Secrets on Wings – An Art Shrine

Sunday rolls around once more and today, I am sharing a project which features in Somerset Studio Gallery (Winter), with permission of Laura to share it over at the That’s Crafty Blog.
The full project and details can be viewed, HERE.
Have a lovely Sunday, whatever your plans are for the day.

Finding My Way (Somerset Studio Gallery)

When I was an Ambassador for RELICS & ARTIFACTS, Cat Kerr who was a previous Ambassador, came up with the idea that each Ambassador create a project featuring an R&As oyster shell and incorporate her stamps, other than those specifications, we could create any project working on any substrate, I chose a piece of driftwood.
The oyster shell obviously brought to mind the ocean which made me ponder messages in bottles, tossed into the ocean.  This set my mind thinking of how no matter the stage we are in life, there are times when we are finding our way.  I used Cat’s stamp “Finding My Way” to bring this element to my assemblage.  It could be that the message is written and tucked inside the bottle, a plea to finding the way in life or it could be viewed that the person writing the message has found contentment in that they are at peace knowing they are finding their way, a sense of wisdom washing over them as represented by the addition of the pearls, a flow of pearls of wisdom.  Another of Cat’s stamps was incorporated, a compass which I stamped onto a That’s Crafty acrylic shape.  I also used ICE Resin throughout and Tints which brought the exact notes of colour I wanted to achieve.
We each, separately mailed our projects to Cat, who would mail them to Stampington & Co. We didn’t know in what format the projects would take or which magazine would want to publish them, either as a group or individually.  It was a lovely surprise when the editor of Somerset Studio Gallery contacted me for my assemblage to appear as a Spotlight within Somerset Studio Gallery Winter issue.

  • RELICS & ARTIFACTS Coquille  (which includes the oyster shell and more) is available from That’s Crafty.

The ICE Resin simplified adhering the elements, aside from providing the appearance I wanted on all the elements.The bottle actually has contents but it didn’t trouble me that they are obscured by the treatment I gave to the outside of the bottle and by the resin paper (stamped tissue paper).It was important that this assemblage had a tactile quality to it just as the ocean does with the juxtaposition of smooth against rough, which is also symbolic of life.Fragments of vintage lace reminded me of netting and the Tints used for ICE Resin enabled me to bring colour to the oyster shell as did a dash of PaperArtsy Infusions.
This was a unique project to be part of and even though our projects did not appear side by side, it was still special to work on this project and subsequently for it to appear within Somerset Studio Gallery, a publication which I hold in high esteem.

Flutter, Discover, Fly (Somerset Studio G

A quick post to share today featuring a small canvas which I cannot remember if it was made in 2015 or even further back, 2014, anyway, it’s a project which, alongside a PaperArtsy assemblage, also featuring paperclay, appears as a Spotlight in Somerset Studio Gallery Winter 2017.
The stamps are from Darkroom Door
At the time, I remember I was just beginning to use paperclay, trying it with moulds whereas over time, my favourite way is stamping into paperclay, also, if I were working on such a project now, I would opt for a more earthier palette.
I remember I was enjoying a phase with Twinkling H20s.
The paperclay butterfly rests on a wood slice, also painted with Twinkling H20s, as is the scrappy found paper.
Thank you so much for your visit to this post and any recent visits.  They are greatly appreciate, I want you to know that.

She Is An Artist (Somerset Studio Gallery)

In the latest issue of Somerset Studio Gallery, Winter 2017, amongst the items I am so very lucky to have published, is this shrine to Frida Kahlo.

Yes, this is quite removed from my regular colour palette but I wanted to work with the Frida theme and knew I had to attack this with colour.

On this shrine, two Sandra Evertson Relics & Artifacts appear.  They can be purchased from That’s Crafty or directly from Sandra’s site.

The shrine is from Calico Crafts Parts


PaperArtsy Metal Card was perfect for this project, painted with Frescos.  The stamped shrine and Frida are Oxford Impressions stamps El Corazon with the panel behind, the stamped words, from Redlead Paperworks.

The stamped sentiments are all fussy cut, after again stamping onto the painted metal card,  from the She Makes Art stamp – this stamp is a “must” in my eyes!


Two Sandra Evertson Relics & Artifacts were used on this shrine.  This is the smallest heart from the Flaming Hearts Ex Votos I set


The shrine has amazing depth to play around in.  I incorporated this arch shaped panel which was a piece of “waste” from the shrine – expect nothing is waste for a crafter!


Another Relics & Artifacts tops the shrine, this time from Ex Votos II, although this particular R&A can be found within a few of the packs.


On the left and right sides, after I had painted and carried out some distressed stamping, I stencilled two wonderful sentiments from Redlead.  She Shares Her Story is the stencil and if you love sentiments with a positive feel to them, then a visit to Redlead is a must.


I actually made this in 2015 to submit to Stampington and Company.  Some might say that is a long wait until publication, winter 2016, but for me, there is such fun in opening a magazine and making the discovery of a project that I had actually forgotten all about!

Thank you so much for your visit.



