All Dressed Up (Greencraft)

Vintage doilies are usually near to hand for me, most often as a background for photographs but also, using torn pieces in projects or some ear-rings I made (need to check back as I cannot remember if I shared the ear-rings on my Blog).  It was around the time of completing the ear-rings that I still wanted to play with doilies, that’s when the idea of hairband and hairclips came into my mind.  Along with the vintage doilies, which would meet the criteria for Greencraft magazine, I also worked with beautiful re-cycled silk sari ribbon and old buttons.  I was so very happy when Greencraft contacted me with an article request for the hairbands and hairclips, with the article appearing in the summer issue of  Stampington & Co’s Greencraft magazine.
The set consists of three hairbands and two hairclips, all with a distinctly vintage air to them.
The ox-blood colours brings a nice contrast amongst the ivory tones.
The same handful of supplies were used throughout, playing around with placement.
This is the detail on the third hairband – only a detail because I didn’t take a photo of this hairband, by itself.
The motifs were all treated the same way to provide stability, no floppy motifs!
I do love a sweet vintage button!
Thank You so much for your visit to this post. I hope you are all having a lovely week and crucially, lots of art time.


Make Your Mark (Greencraft)

I thought I would share some notebooks which appear in Stampington & Co’s Greencraft, (Spring 2017).
As you can see, they are very humble notebooks from even humbler beginnings.  You can probably guess they were constructed from re-cycled mailing box and brown packing paper, I also re-cycled items to form mark making tools.  However, each of the Affirmations, is a stencil – Red Lead Paperworks – Celebrate Your Creativity
I consciously kept the designs simple.  I wanted to show how simple it is to create notebooks with very few supplies, no specialist tools and the bulk of the supplies being re-cycled items.
By stenciling onto calico scraps, it was in keeping with the Green approach.
I also deliberately kept the paint selection to a minimum.
Other than the stenciled words, all other marks are from mark making tools.
Old buttons appear on most of the notebooks, an absolute favourite of mine.
Those wee scraps of lace that always seem to be kicking around me (!), are perfect for such projects.
A re-cycled mailing box and brown packing paper,  paint, one stencil, buttons and scraps = a stack of notebooks and a dent in my stash of re-cycled boxes and packing paper!
As I have written within Greencraft articles, there is something so fulfilling about making use of items which would otherwise be destined for the re-cycle bin. It really is about creating something from nothing.

Nature’s Retreat (Willow and Sage)

Amongst all the amazing art adventures in 2016, one would have to be articles I had in Willow and Sage.
Although I would love to dabble with bath and body products (before I discovered rubber stamps, I enjoyed blending aromatherapy oils) and I was obviously aware of Stampington & Co’s Willow and Sage magazine, it wasn’t one I was ever considering submitting to until an invitation was handed to me to submit. To have an article in the Summer 2016 issue was momentous enough but to follow that with an article in Autumn and then Winter issues, no wonder I felt overwhelmed!
In the Autumn issue of Willow and Sage, my article centres around presentation with a rustic appearance with two pockets/pouches and soap bar wraps.
I worked with:-
Zen – Character Constructions Theatre of Dreams Plate No. 8
Wellbeing Word Block – Darkroom Door
onewandslynnePaperArtsy Crunchy Wax Paper was exactly what I needed for this rustic quality I was aiming for.
twowandslynnemoncrieffThe packaging was split into two themes, one which was all about calm, relaxing, being zen,threewandslynnemwhile, in contrast, words such as energy and renew were stamped to form tags for two of the soap bar wraps.fivewandslynnemEmbellishments were quite minimal, any incorporated were wood, such as this peg and wooden leaf
sixwandslynnewith jute twine enhancing the theme.sevenwandslynnem
I have so much catching-up to do that I might not achieve it all but every now and then I am going to try and post a project which is new to the blog but old in terms of when it was made or published.
I really want to get back on track with keeping my blog active and as importantly, visiting your blogs on a regular basis.
Thank you for your visit and thank you to Christen Hammons at Stampington & Co Willow and Sage for this opportunity.

The Miscellaneous Girls (Somerset Studio)

