Stretch Your Wings And Fly: Pendants (Somerset Studio)

This is another re-wind post, sharing two pendants which were published in Sept/Oct 2018 Somerset Studio, two Mixed Media pendants which had focal elements of a word (Red Lead stamp), stamped onto birch tree bark, with an application of ICE Resin.I worked with all I had to hand, including some beads which were re-cycled from broken jewellery and the stamped birch tree bark was layered onto suede which was from an old suede skirt. Packaged with re-cycled corrugated cardboard with one of my Affirmations stamped onto scrap calico.  Wings…the second pendant.You can see that this pendant is a variation on the first onewith similar style of packaging. Thank you for taking the time to visit this post.

Nature Study (Somerset Studio)

This project is another article in the Jan/Feb issue of Somerset Studio, it was in answer to an art call for the colour Olive which isn’t a colour which I would normally reach for but I knew I had PaperArtsy olive Fresco so I had no excuse to dive in. It was packaging which inspired me, cardboard packaging from Amazon (I always have to battle with my conscience when I say their name!!!) which has almost a folder appearance to it.
I wanted it to become a Nature Study portfolio with not only green to transform the cardboard packaging but also a Green ethos to the items I reached for throughout.
The folder opens to reveal a panel of tree bark, embellished with a piece of found paper, stamped and layered with a beautiful feather and for the right side, where a book or other item would normally be packaged, this is the area where the art panels are stored.
The jute twine ties this element to close it,
A cluster of stamped tags, it was probably walnut ink (I keep a large jar which I top up when required and so far, no sign of mould appearing) I used to stain the found paper/cardstock.  All of those stamps are from Character Constructions.  That is one of the many reasons I adore Character Constructions, not only for the stunning paper dolls stamps but there are also so many detail stamps included on the plates.
The rear which was stamped with a script stamp (PaperArtsy ESN) and a beautiful fern stamp).
Inside the portfolio there are four panels which are all substrates of birch tree bark which I have randomly painted. There are layers and layers and texture upon texture, all items from around the home and garden. Some items again stained with walnut ink and I was so pleased, without going out of my way, I discovered that piece of book text.
Tree bark, burlap, muslin, brown packing paper, cardboard paper and a wooden button/bead from a piece of clothing.
Loose fibres gives the impression of nesting material within the stamped nest, which was stamped onto birch tree bark
I peeled back a layer of the tree bark to place this stamped image of the nest behind it.
Panel Two which features another Red Lead bird stamp
which was stamped onto resin paper or maybe the ICE Resin was applied after stamping…I think I should have referred to the instructions in my article! I know he rests on a MDF heart from That’s Crafty.
Thank you to Dorthe for the driftwood and the sweet wee cone.
Within the folder, other than the two panels featuring birds, there were two other panels, featuring leaves.
The leaves were stamped onto deli paper which had the PaperArtsy Freco paint, diluted and applied to create a textural appearance.
Red Lead have an extensive range of nature themed stamps and they do some of the very best bird stamps you could ever hope to source.
I appreciate, this was a very long blog post with lots of photos so huge thanks if you managed to stay until the end!

PaperArtsy Infusions: New Colours

A quick post to share news of PaperArtsy’s launch night for new Infusions.

My samples for Scrapcosy (previous blog post) incorporated some of the new colours and since receiving them for the wingmen samples, I have been dipping into those Infusions time and again, yes I will admit, even sneakily adding them to projects before tonight’s launch – sssh, it’s a secret!!!
Infusions are my “go to”, whether for staining substrates, cardstock, book pages, all manner of textiles and not forgetting, Relics and Artifacts.
We are lucky to have such breadth and depth of products available to us but sometimes, we discover a product which just makes complete sense for the way we create and there is an ease to working with that product that before you know it, it is always making an appearance in your art.  That is how I feel about Infusions.  For me to have a product that will stain all I need for a project, especially as I favour an almost monochromatic approach, those small bottles pack a mighty big punch for me.
Leandra is sharing two projects which I previously had made for That’s Crafty.
For this sample I used Infusions to stamp the butterfly and also to stain calico, sari ribbon and tree bark and it looks as though I also used them, with Grungepaste, to stain the That’s Crafty white/greyboard panel.

For this project, Infusions stain the background which is Golden Crackle Paste and also stained colour diffusing paper before stamping the beautiful leaf from Lin Brown.  Calico was also stained.

Infusions will be available from your local/favourite PaperArtsy stockist.  That’s Crafty stock Infusions so keep your eye open to see if Laura is stocking the new colours.

