Intentions, Destiny & Following Dreams – A Wanderlust Paper Prayer Flag (Somerset Studio)

Earlier this year I had an article published in Somerset Studio, relating to a paper prayer flag I made after watching a Wanderlust 2016 tutorial from Kasia Avery.
Although I had great intentions from day one (when I signed up for 2016), to watch and work alongside the tutorials as they were released, as they say, life got in the way.  However, Kasia’s tutorial caught my eye.  I pondered why it was, that this one caught my attention so instantaneously and realised that her approach was so familiar to me.
Strangely, when I began the flag, it seemed a newer direction for me but on completion, the realisation that the process of the items I  gathered, which was all instinctively and my approach for staining the various papers and textiles, was not for me new at all. Other lessons were re-affirmed, that for me I am most content when I go with the flow and do not question choices being made once I begin a project.   Also, the importance of words and another lesson I did learn, that for me, I do not need to turn my back onto old favourites, including vintage laces, the layering of those tattered elements is my form of story telling.

I want to make it clear that I gave due credit to Wanderlust and Kasia Avery within my article and the significance of Wanderlust to me.
Redlead Paperworks
Little Labels Celebrate Today
Labels – Believe, Create, etc
Various resin pieces were used throughout, either stamped before the resin applied, stamped onto resin paper or simply scraps of resin paper.
This wonderful Frozen Charlotte face (I think it is either paperclay or papier mache) was a gift from Dorthe Hansen.
The Redlead stamps are some of my absolute favourites and the Affirmation style words were exactly what I wanted for my paper prayer flag.
Although this will not be returned to me from Stampington, when working on it, I had this idea of positive words and thoughts being carried in the breeze as the wind gently
sways the prayer flag.
The heart has spirit – the heart is paperclay, it is a PaperArtsy LPC stamp.
A jumble of textiles which if this flag were displayed in a garden, would become more tattered but I believe that would only enhance the beauty of the textiles and even the papers.
Mica tile layered to this particular stamped label.
I am sharing my own photos but I could not have wished for a more beautifully photographed article within the pages of Somerset Studio and that is thanks to Christen Hammons and her Somerset Studio team and to generously (and surprisingly) include the presentation package which I couldn’t have imagined they would also include.
Thank you for your visit to this scheduled post.

She Sees Clearly (@PaperArtsy)

This evening I am delighted to be returning to the PaperArtsy blog for Topic #6 Resin.
There were so many possibilities with this Topic but here is a sneaky peek of what I finally opted to make for my tutorial.
All details can be viewed HERE, over at the PaperArtsy blog.
Thank you so much for your visit and I hope you like my tutorial.

She Hath Wings (Somerset Studio)

To start this new week I thought I’d share something which I made last year, submitted to Somerset Studio’s colour challenge, the colour they stipulated was Olive.  I was so thrilled to see this published in Somerset Studio Jan/Feb 2017.
Although I also submitted other projects, this was the first project made because I knew I wanted to use the stunning Character Constructions stamp, Inner Child No. 7 , a great favourite of mine.
Is she a friend to the birds, who are content with her sitting amongst them, or is it possible that she is one of them.  Some say she has the voice of the sweetest nightingale.

(That’s Crafty is stocking a selected range but Laura Holland is willing to accept any enquiries for Character Constructions stamps which do not appear on the That’s Crafty website.   If you are interested in placing a Special Order, then feel free to contact Laura)


A canvas board was the main substrate for this piece, with That’s Crafty MDF hearts.
The Character Constructions stamp is the focal, stamped onto a piece of leftover paper, painted with PaperArtsy Fresco and one of their glazes providing a sheen.  You can just about see the sentiment “she hath wings”,  a beautiful stamp, available from Redlead Paperworks.
All of those branches are fussy cut, yes, my hands were not so happy with me!  You can find this branch on Character Constructions Queen of Tarts Plate 1
I allowed them to overhang, to give them impression that she really is nestled in the branches of the tree.
In all honesty, I am not sure I achieved the faux bark effect which I was aiming for on the That’s Crafty mdf hearts.  Each has a stamped egg layered onto it, the stamped image has a thin layer of ICE Resin.

Scraps of resin paper also appear layered behind the heart and again on this piece of drifwood, layered with the Home Sweet Nest sentiment.  Such a sweet sentiment from Character Constructions.
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Heart of a Warrior

This appears over at the That’s Crafty blog today. Unusually for me, stamping does not make an appearance!
All details including That’s Crafty products and Sandra Evertson Relics and Artifacts can be seen HERE, along with detail photos.blog11decMany thanks for visiting.

Reminder To Self: Be Bold, Be Brave

Hello Everyone
For my DT post over at That’s Crafty, today I am sharing a sample made for the recent That’s Crafty shows on HOCHANDA where the latest uprights were released (amongst other new items).
The significance of the individual elements are explained over at That’s Crafty along with instructions and supply list.  I did manage tobloglynnemadd PaperArtsy Everything Art stamps and  a Sandra Evertson Relic and Artifact along with various Dinky Stencils – lots of layers on this assemblage.
If you would like to take a closer look, then please visit HERE.
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Journal for Creativity

Hello Everyone
Recently, I shared a post featuring a recently released Eclectic stamp from Darkroom Door.  At the time of receiving that particular stamp, I also received another, Pencils.
Knowing that this stamp was winging its way to me,  I set about preparation of the resin paper as I knew I wanted resin paper to form the covers for a journal.  I tend to make the paper in batches but have been dipping into my stash, incorporating pieces here and there on various projects so it was time to prepare some more.
If you are interested in reading more about this journal then you can read instructions HERE and also see more Pencils samples from the others.
blogonelynnemoncriefffddWell, that was a very short post!
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The Birdlady

Hello Everyone
Ask most stampers and they will immediately associate paper dolls with Character Constructions stamps but Catherine Moore has also some of the most beautiful nature themed illustrations. A stamp which has been on my Wish List for the longest time, I do mean a long time, I finally received this year, this beautiful collage stamp of woman and birds, from Inner Child, Plate No. 7
(All stamps on the cards are from Character Constructions including:- branch, egg, wings, label)
For the first card and another, I decided to play around, adding wings to her so she might fly off with the sweet birds who gather around her.
oneThe wings are from The Beekeeper’s Tea Plate No. 7)
twoJust as a bird gathers items to create her nest, I gathered tiny fragments of bark, stained muslin and rusted fabric, layering with this sweet stamped label.threeSuspending from the tree branch, a spotted egg.  I like that, by chance, the background mimics the mottled pattern of the egg.fourThe same walnut ink crystal solution used on all the cards but for this card, applied in a different way, giving a much softer result.oneI had  stained the watercolour paper and after stamping, I noticed that the placement of the stamped image gives the impression of a setting, or rising sun or moon behind her.  That was just by chance.twoThe same branch stamp as on the first card, this time clustered.
threeThe egg nestling in the nest.fourCard No. 3oneAgain, working with the same stamps, just a matter of whether she got her wings or not!
twoCard No. 4oneIt wouldn’t surprise me if I used this stamp for Christmas cards, with the little tag declaring peace, it would make a lovely Christmas design.
I wonder if any of you still have stamps on your Wish List that you have wanted since your earliest days of stamping?
I seem to be spending less and less time on-line, only can hope that I catch-up with you all very soon. I truly appreciate your loyalty, continuing to visit here even when I have been unable to stop by and say hello to you at your own blogs.

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