Winter Wonderland … A Resounding Silence (Somerset Studio Gallery)

Appearing in Somerset Studio Gallery is such a wonderful way to end the year. This assemblage is another piece I am lucky enough to have published as a Spotlight, in this issue.
Tree – Crafty Individuals CI-450
Sentiment – PaperArtsy ESN
Dinky Stencil – That’s Crafty Snowflake Background
I was trying to convey peace, stillness, on a winter day with the low winter sun dancing on the frosted landscape, the only sound the crunch underfoot on the snow impacted ground.ssglynnemcipanelTo heighten the natural and organic feel to the panel, the tree was stamped onto some mop up/under paper which does result in a less than perfect stamped impression but for this, it was exactly what I was aiming for.
When I first started to stamp, I would have thought a less than perfect stamped impression was good for only one thing, being tossed into the rubbish bin but now, there is great freedom and sense of satisfaction when a perfectly imperfect impression actually adds more to a project.ssglynnemcitwoThat’s Crafty greyboard snowflakes, oh I just love them.  The snowflake brings the eye towards the textural layers.
With the colour palette silvery white with mere hints of gold, this representing the golden glow of the winter sun.ssglynnecithreeThank you to anyone who takes the time to visit, especially at this time of the year when there is great demands on your time….so Thank You!

Angelic Winter Wishes (Somerset Studio Gallery)

A wonderful way to close out the year is making an appearance in Somerset Studio Gallery. I am so thankful to have multiple pieces in this issue, a few are festive/winter related so I thought I would squeeze in a couple between now and the 25th.  I will be back-tracking, after Christmas, to share artwork that I haven’t caught up with as yet, some going as far back as the summer!
Supplies used:-
Redlead Paperworks Sentiment
That’s Crafty Dinky Stencil Snowflake
Sandra Evertson Relics and Artifacts direct from Sandra Evertson or from That’s Crafty.
One of the festive creations is this…onesomersetlynnemredrandaassemblage on canvas substrate with That’s Crafty stencil in the backgroundthreelynnemredrandaand pairing up two Relics and Artifacts.fivelynnemredrandaThis is a favourite Redlead winter sentiment,  layered onto a fragment of mop up papertwolynnemredrandawith a crystal Curio to bring lightsevenlynnemredrandaand to stand the assemblage, a wooden spool, distressed and softened with a scrap of vintage lace with pearl.
ninelynnemHere’s to it not being too hectic a time for all of you if you are in the middle of festive preparations.
Warm Winter Wishes!

Women of Strength (Somerset Studio Gallery)

Hello Everyone
Back in December this canvas was published in Somerset Studio Gallery’s Winter issue. This, if my memory serves me well, I actually submitted to The Stampers’ Sampler, quite a wee while ago, certainly not last year or the year before that!  So, last December, there I was looking at Somerset Studio Gallery, knowing I had an article and Spotlight, etc etc and as I turn a page my eye catches a canvas I created for Redlead Paperworks.  Then my eye travels above the canvas and I see a piece of art and I say to myself that it looks similar to one I made some time ago.  It was mine!!!! I actually had to do a double-take LOL.
This hanging canvas was actually titled Women of Strength and with today being International Women’s Day I thought it apt to pause and give thought to women of strength, past and present, whether women in history who helped pave the way for a brighter future for all women or women in our own lives, our mothers, sisters, friends, Aunts, etc.onelynnemoncrieffAll the stamps on this canvas are from The Stampsmith which I received when I was on their DT but which became much loved by me, in fact it wasn’t so long ago that a stamp from this collection made an appearance HERE.
onetaglynnemoncrieffThe tags are the focal on this canvas, all stained with fruit tea with just a hint of paint scrubbed onto the tags, here and there.tagtwolynnemoncrieffThe trimmings were also stained with tea.  I suppose this hanging canvas perfectly displays the way I love to incorporate textures, as the actual canvas had texture paste applied and also how I love to gather fragments and find a home for them on a project.  Some of the items I gathered:- a dried and faded petal from a hydrangea (one of my favourite flowers) and I see a scrap of gold embossed paper peeking from the side and no doubt I cut into a piece of lace to adorn her head.
tag3lynnemoncrieffThis is also to celebrate you because I know, from the personal stories you share, that you are all Women of Strength!

Paint Your Dreams (Somerset Studio Gallery)

