Thinking Outside The Cardboard Box (Greencraft)

In the Autumn 2017 issue of Greencraft magazine, one of the articles I had published is a trio of notebooks.
Greencraft magazine is as you’d might guess, a publication focusing on re-cycling, re-using, re-purposing, a Green life.  One of the items that I re-cycle the most is cardboard, of any nature whether mailing boxes or cardboard food packaging.
PaperArtsy Fresco Finish in Antarctic was used on the corrugated cardboard which I reclaimed from a mailing box. I intentionally aimed for a distressed appearance although it is easy to achieve the corrugation without a distressed effect if that is what you prefer.
I wanted a simple aesthetic to the notebooks, stamping PaperArtsy ESN onto brown paper, re-cycled brown packing paper.
There is a slight variation to each notebook, with this cover wrapping around to the front with the button serving the purpose of wrapping the cord around to close the notebook.
Just to show that the inside of the journals is also “Green” – re-cycled brown packing paper.  You can see, I like to layer various lengths, with town edges, it brings a nice textural quality.
This is the inside of the Story of Me journal, again, re-cycled brown packing paper.
It’s not only fun, it is rewarding to take items that are found and what many would place in the re-cycle bin, transforming into the simplest of notebooks/journals.  I like them for lists, etc, everyday type of note making and once filled, they can then be disposed of but at least in the meantime, I’ve had some crafting fun making something with a purpose and the paper and cardboard packing box has not immediately made a journey to the re-cycle bin.
Hope you are all having a lovely start to this new month.

Mindfulness (Somerset Studio)

To start this new week, I am winding the clock back to last year, to Somerset Studio’s Nov/Dec 2016 issue. One of the articles I was lucky enough to have published was centred around a collection of small canvases, all with a message relating to mindfulness.  The introduction in the article is where I speak about the motivation and what I was aiming to creating and how Christen Hammon’s Editor’s Letter in an issue of Somerset Life, was the springboard of inspiration for me.
If you read this post, you will notice that I share a simple presentation idea, this is because I saw the canvases as being suitable as gifts for anyone who might be needing to pause and breathe.
The RELICS & ARTIFACTS hand is only there as a prop.
All of the canvases feature a PaperArtsy Eclectica ESN sentiment. ESN are designed by Sara Naumann, for PaperArtsy and they are probably my most inked up PA stamps.
The sentiments are stamped onto various found papers, nothing fancy, regular papers from around the home.  I also stamped smaller elements either onto more found papers or directly onto the canvas, such as the numbers at the top edge of the Golden Hours canvas.
Simply embellished with crushed velvet ribbon, MOP buttons, rhinestones, etc.
Little layered elements such as the layered found paper which had some gold paint applied, the crushed velvet ribbon and the MOP button.
I was trying to achieve a timeless quality to them, a distressed effect, a timeworn look to the canvases, yet with a hint of old style glamour with my choice of embellishments and use of gold.
The details really are the tiniest of fragments.  Can you see how small those rhinestones are?  Three lined up on the velvet ribbon.
This canvas has numbers stamped onto the canvas to create a border effect before the layers were added.
I so love when ordinary papers and I do mean ordinary, can be given a touch of elegance by the addition of rhinestones or a sweet MOP button.   Funny how details like this can make my heart sing.
A cluster of the canvases, all with simple presentation and each topped with a stamped word from Darkroom Door’s Word Block Wellbeing. For me, Darkroom Door’s Word Blocks are indispensable.  I haven’t yet managed to own them all but some are great favourites, this is one of them as there is a beautiful selection of words which I’ve used on all manner of projects.
A swipe of Gesso highlights the texture of the scrunched paper.
Each word layered with burlap,
with a repeat of details appearing on the canvases.
For variation, one of the canvases is presented in a fabric bag, the mini easel also included.
Thank you so much for your visit. I hope it was a restful post to view and a chance to seek mindfulness during your visit.

Winter Chill (The Stampers’ Sampler)

Sharing cards made for The Stampers’ Sampler Holiday Happenings Challenge Call.
The stamps are PaperArtsy ESN, designed by Sara Naumann. They are such well thought out stamp sets, with focal images, text/script and smaller elements.  I stamped up sets ESN17 and 18.  Although they appear in the Holiday Happenings challenge results, they are not necessarily for Christmas, the cards could be for winter birthdays, simply ink up different sentiments.
The colours were difficult to photograph, you cannot see the metallic paint which was blended onto the backgrounds.  It is all very subtle, I wanted an almost watercolour effect, aiming for a frosty, wintry appearance with a hint of the delicate.fivetrialA That’s Crafty greyboard snowflake is layered with a paperflower painted to co-ordinate with a rhinestone adding a hint of sparkle and just a wee dash of glamour!sixpasamplerlynne
You probably know by now that I love to add scraps!  This little piece was literally a scrap piece lying around.
sevenpasamplerlynneThe second cardonetrialThat piece of gold paper was under paper
as was this piece, torn from,  if I remember, a piece of deli paper which was used as underpaper.  threepasamplerlynne
Another card…
tenpasamplerlynneThe final card features the same stamp as the first card, this time stamping the little snowflakes/flowers adding tiny pearl stickers to their centres.twelvetrialThe sentiment layered with another fragment of under paperthirteenpasamplerlynnewith another piece popping up here.  I particularly like the shimmer on this sliver … I am easily pleased!fourteenpasamplerlynneThank you for your visit. Even during absences from on-line activities, I always make sure I catch-up with comments you kindly leave for me, so thank you!

