She Sits Amongst The Flowers and Bees

Hello Everyone
Earlier in the year Oxford Impressions released a stamp set called Bee Happy. Most of you will know by now that I have had a love affair with Oxford Impressions for some time, in fact I fell in love with the stamps before I managed to get my first set so for me it is always exciting when a new set is released. However, again, as many of you know, there was a long time when I was unable to craft and when I did many any crafting it was at a minimum, I am still trying to find my feet again. Suzanne was extremely understanding, with no pressure and no expectations to create to a deadline, knowing that when I could, I would create something. The something, my first completed project (I am still playing with this set) is this canvas panel.beehappylynnemoncrieffI will share the only embellishment, for want of a better word before sharing an abundance of detail photographs. A stamp bee nestles inside a distressed wooden frame. twoI only used four stamps from this gorgeous stamp  set but, as you can see, that wonderful flower was stamped many, many times …. I think my poor hands are still in trauma from all that fussy cutting!facedetailSilicone Glue and Gel Medium were my friends for the dimension I wanted to achieve however instead of detailing all that I used or the inspiration, beyond the actual stamps themselves, I decided to fill this blog post with detail photographs showing you the canvas panel from different angles so you hopefully get a sense of the dimension and depth achieved.fiveI will say that I deliberately opted not to ink all of the fussy cut edges of the flowers because I didn’t want a heavy or too vintage a feeling so I lightly and randomly inked here and there but as you can see, much of the white areas of the edges were left….. it is difficult to step away from the sponge and ink because I would normally, if anything, over-ink!sixOne flower stamp but I created a little variation by cutting into it in various ways.sevenI did consider solely working with honey tones as I am a wee bit partial to monochrome but it didn’t take me long to make the decision to be inspired by lavender honey.eightBee Happy is available directly from Oxford Impressions . I don’t know if it is available within the U.K. but if you have your eye on this stamp set then it might be worth your while keeping a check on availability, if any at That’s Crafty as Laura does stock several Oxford Impressions sets.
Many thanks for taking the time to visit this post.

Nature’s Sketchbook Part II (Take Ten)

Hello Everyone
Last week I shared with you Part I of this post, well here I am, ready to share the remainder of the cards which Take Ten published, all featuring beautiful stamps from Oxford Impressions’ Field Notes stamp set.
This shell stamp is lovely and considering it is a photo real stamp which are not always successful when stamped onto textured paper, all the detail of the shell has been retained.natureexhibitA scrap of bark which has no relation to the shell. I simply liked the texture.natureexhibit5A piece of torn, stamped script layered with mica, stained seam binding, topped with a jute bow.natureexhibit2Another photo real stamp.bellejardiniere1Stamped three times. Once onto the base and twice, fussy cut and layered, off-setting the angle slightly, then simply adorned with a pressed flower.bellejardiniere2I paired the two leaf stamps for this card.botanicexhibit1As with the previous card, I stamped the Gingko leaf twice, allowing me to layer onto the main image, creating dimension.botanicexhibit2The final card has a pear for the focal which I paired (should that be peared ….. Groan!) with a text stamp from another Oxford Impressions set, Le Jardin (also available from That’s Crafty).poire1A scrap of mica highlights the stamped word, Poire.
poire4So there we have it, the final cards in this collection and have now shared with you all the cards published in the Spring issue of Take Ten.
It always makes me so happy when I have any submissions published and I greatly appreciate Stampington’s support BUT I also appreciate and never take for granted how lucky I am to share publication news with you and artwork which makes it to print.

Birds Of A Feather

Hello Everyone
This week, for my DT post over at the That’s Crafty Blog, I continue to play with the recently launched Dinky Stencils and also the first inking of a beautiful stamp I received from my birthday, from my dear friend photo26The project and supply list can be viewed HERE.
Thank You for your visit to this post and to all my blog post this past week, especially the wonderful feedback to this post HERE. I had such fun working on that assemblage so I was so happy to read all your lovely comments.

