The Strength Of Their Wings (Somerset Studio)

This is another of my catch-up posts, relating to Somerset Studio, the Jan/Feb 2018 issue where I was published with a project featuring a trio of assemblages which were made in response to their Art Call for the theme of Robin’s Egg Blue.  The colour, not surprisingly, turned my thoughts to eggs and as I had R&As resin eggs, that was the direction I would be taking.
In the intro for my article I write about the thoughts for this submission,where in this art community, no matter the phase of their lives, artists continually stretch their wings, to fly ever upwards.   There might be times when those wings might be slightly more delicate, whether in personal lives or their artistic endeavours, possibly inner struggles to search for strength to soar but there can be strength within the fragile.   My mind also drew parallels between human fragility and that of an egg.  An egg is viewed as delicate, easily broken, yet it has the strength to contain life within that delicate shell. The R&A eggs are packaged with tops, the decorative top can be seen more clearly in the photo below along with the wings from That’s Crafty!  Those wings are so amazing, in fact I felt I was using them too much around this time that I deliberately packed them away for a wee while!  The PaperArtsy Eclectica EEA faces were the perfect focals to strengthen the narrative for this project.Different greyboard wings from That’s Crafty were adhered to the eggs.Some of my Affirmations, again helped me firm up the narrative I was trying to express for each assemblage and also as a collective. 
Thank you, always for your visits.