Garden Delight (The Stampers’ Sampler)

After being involved with creating samples for PaperArtsy, for what were at the time, new releases, two sets designed by Sara Naumann.  One of the sets was ESN15 and for the samples I played around with the bird, in particular using his wing to form a flower.  I wanted to play around further with that wing, the following cards are the result of that playtime.  They had gone completely out of my mind until they made an appearance in the summer issue of The Stampers’ Sampler.
p1080484Bird stamps are amongst my favourites although he is more whimsical than what I usually ink up.p1080481The wing was begging to be made into a daisy style flowerp1080483and tulips!p1080492The backgrounds are heavy in texture with Grungepaste and Fresco paint,
p1080494with an ESN handwritten script stamped here and there along with circles stamped with Frescos.p1080496The wing makes another appearance!p1080497A lone daisy.p1080499Looking at the cards after all this time, I wish I had included a sentiment, even just a word.  At the time I played around with a stamped sentiment and remember ruling against the addition as I wanted the background to be seen and I could not settle on placement of words/sentiment but now I look at each card and they are all lacking “something”.p1080502Stamping with paint brings another wonderful layer of interest to mixed media backgrounds.
p1080500The final card sees the birdie making a return appearance.p1080487Making my own flowers allowed the freedom to create slight variations.p1080491Thank you to The Stampers’ Sampler for their feature.
Also, thank you for visiting this blog post. I tend not to mention my life beyond crafting but I wanted to explain that health matters are hindering me from visiting your Blogs and other on-line activity but I am trying to build up my on-line time and sure do hope to get “back on track” soon.
Thank you for being so loyal.

Written In The Stars (The Stampers’ Sampler)

Hello Everyone
Sharing four cards which were made in 2015!  At that time I made them to answer a challenge call at Take Ten magazine, the theme, stars.  When the challenge results were published and no sign of my submissions, I thought they hadn’t made the grade so it was lovely to see them appear as a feature with the July/August/Sept issue of The Stampers’ Sampler!
All four cards feature PaperArtsy stamps from one of my most favoured designer collections, ESN, Sara Naumann.onelynnemoncrieffA star is the focal for each card, in keeping with the challenge theme I was submitting to.
oneTwo Frescos, which had been transferred into spray bottles, were all I used for the backgrounds, applying them for a muted, diffused effect.  With the ten minute cardmaking time limit, I was conscious that I could not devote much time to the backgrounds – even though they were published in Sampler, it was Take Ten that I was submitting them to.fourlynnemoncrieffThe almost marble effect on the background is achieved with the Pewter Fresco.
fourOne of my favourite way of using words from ESN collection is mixing them up.threelynnemoncrieffEach star is slightly varied but essentially, I only used a handful of elements for this collection, they are very minimal!threeOn this card, the mica flakes flow across the cardbase as though a sprinkling of starlight has fallen from the night sky,twolynnemoncrieffcatching the light beautifully.twoSoon I will share some Mixed Media panels which are similar but “more”.
Thank you so much for your visit.

Spools of Positivity (Somerset Life)

Hello Everyone
This is another catch-up post, for something I had published as far back as Spring, in Stampington & Co’s Somerset Life magazine.. Somerset Life is one of my all time favourite Stampington titles. It is not a stamping magazine, it is an everything magazine.  Stamped projects might well appear along with fabric, mixed media, presentation ideas, it truly is a lifestyle magazine, to lead a Somerset Life.
As much as I love this title, it was only recently that I submitted to a Challenge Call, Bookmarks, which I shared HERE. On reading in that particular issue that there was to be a new Challenge Call for Torn Fabric, well I couldn’t resist. I don’t own a sewing machine and I don’t sew but I love fabric. As is often the case with me, the idea came about by pure chance when some fabric happened to be beside some wooden craft spools. To have my bookmarks published was a dream come true, but to have that followed with another article in Somerset Life, let’s just say, I am running out of words to express what it means to me!
I would like to share three pendants that are presented in the article. You will appreciate, I do not want to give instructions as they are printed within the actual article. blisslynnemsomersetlifeThe trickiest part of all was finding words of a dimension to suit the craft spools.  I am lucky to have lots of positive words in stamp form but most of them were too large for the purposes.joysomersetlifelynnemEach word stamped onto fabric, an absolute favourite of mine when it comes to stamping.joydetailsomersetlifeThe chains were deliberately made simple as I didn’t want anything overly fussy.dreamsomersetlifelynneThe stamps are from Darkroom Door (Bliss) and Joy and Dream are from PaperArtsy ESN.  Words stamps have to be amongst the most useful stamps we could own.dreamdetailsomersetlifelynneEach pendant was presented in its own fabric roll which again tied in with the challenge theme of torn fabric.somersetlifependantswraplynnemoncrieffWith pretty floral fabric bringing contrast to the calico and also acting as a closure.fabricrollsomersetlifelynnemThank you to Christen Hammons, the Editor-in-Chief, for publishing my pendants and thank you to all of you who continue to be friends of my blog, it is always appreciated.