Hello Everyone
Let’s take a break from hearts, at least for the duration of this post!  I thought I would pause to share with you something which appears in the Winter 2016 edition of Somerset Studio Gallery.
I was so thrilled to have quite a few pieces published in this issue ranging from an article, Spotlight, Special Book Section and Gallery.  One of the pieces published in the Gallery category is this altered brush featuring Redlead Paperworks products. She Makes Art  is a Redlead essential, a stamp jam packed full of words/sentiments and it’s really this stamp from Redlead Paperworks that was the idea for giving this altered paintbrush a second and final incarnation.  I first shared this paintbrush HERE, in a post in 2014 but I was never happy with it.  At the time I knew I didn’t want to add embellishments but it was always severely lacking.onelynnemoncrieffThe bristle areas stay the same.  Yes, there are other things I would tweak now but what’s done is done because I no longer have this paintbrush.  I never request for submissions to be returned, leaving it for Stampington to do as they wish with anything I submit to their offices.  I have no qualms about waving goodbye to anything I make because for me it is the process, the fun along the way, the challenges we always stumble across but once finished, I am happy to move onto the next idea in my head.eightlynnemoncrieffThe handle is where I tinkered around.  With blue spots either painted with my finger or dabbed on with a round sponge brush which I loosely scribbled around with a white marker pen.  Here’s the thing, I never seem to have great success with white marker pens.  Any recommendations would be more than welcome.  I’m sure those of you who art journal will have good knowledge of the pens/markers to seek out.sevenlynnemoncrieffFlipped over, the brush now tells us that she is a work in progress.  Realised I should probably have shown the images the other way around as it makes more sense to read that she is a work in progress and then becomes an artist although it could be argued that many artists would say that they continue to be works in progress, learning all the time.twolynnemoncrieffThe girl is also from Redlead but I cannot provide a link at this time.  I cannot imagine she has been discontinued as she is one of those stamps many would instantly associate with Redlead.
fourlynnemoncrieffThe rope handle was painted to co-ordinate.threelynnemoncrieffMany thanks to Brianne at Somerset Studio Gallery for publishing this alongside so many other submissions and for giving me my first Somerset Studio Gallery article, Feathered Friends, a huge moment for me!
Thanks to you for taking the time out of your day to stop by, always appreciated.
Here’s to painting our dreams!
(Redlead have a sale on at the moment!)

The Influence Of Nature (Somerset Studio Gallery)

Hello Everyone
Last year, through my DT role for That’s Crafty, I received a fabulous foam stamp designed by Donna Downey for Prima. What I had overlooked was the dimensions of the stamp so on its arrival, let’s just say I was taken aback by the size of the stamp, in a good way!
This DT post HERE, is the post which became the springboard for me continuing with the theme to create another four art journal panels.  A bolder style than my usual but experimenting is always fun (mixed with trepidation!). As my approach is always, submit and let the good people at Stampington decide, I forged on and submitted the panels.  When the editor of Somerset Studio Gallery contacted me with the amazing news that all five panels were to be an Artist Spotlight in the Summer issue, imagine how happy I was!
Across the five panels I tended to work with the same supplies so if you want to review the supply list then please click the link at the top of this post to visit That’s Crafty.
Dimensions approx 4″x12″
Dancing amongst the flowers
panel3lynnemoncrieffI embrace the wind as the breeze ruffles my hair and the raindrops catch on my eyelashes.panel3.1lynnemoncrieffI will dance amongst the poppies this morning 
panel1lynnemoncrieffas the birds sing their sweet songs to me. panel1.1lynnemoncrieffCome sit with me beside the water panel4lynnemoncrieff where the poppies bloom for all to see and I will tell you of the secrets they share. panel4.1lynnemoncrieffThey sway on the breeze …. they dance to the tune of their own making and it is their own destiny they are in charge of,panel5lynnemoncrieffso admire them for this act and remember, they have a lesson that is ours to learn. panel5.2lynnemoncrieffThank You, as always for taking the time to stop by, I always appreciate your visits.

We Asked The Artists @ Somerset Place

Hello Everyone
Another instalment of “We Asked The Artists” has been posted on the Stampington & co Blog, Somerset Place.
Not only was it an honour to be part of this it was also interesting to ponder upon the answers for each individual question posed to me (and obviously the others).  For my response to this particular question I knew that I had to give a nod to all of the lovely friends of my Blog, who have been incredibly loyal to me.  In recent times my style has taken a slightly different direction as I ink up stamps which I might have otherwise overlooked and also dabbling with colour.  So many of you could have easily abandoned me at this time but no, you continue to be there as a wonderful source of support and encouragement.  It was actually so many of you who allowed me to take that step. Back when I was on the DT for Gecko Galz and the commitments that entailed, I created this canvas, HERE. To be honest, at the time I did not care for the result, it was more a matter of being relieved that I had created a project in time for the deadline. The feedback I received bowled me over, I was completely shocked and it stopped me in my tracks. It was almost as though your words gave me permission to step outwith my comfort zone. I can say that you gave me a gift, without you realising it. I will always be a vintage, shabby style of girl at heart but it has been freeing to simply find the unadulterated fun of playing once again.

The image they have shown beside my response features Oxford Impressions stamp, The Reader, from the Soul of the Rose set (pen stamp also Oxford Impressions) available from Oxford Impressions and That’s Crafty.  It features in this original post from when it was published in Somerset Studio Gallery.
the-readerlynnemoncrieffThank You for your visit to this post. If you want to read my response to Somerset Place’s question then you can read it HERE along with the responses from artists such as Renee Zarate, Septh Apter, Sandra Evertson and many more.

Oh, by the way.  The canvas created for Gecko Galz which I didn’t really like, I sort of viewed it differently after it was published in Somerset Studio Gallery!!!

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