Bingo! A Bundle of Bingo Card Notebooks (Greencraft magazine)

In the Winter 2018 issue of Greencraft, I was lucky enough to have this project, of a bundle of notebooks, published.
Such a simple idea, working with old Bingo cards to make the covers of the notebooks and with a few scraps of ticking fabric and stamps, it is easy for the notebooks to come together.  In fact the most time consuming element is cutting the pages!
Me, being someone adverse to colour, I needed to tone down the colour of the Bingo cards, simple… a wash of Gesso.Stamps relating to art and creating, feature on the notebooks, on the frontand rear cover.For this cover, I mixed Red Lead, with “my journey” from one of my Affirmations stamps.To bind the books, ball chain.Luckily, I had different styles of Bingo cards to play with and incorporated some Bingo counters to embellish the notebooks.
“My story, I will Share” (from Lynne’s Affirmations Stamp Set 1)For the pencils, ticking wrapped around them to tie in with the colour theme of the notebooks.Thank you for your visit.


Paint Your Dreams For You Are An Artist

Hello Everyone
This is to all of you, or that should be, any of you who do not believe you are an artist.
Let me share something with you. During a little  e-mail chat with the lovely Shari, she called me an artist to which I responded that no, I am a stamper, a crafter but I am not an artist.  I believe many of us are not comfortable with using the work artist. I even struggle to use the word art, more comfortable using the terms stamping/crafting. Every now and then I will try and force myself to use the art word but it doesn’t fit comfortably with me.
This was actually the second Guest Designer project art, I made  created (!) for Redlead Paperworks so it is long overdue being shared here.
If I were to quickly name two stamps which I immediately associate with Redlead it would be the Pixie Girl I shared HERE and also the girl from Shine On.  I wanted to create a fun project and to say I had fun altering this paint brush of mine, which had seen better days, would be an understatement as I had so much fun.  The downside was having to wait for the thick application of paints to dry because when I utilised the heat gun it was bubbling the paint too much for the appearance of this project.sideonelynnemoncrieffI like this little art sentiment She is a work in progress – that is exactly how I feel about myself. (Find this art sentiment HERE. as part of this wonderful stamp set.)sideonedetailoneToo much fun to stop at one side and I had to complete her story from being a work in progress to what she has become …
She is an artist.
Even after those few months have passed since I made this I cannot decide if I should have embellished it.  I might well tweak it yet, time will tell!sidetwodetailtwoYou can keep up-to-date with Redlead news by signing up to their newsletter which is where Chris and Sharon share their weekly news, artful creations and also announce their Stamp & Stencil of the Week. Redlead also have a Facebook page, HERE.
Thank you for visiting my first blog post  for this brand new week.