Nature’s Retreat (Willow and Sage)

Amongst all the amazing art adventures in 2016, one would have to be articles I had in Willow and Sage.
Although I would love to dabble with bath and body products (before I discovered rubber stamps, I enjoyed blending aromatherapy oils) and I was obviously aware of Stampington & Co’s Willow and Sage magazine, it wasn’t one I was ever considering submitting to until an invitation was handed to me to submit. To have an article in the Summer 2016 issue was momentous enough but to follow that with an article in Autumn and then Winter issues, no wonder I felt overwhelmed!
In the Autumn issue of Willow and Sage, my article centres around presentation with a rustic appearance with two pockets/pouches and soap bar wraps.
I worked with:-
Zen – Character Constructions Theatre of Dreams Plate No. 8
Wellbeing Word Block – Darkroom Door
onewandslynnePaperArtsy Crunchy Wax Paper was exactly what I needed for this rustic quality I was aiming for.
twowandslynnemoncrieffThe packaging was split into two themes, one which was all about calm, relaxing, being zen,threewandslynnemwhile, in contrast, words such as energy and renew were stamped to form tags for two of the soap bar wraps.fivewandslynnemEmbellishments were quite minimal, any incorporated were wood, such as this peg and wooden leaf
sixwandslynnewith jute twine enhancing the theme.sevenwandslynnem
I have so much catching-up to do that I might not achieve it all but every now and then I am going to try and post a project which is new to the blog but old in terms of when it was made or published.
I really want to get back on track with keeping my blog active and as importantly, visiting your blogs on a regular basis.
Thank you for your visit and thank you to Christen Hammons at Stampington & Co Willow and Sage for this opportunity.

At The Edge of The Woods

Hello Everyone
I thought I would share something made a few months ago, featuring beautiful nature themed stamps from Redlead Paperworks. Amongst the stamps I’d received at that time, was a set called A Secret Walk In The Garden.
This piece I made, an  assemblage (?) began life knowing I wanted the cluster of ferns stamp to be the focal and for me to work with Infusions.fernslynnemoncrieffStamping onto tree bark, it can be unpredictable but I think that is why I like it.  Little bits flaking off but no wonder as this had a liberal misting of water, directly onto the stamped ferns to achieve a diffused appearance, as though someone has been sketching with black ink in their nature journal and as they sit at the edge of the woods, a misting of rain falls through the canopy of the trees onto their sketching, causing the ink to bleed.threeTo create contrast and hints of colour, I worked with Infusions, applying directly onto the bark.
fourOnto a smaller, scrap piece of tree bark, I stamped this wonderful sentiment.  The tree bark soaks up the Infusions beautifully, adding an aged effect.  You can just see peeking from beneath the stamped panel, stained fabric and crochet lace, all raggedy.
detailtwoMore of the Infusions stained calico layered with various “bits” stained with Infusions or dissolved walnut ink crystals.fiveI’m very lucky to receive such wonderful stamps to play with.
I’m also lucky to have such loyal friends to my Blog. Many thanks for your visits and comments.

She Flies

Hello Everyone
For my DT post over at That’s Crafty, once again I have been dipping into Infusions, which I’ve used in a few ways, including stamping with the Infusions.blogonelynnemoncrieffIf you are interested, the post can be found HERE with instructions, etc.

Alone With The Trees

Hello Everyone
When, not so long ago I shared news of Crafty Individuals most recent stamp releases, I said that I had my favourite. Although the first stamp I inked up was the Elements border set, the stamp that first caught my eye is the majestic CI-453, the stunning trees stamp.
I seem to be more and more drawn to nature themed stamps and I am certainly enjoying creating textures and gathering textural elements when working with such stamps.
This Mixed Media panel uses a That’s Crafty white/greyboard panel as the substrate.blogonelynnemoncrieffYou can see it is a gloriously detailed stamp and inking up such a detailed stamp, there can be the concern of losing that fine detail if stamping onto anything other than smooth cardstock but I really like stamping onto tree bark, going out on a limb (!). I was so pleased not to have lost any of the detail.twoAfter stamping I created a slight wash around the trees, with Infusions,  also dipping my brush into water to almost diffuse the very outer edges of the branches.threeThe wonderful sentiment also stamped onto tree bark and layered to a piece of calico which I’d stained with Infusions.
Various media was used on the background to create texture,  I was aiming for a faux bark appearance.fourA final dip into some gilding wax and Old Gold, creating a veil of shimmer, here and there.sixI’d recently received some Gypsy Cord (available from That’s Crafty) which I wrapped around the panel, layering with more calico stained with Infusions.eightThank you so much for your visit today.
If you happen to be looking to join a challenge then if you are quick, you just about have time to enter Crafty Individuals Anything Goes May Challenge.  You can find all the details at Jean’s blog, HERE.