Her Happiness Floated

Hello Everyone
Some time ago I started an assemblage but like many projects, during my time of zero crafting, it lay in an unfinished state.
I have to say thank you to Chris and Sharon from Redlead Paperworks for allowing me to continue to play with their fabulous products.
Redlead Paperworks Supplies:-
Collage image – Ancestor Collage Sheet 113.  Redlead stock beautiful collage sheets in a range of themes and Redlead also now have a small selection of digital collage sheets available at Etsy.
Her happiness Floated stamp

Let me introduce Daphne. She is dark of hair but fair of skin and will not dare take a step outside unless she dons her sunhat which of course is fashioned in the shape of a seashell.onelynnemoncrieffMany might snicker behind their hands as Daphne passes by as she favours a bathing costume from an era long before she was borntwolynnemoncrieffbut for Daphne, she is brimming over with happiness which surely does float like the waves of the oceandetailthreelynnemoncrieffthat she simply holds her head aloft as she walks on by towards her beloved ocean.detailfivelynnemoncrieffIt has been said that Daphne has a penchant for the young fishermen as she lingers beside their boats but I will let you into a little secret.  Daphne is eager for another pearl to add to her collection and knows that with a mere flutter of her dark, feathery lashes, a beautiful oyster will be passed her way and it might just be her lucky day to discover a shimmering pearl nestled inside.detailtwolynnemoncrieffWhether today is her lucky day or not, Daphne’s happiness will never be known to wane because she knows that the ocean will always be there to bring happiness to her life.

(A lovely big thank you to my dear friend Dorthe who gifted me the sweetest starfish embellishments.   It was the perfect addition to this assemblage.  It is possible that the piece of driftwood was also gifted to me, from Dorthe, which she gathers from her walks along by her beloved sea).
I hope, for all of you, that your happiness floats like the waves of the ocean.

Nature’s Sketchbook Part I (published Take Ten)

Note:- After a recent post saying that Oxford Impressions Field Notes stamp set was out of retirement, I received word that it was now sold out.  There was a query about whether the set would be made available again so I contacted Suzanne.  Below you can read her note about the availability,  just in case anyone out there is interested in this beautiful stamp set.

 I am ok making them one at a time as long as the customer knows that it is a second as the shell stamp is cracked.   If anyone is interested then the stamp sets will be made one at a time, this is due to the process for creating this particular stamp set. 
Click HERE to contact Suzanne

Hello Everyone
Now, let me tell you, without a word of a lie, the paper used on the following cards is Poo paper! Yes, Poo as in POO! I do have to add that it is mixed with pine needles!  My lovely friend Darlene sent me a pad of this paper.
This collection is the most submitted under any one theme, seven in total. I never submit with any expectations, once mailed I put the artwork out of my mind but I thought, if they did catch their eye at Take Ten, maybe one would make it to print, not all seven of them in a feature. To limit the length of this blog post I am splitting the cards into groups, sharing three of them today and instead of taking up your precious time with long drawn out details I have decided to share with you detail photographs so you can get an idea of the little bits I gathered for each card.
All cards are 4″x4″ and feature Fields Notes stamp set with background script from French Script.speciment2468lynnemoncrieftaketenSubtle background stamping with the handwritten script with the butterfly fussy cut to create dimension as the focal image.
detailonelynnemoncrieffA fragment of bark along with a torn piece of stamped numbers.detailtwolynnemoncriefftaketenOne of the reasons I am such a fan of Oxford Impressions stamps isn’t purely that I love the designs but that each set is so cleverly thought out and for my “comfort zone” stamping, they fit perfectly, allowing me to stamp all those little elements which I get so much joy from adding here and there whether to a card, tag, canvas, etc.
specimen2468lynnemoncriefftaketendetailfiveInitially my thoughts had been to watercolour images, along the lines of an Edwardian ladies nature journal but I was conscious of the ten minute rule (!) for Take Ten and I never ever need an excuse to work with a neutral colour palette.
honeybeelynnemoncriefftaketenOnly one of the bees was fussy cuthoneybeedetailoneI am partial to buttons!
honeybeedetailtwoThe final card for this post features a beautiful dragonfly.
fieldnoteslynnemoncriefftaketenA wee piece of knotted jute twine and vintage crochet lace are all that adorn this card.
fieldnotesdetailoneI will share the second instalment very soon. I am finding myself trying to do some catching-up with blog posts that I hadn’t intended to leave as long as this to share with you.
Have a lovely week and I hope to see you soon and many thanks, as always, for taking the time to visit.