Back in July I was beyond thrilled that a collection of paper doll panels were published in Somerset Studio as an article.  What made it all the more special, one of the first issues I read was dedicated to paperdolls and has become one of my all time favourite issues.  If someone had said to me in 2009 that 7 years later, Somerset Studio would have another issue dedicated to paperdolls and  I would be writing an article, I’d never have imagined that possible.
As a side note, if any of you are addicted to Prima Relics and Artifacts then you will have noticed the packaging is lovely.  The packaging was perfect as the backdrops for my girls, adding a hint of stamping here and there.
This is photo heavy so I have limited the chat for each panel!onelynnemThe lovely part of making paper dolls is how their personalities whisper to you and fun can be had.
twolynnemShe is the Keeper of SecretsthreelynnemThey each have a title and a little story to share their personality traits.onelynnem
It was fun gathering bits and pieces to help bring their character to the fore.twolynnem
The elaborate feathers are pieces cut from vintage French receipt paper, the same paper I stamped their faces onto.threelynnemDetails added to the PaperArtsy Lynne Perrella shirt.
fourlynnemFor each character, I merged Character Constructions stamps with PaperArtsy LPC.  In my article I touch upon the fact that I had inked up those designers’ stamps as both designers either their own art or stamps, appear in the Somerset issue from 2009, the one that made me sit up and be in awe of the paper doll creations within that issue.  Also, I am a huge admirer of both artists.onelynnemThis little birdie is from Character Constructions.  As you can see, this cheeky little fella has made a home within her hat.  Birdie, as this paper doll became known as, was one of my favourites to make along with her story.twolynnemAnother one of her feathered friends who has managed to step from outwith his cage.threelynnemThe Scholar…onelynnem
is a variation on one made for That’s Crafty.
twolynnemKnowledge is precious to her.
threelynnemWanderlust.onellynnemI’ll admit to having suffered from Wanderlust at various times in my life.  I like to ponder the thought of packing a bag and whizzing off somewhere.  Truth be told, I am not as light a traveller as this lady!twolynnemShe is always prepared for an exciting jaunt.threelynnemA pretty parasol in her hand.fourlynnem
fivelynnemThe final one…onelynnemMaybe you can relate to her, she is always chasing time!twolynnemBy carrying a pocket watch in each hand, she believes they will provide more hours in her day.threelynnem
fourlynnemIt’s nice to be able to organise a few blog posts, makes me feel as though I am beginning to get back into the swing of things, once I’ve made a start on visiting your own blogs I will feel as though I am “finally there!”

Be Brave

Hello Everyone
My first post for September at That’s Crafty is this notebook.
As soon as I saw StencilGirl Becoming, I knew I had to make a wee notebook featuring the words.blogoneAll details can be viewed HERE.
I am absent at the moment but hope to be back to normal as soon as. In the meantime, many thanks for any of you who take the time out of your day to visit here, it is always greatly appreciated.

Countdown to 2016….

The countdown to 2016 is now underway in my own country and in many parts of the world the “bells” have already declared the first day of 2016.
(stamps:- Character Construction, Crafty Individuals and PaperArtsy ESN)
onelynnemoncrieffccI cannot thank you enough for being so loyal to my Blog and to have your friendships and also to be inspired by all of you.  Even at those times when my blog has been less active, on my return I wasn’t sure if anyone would be there to visit but when I would check-in, there would still be comments left for me to read even if I was unable to visit your own blogs.  You probably don’t realise just how much that actually meant to me, especially during those times.twolynnemoncrieffccSo here’s to you …. 2016 – if you can, be kind to all of us, try and keep us as healthy and as safe as possible, bring good times our way and allow us to continue to cement good friendships.threelynnemoncrieffccIt seems a nice point of the year to look back and to acknowledge the amazing people who make crafting such a joy for me with the amazing products they create and allow me to play with. I never imagined I would be in such a privileged position and it still makes me pinch myself. (In the middle of drafting this post I had a wee chuckle to myself as you could mistake the following for an Oscar acceptance speech!!!! )

Jean and Malcolm from Crafty Individuals
Rachel Greig from Darkroom Door
Suzanne at Oxford Impressions
Leandra at PaperArtsy along with Darcy
Chris and Sharon at Redlead Paperworks
Laura at That’s Crafty
All at Stampington whose support and encouragement has been incredible and a final Thank You to the lovely Catherine Moore at Character Construction

To all of you who continue to inspire me and who I am lucky to have your friendship, I truly cannot wait to see what you all create throughout 2016, I certainly know I will continue to be amazed!
Here’s to all of you…..
Happy New Year Wishes,
Lynne x


Paint Your Dreams For You Are An Artist

Hello Everyone
This is to all of you, or that should be, any of you who do not believe you are an artist.
Let me share something with you. During a little  e-mail chat with the lovely Shari, she called me an artist to which I responded that no, I am a stamper, a crafter but I am not an artist.  I believe many of us are not comfortable with using the work artist. I even struggle to use the word art, more comfortable using the terms stamping/crafting. Every now and then I will try and force myself to use the art word but it doesn’t fit comfortably with me.
This was actually the second Guest Designer project art, I made  created (!) for Redlead Paperworks so it is long overdue being shared here.
If I were to quickly name two stamps which I immediately associate with Redlead it would be the Pixie Girl I shared HERE and also the girl from Shine On.  I wanted to create a fun project and to say I had fun altering this paint brush of mine, which had seen better days, would be an understatement as I had so much fun.  The downside was having to wait for the thick application of paints to dry because when I utilised the heat gun it was bubbling the paint too much for the appearance of this project.sideonelynnemoncrieffI like this little art sentiment She is a work in progress – that is exactly how I feel about myself. (Find this art sentiment HERE. as part of this wonderful stamp set.)sideonedetailoneToo much fun to stop at one side and I had to complete her story from being a work in progress to what she has become …
She is an artist.
Even after those few months have passed since I made this I cannot decide if I should have embellished it.  I might well tweak it yet, time will tell!sidetwodetailtwoYou can keep up-to-date with Redlead news by signing up to their newsletter which is where Chris and Sharon share their weekly news, artful creations and also announce their Stamp & Stencil of the Week. Redlead also have a Facebook page, HERE.
Thank you for visiting my first blog post  for this brand new week.