  I stamped the beautitful script from Oxford Impressions Venezia stamp plate directly onto the artist canvas sheet.backofnotebookThe subsequent layers of lace are in actual fact the same vintage lace except the top layers were stained which is exactly what I did with the seam binding. birthdaycards 040Picot edged ribbon creates a bookmark. detail1Ignacio, thank you for your generosity in sending Muse of Poets for me to have fun with.
I will share another project using Muse of Poets very soon and in the meantime this notebook will be laid aside until nearer Christmas as I actually made this with a lovely friend in mind to send as a Christmas gift.  Yes, my Christmas preparations are finally underway!
This coming week I will share the first of my Halloween DT samples. There will be nothing sinister on display! I also have some Crafty Individuals samples to share with you using some of their new stamps.
Here’s to a week brimming with creativity for all of us.