Note at July 2013:-
I have decided to set up a page for Published Artwork.  I am in the middle of compiling this  list but if you are interested then the covers are displayed on my sidebar.

Somerset Studio:- Jan/Feb (Colour Challenge – Laguna Teal)
Somerset Life:- Winter 2016 issue (Article – Bookmarks inspired by Jane Austen)
The Stampers’ Sampler:- Jan/Feb/Mar
Take Ten:- March/Apr/May (Spring)
Somerset Life:- Spring 2016 issue (Article – Spools of Positivity)
The Stampers’ Sampler:- Apr/May/June
Somerset Studio:- May/June (Article – Affirmation Ornaments)
Willow & Sage:- Summer 2016 (Article – Peat Pots Gift Packaging)
Somerset Studio Gallery:- Summer 2016 (Cover Artist)
(Article – Stamping Into Paperclay)
(Spotlight – PaperArtsy ESN Star Panel)
(Various – Gallery)
Somerset Life:- Summer 2016 (Article – Trinket Pins)
Somerset Studio:- July/Aug (Articles – Paperdolls)
The Stampers’ Sampler:- July/Aug/Sept
Willow & Sage:- Autumn 2016 (Article – Nature’s Retreat)
Somerset Apprentice:- Autumn 2016 (Silken Wings)
Somerset Studio: Sept/Oct (Articles – CC dolls on pegs, Resin paper Journals – Expressions:- Poe Shrine, Trio of CC witches)
The Stampers’ Sampler:- Oct/Nov/Dec
Somerset Life:- Autumn 2016 (Articles – The Gift of Giving:- Creating Festive Tags & Wrap. Snowflake Wishes Spool Ornaments. My Little Pretties: Shipping Tag Greetings. Sleigh Rides & Winter Mittens)
A Somerset Holiday:- (Article – Winter Mittens)
Willow & Sage:- Winter 2017 (Article – Lavender Sachets)
Somerset Studio: Nov/Dec (Articles – Mindfulness Canvases, Snowflake Angels)

Take Ten:- Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter issues
The Stampers’ Sampler :- Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter issues
Somerset Studio:- Jan/Feb (Colour Challenge – Lilac)
Mar/Apr (Springtime)
Somerset Studio Gallery:- Summer and Winter issues
Somerset Apprentice:- Autumn issue – From The Pros

Miscellaneous Publications:-

Rubber Stamp  Madness – Summer 2013

Stampington & co Publications


Take Ten – Winter 2014

Note:- 2014 to be fully up-dated

400 More Ideas (Formerly Catch-Up)
Haute Handbags:- Summer
Sew Somerset:- Summer and Winter
Take Ten:- Winter 2013, Spring 2013, Summer 2013, Autumn 2013
The Stampers’ Sampler:-Jan/Feb/March – Apr/May/June – July/Aug.Sept – Oct/Nov/Dec
Somerset Studio Gallery – Winter 2013



Sew Somerset – Winter

Somerset Life

Somerset Studio Gallery

Take Ten:- Winter, Summer and Autumn

The Stampers’ Sampler



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