On Monday we saw the exciting launch That’s Crafty new Dinky Stencils and also their new Alterables range.
For my DT post this week I am sharing artwork where I have been working with, what quickly became amongst my absolute favourites of the Dinky Stencils, the two brick stencils.
fourThe full project along with supplies can be viewed HERE.
Many thanks for your visit to this sneaky peek.

Field Notes (out of retirement) @ Oxford Impressions

Hello Everyone
I had to share with you that Suzanne has taken a stamp set out of retirement.
The  fabulous Field Notes is available once again!  I am so excited not because I don’t own this set, I have it in my stash but I also knew it was a retired set and it was Suzanne’s generosity that allowed me to get my inky hands on it!
As with all the Oxford Impressions stamp sets, it is such a well thought out set with the addition of numbers, words and the lovely tag and label stamps.
ExFieldNotesIn a recent issue of Take Ten I had a card collection published (I have scheduled a blog post for very soon) so I can genuinely say that they are wonderful stamps. Can you tell I am a fan?!

We Asked The Artists @ Somerset Place

Hello Everyone
Another instalment of “We Asked The Artists” has been posted on the Stampington & co Blog, Somerset Place.
Not only was it an honour to be part of this it was also interesting to ponder upon the answers for each individual question posed to me (and obviously the others).  For my response to this particular question I knew that I had to give a nod to all of the lovely friends of my Blog, who have been incredibly loyal to me.  In recent times my style has taken a slightly different direction as I ink up stamps which I might have otherwise overlooked and also dabbling with colour.  So many of you could have easily abandoned me at this time but no, you continue to be there as a wonderful source of support and encouragement.  It was actually so many of you who allowed me to take that step. Back when I was on the DT for Gecko Galz and the commitments that entailed, I created this canvas, HERE. To be honest, at the time I did not care for the result, it was more a matter of being relieved that I had created a project in time for the deadline. The feedback I received bowled me over, I was completely shocked and it stopped me in my tracks. It was almost as though your words gave me permission to step outwith my comfort zone. I can say that you gave me a gift, without you realising it. I will always be a vintage, shabby style of girl at heart but it has been freeing to simply find the unadulterated fun of playing once again.

The image they have shown beside my response features Oxford Impressions stamp, The Reader, from the Soul of the Rose set (pen stamp also Oxford Impressions) available from Oxford Impressions and That’s Crafty.  It features in this original post from when it was published in Somerset Studio Gallery.
the-readerlynnemoncrieffThank You for your visit to this post. If you want to read my response to Somerset Place’s question then you can read it HERE along with the responses from artists such as Renee Zarate, Septh Apter, Sandra Evertson and many more.

Oh, by the way.  The canvas created for Gecko Galz which I didn’t really like, I sort of viewed it differently after it was published in Somerset Studio Gallery!!!