My Heart @ PaperArtsy

Hello Everyone
An extra post squeezed in to share a sneaky peek of my post over at the PaperArtsy blog.
I’m delighted to be sharing a tutorial for their Hearts challenge theme, I certainly had bundles of fun for this one! Frescos, Sara Naumann stamps, paperclay, That’s Crafty Alterable tag, Prima Relics and Artifacts … and a few other bits ‘n’ pieces, all to give birth to her!eight
If you would like to visit the tutorial, then please visit HERE and of course, there are details on how you can enter the Hearts challenge.
Many thanks for your visit.

Countdown to 2016….

The countdown to 2016 is now underway in my own country and in many parts of the world the “bells” have already declared the first day of 2016.
(stamps:- Character Construction, Crafty Individuals and PaperArtsy ESN)
onelynnemoncrieffccI cannot thank you enough for being so loyal to my Blog and to have your friendships and also to be inspired by all of you.  Even at those times when my blog has been less active, on my return I wasn’t sure if anyone would be there to visit but when I would check-in, there would still be comments left for me to read even if I was unable to visit your own blogs.  You probably don’t realise just how much that actually meant to me, especially during those times.twolynnemoncrieffccSo here’s to you …. 2016 – if you can, be kind to all of us, try and keep us as healthy and as safe as possible, bring good times our way and allow us to continue to cement good friendships.threelynnemoncrieffccIt seems a nice point of the year to look back and to acknowledge the amazing people who make crafting such a joy for me with the amazing products they create and allow me to play with. I never imagined I would be in such a privileged position and it still makes me pinch myself. (In the middle of drafting this post I had a wee chuckle to myself as you could mistake the following for an Oscar acceptance speech!!!! )

Jean and Malcolm from Crafty Individuals
Rachel Greig from Darkroom Door
Suzanne at Oxford Impressions
Leandra at PaperArtsy along with Darcy
Chris and Sharon at Redlead Paperworks
Laura at That’s Crafty
All at Stampington whose support and encouragement has been incredible and a final Thank You to the lovely Catherine Moore at Character Construction

To all of you who continue to inspire me and who I am lucky to have your friendship, I truly cannot wait to see what you all create throughout 2016, I certainly know I will continue to be amazed!
Here’s to all of you…..
Happy New Year Wishes,
Lynne x


A Loving Heart

Hello Everyone
I promise this isn’t too long a post, a few photographs but short on words as I know, even though we have said goodbye to Christmas 2015, it is still a busy time of the year.
One of the gifts I made this Christmas is this pendant, centred around a Prima Relics and Artifacts’ heart –  have I mentioned how much I have fallen in love with this range of products!!! photoonependantlynnemoncrieffI knew the style I had in mind so I had a root amongst some of my favourite stamps from The Stampsmith, which I am sad to say, haven’t been inked up for a wee while.  After the lengthy decision of which image would best suit the shape of the heart I opted for this, one of my all time favourite Stampsmith stamps (with Ophelia possibly being my absolute favourite Stampsmith stamp.)
Frescos helped me achieve the look I was aiming for on the heart, almost a stone like appearance,onependantlynnemoncrieffwith simple embellishments of beautiful vintage lace and rhinestones and a pearl all set on a long chain with a decorative closure.
twopendantlynnemoncrieffThere is a little secret to this pendant.  Flip it over and there is a message on the rear.  The wearer doesn’t need to display this side of the heart but kept close to her heart she will remember that many, many people know she has a loving heart and a dear friend to so many.rearofpendantlynnemoncrieff
(The words above are from PaperArtsy Eclectica ESN (Sara Naumann) along with stamped music score which I quickly distressed before heat setting and sealing. Also, if you are interested in the Relic and Artifacts heart, you can source some of the product range at PaperArtsy.
I hope to squeeze in one more blog post for 2015 which I will share on Hogmanay.  Until then, many thanks for your visit to this blog post.

Time For Celebration

Hello Everyone
The beautiful stamps on this Christmas card are PaperArtsy designed by Sara Naumann (ESN).
onelynnemoncrieffIf  silence is what you seek over the festivities then here’s to you finding that quiet space to sit and just “be”, maybe a moment offourlynnemoncrieffa time for reflection,  a time to consider the approach of a new year or the nearing demise of the old or maybe this time of the year heralds a time for celebration.sixlynnemoncrieffWhatever the festivities bring your way, I hope it is what you seek, bringing comfort or joy to your heart.
Seasons Wishes
Lynne x
(A very merry Christmas
And a happy New Year
Let’s hope it’s a good one
Without any fear

…….. John Lennon)




At the time of drafting this post I am unsure if this will be the final post for 2016 or the last until after Christmas Day.

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