What Fine Gentlemen (Take Ten)

Hello Everyone
In the Summer issue of Take Ten I have a few cards published (can never believe how lucky I am).  One of the features is “What Fine Gentlemen”.
This collection I had completely forgotten about!  When I looked at my notes, it was 2013 they were mailed to Take Ten. Not that it matters to me if it is a quick turnaround or a longer wait, it is just brilliant that they liked them enough to publish them! I had planned to share these with you in time for Father’s Day but as you can see, I missed the boat!!!
Although it is a long time ago when I made them,  I can remember how they came about.  Amongst some craft goodies I received a set of Rebecca Sower stickers.  The stickers were nice in themselves but I saw the possibility of using them as a stamping surface.  With their vintage style it seemed they would be well suited to a masculine collection. For some time I had wanted to make a collection featuring Oxford Impressions’ photo real stamps of gents as most times it is the female photo real stamps that I play with.
All of the photo real stamps were stamped onto glossy cardstock with Archival ink and I always use a Speedball brayer. That’s my preference but I know stampers who prefer to use Staz-on.
I know I am repeating myself  but I never request the return of any submissions.  That means, if I am pushed for time, trying to get submissions into the mail, then I don’t have the time to deliberate over photographs.  The colours look a bit washed out here.  I used a soft cream cardbase with Caran d’ache NeoColor II, in deep brown, sepia and bronze to create the splatters.
DIGITAL CAMERAThe stickers had a very shiny surface so I used Staz-on, Timber Brown.  It didn’t trouble me if the stamped image wasn’t the perfect size for the actual stickers. DIGITAL CAMERAI wanted this detail to mimic an official mark in a passport or other such documentation.  DIGITAL CAMERAHello Sailor!DIGITAL CAMERA Torn cork brings texture.
DIGITAL CAMERAI wanted all the cards to be relatively flat, the stickers are really the main embellishments but I also wanted texture, the cork suited the purpose as did a piece of torn packaging. DIGITAL CAMERAHe looked the type of gent who would smoke a pipe.DIGITAL CAMERAThe final card –  A Man of Learning.  DIGITAL CAMERAThis stamp is without a doubt my most used masculine photo real stamp, inked up countless times since I first got the April In Paris stamp set.
DIGITAL CAMERAPen nibs, where would we be without a pen nib stamp in our stash!DIGITAL CAMERAI dipped into many Oxford Impressions stamp sets for this quartet. You can source some of the stamps at That’s Crafty and of course at the Austen Gallery which is the Oxford Impressions on-line store.
Thank You to Take Ten for publishing this wee collection in the Summer issue and many thanks to you for taking the time to view them.

Crafty Individuals …. New Releases

Hello Everyone
I am sure many of you receive the Crafty Individuals newsletters or visit the C.I. Blog so you will have already learnt of the new stamp releases but I would still like to take the time to share the news here.
All stamps now available at the Crafty Individuals on-line store.

CI-438 is going to be a popular stamp with such an array of sentiments, really there is something for every occasion including Christmas, although personally, I do not want to even consider Christmas just quite yet!

CI-439 sees a mature couple taking a walk with their dog.
CI-440.  A classical vintage image of teddy bears.  I was always one who preferred teddy bears/soft toys to baby dolls (although I did have Charlie’s Angels, The Bionic Woman and Pippa and Friends – can you tell I was a child of the 70’s!) I still have the teddy bear I received when I was christened, as a baby.  Teddy Edward was my companion to so many places and he still remains one of my treasured possessions.
CI-441 is a new design by the wonderful Gio.  As you can see, this is an Elements set, isn’t it so pretty.
CI-442.  Owls are so popular so I am sure this stamp will be a great success for Crafty Individuals.
Finally, CI-443.  Floral Fantasy, designed by Linda Edwards is an XL size stamp, a new size of stamp for Crafty Individuals.  If you like to fussy cut then you could while away many an hour cutting out all of those beautiful flowers or what about simply stamping onto a cardbase for an instant background.
I appreciate it has been a busy time, sharing new stamp releases from Darkroom Door, PaperArtsy, Oxford Impressions and now Crafty Individuals so thank you very much for those of you who have stopped by to read news of any new stamp releases.
This week will see me sharing news of another new release, a brand new launch onto the market. It is all very exciting times with all of those launches.

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