The Beginning of Always @ That’s Crafty!

Earlier today I shared a new project for That’s Crafty! Blog.
This week, once again I reached for their fabulous A4 Stencil – Circles, to highlight a small PaperArtsy stamp.
Details of this project can be found HERE.
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Private Dreams @ That’s Crafty!

Sharing a new project at the That’s Crafty blog today.
This is just a peek at the project, which can be seen HERE.
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Intentions, Destiny & Following Dreams – A Wanderlust Paper Prayer Flag (Somerset Studio)

Earlier this year I had an article published in Somerset Studio, relating to a paper prayer flag I made after watching a Wanderlust 2016 tutorial from Kasia Avery.
Although I had great intentions from day one (when I signed up for 2016), to watch and work alongside the tutorials as they were released, as they say, life got in the way.  However, Kasia’s tutorial caught my eye.  I pondered why it was, that this one caught my attention so instantaneously and realised that her approach was so familiar to me.
Strangely, when I began the flag, it seemed a newer direction for me but on completion, the realisation that the process of the items I  gathered, which was all instinctively and my approach for staining the various papers and textiles, was not for me new at all. Other lessons were re-affirmed, that for me I am most content when I go with the flow and do not question choices being made once I begin a project.   Also, the importance of words and another lesson I did learn, that for me, I do not need to turn my back onto old favourites, including vintage laces, the layering of those tattered elements is my form of story telling.

I want to make it clear that I gave due credit to Wanderlust and Kasia Avery within my article and the significance of Wanderlust to me.
Redlead Paperworks
Little Labels Celebrate Today
Labels – Believe, Create, etc
Various resin pieces were used throughout, either stamped before the resin applied, stamped onto resin paper or simply scraps of resin paper.
This wonderful Frozen Charlotte face (I think it is either paperclay or papier mache) was a gift from Dorthe Hansen.
The Redlead stamps are some of my absolute favourites and the Affirmation style words were exactly what I wanted for my paper prayer flag.
Although this will not be returned to me from Stampington, when working on it, I had this idea of positive words and thoughts being carried in the breeze as the wind gently
sways the prayer flag.
The heart has spirit – the heart is paperclay, it is a PaperArtsy LPC stamp.
A jumble of textiles which if this flag were displayed in a garden, would become more tattered but I believe that would only enhance the beauty of the textiles and even the papers.
Mica tile layered to this particular stamped label.
I am sharing my own photos but I could not have wished for a more beautifully photographed article within the pages of Somerset Studio and that is thanks to Christen Hammons and her Somerset Studio team and to generously (and surprisingly) include the presentation package which I couldn’t have imagined they would also include.
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She Sees Clearly (@PaperArtsy)

This evening I am delighted to be returning to the PaperArtsy blog for Topic #6 Resin.
There were so many possibilities with this Topic but here is a sneaky peek of what I finally opted to make for my tutorial.
All details can be viewed HERE, over at the PaperArtsy blog.
Thank you so much for your visit and I hope you like my tutorial.

Royal Blood (The Stampers’ Sampler)

This collection of six cards, appears in the Jan/Feb/March issue of The Stampers’ Sampler. 
It meant so much to me that they published all six in a feature over three pages.
All stamps are PaperArtsy LPC and all feature Infusions, Royal Blood.
They are some of the oldest LPC stamps but for me some were inked up for the first time for this collection.
Some rusty wire coils.  The colour of the rusty wire worked so well against the Royal Blood Infusions.
It’s no surprise that scraps were utilised throughout the cards such as little stamped elements added here and there.
Card No. 2
Card No. 3
Mop-up papers bring texture.  I stamped onto them, even though the stamped images are not crisp, it still brings something extra to the effect.
A wisp of coppery fabric.
Card No. 4
I liked the watercolour effect achieved.  If you are interested, it is actually watercolour paper I worked with for the backgrounds and stamped focals,  HP and NOT.
Card No. 5
On this card, I also used Infusions with a That’s Crafty Dinky Stencil, creating a hint of pattern on the base of the card
More scrappy mop-ups and another piece of that lovely copper fabric which lovely Dorthe gifted to me.
Card No. 6
I like that texture of the mop-up paper (kitchen paper towel) adds dimension even when stamped upon.
It’s all about the layers – this stamped piece of mop-up paper layered onto the stamped focal.
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She Looks Into Your Soul

Recently, for That’s Crafty blog posts, I have been sharing many Uprights so I thought I would dip into their earlier substrates and decided to work with one of the white/greyboard hearts, which were, along with the MDF hearts, great favourites of mine so long overdue to have a play again.
The focal is one of the beautiful new PaperArtsy Eclectica LPC stamps.
If you would like to read and see more, then please visit HERE.
Many thanks for your visit and also, thank you to my lovely friend Dorthe because she gifted to me that pretty sheer fabric with floral details.

I Believe In Courage

Hello Everyone
I never seem to tire of PaperArtsy’s Lynne Perrella designed stamps.
This week for my That’s Crafty post, I worked on a Dinky Upright (which I love) and incorporated fragments of mop up/under papers. Other than the Upright, this assemblage comprises scraps, even the tangle of fibres!
All details and more photographs, can be viewed HERE.
If you are a fan of PaperArtsy and in particular the Lynne Perrella designed collections, then you might want to know that it will not be too long a wait before new stamps are released!
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The Miscellaneous Girls (Somerset Studio)

Back in July I was beyond thrilled that a collection of paper doll panels were published in Somerset Studio as an article.  What made it all the more special, one of the first issues I read was dedicated to paperdolls and has become one of my all time favourite issues.  If someone had said to me in 2009 that 7 years later, Somerset Studio would have another issue dedicated to paperdolls and  I would be writing an article, I’d never have imagined that possible.
As a side note, if any of you are addicted to Prima Relics and Artifacts then you will have noticed the packaging is lovely.  The packaging was perfect as the backdrops for my girls, adding a hint of stamping here and there.
This is photo heavy so I have limited the chat for each panel!onelynnemThe lovely part of making paper dolls is how their personalities whisper to you and fun can be had.
twolynnemShe is the Keeper of SecretsthreelynnemThey each have a title and a little story to share their personality traits.onelynnem
It was fun gathering bits and pieces to help bring their character to the fore.twolynnem
The elaborate feathers are pieces cut from vintage French receipt paper, the same paper I stamped their faces onto.threelynnemDetails added to the PaperArtsy Lynne Perrella shirt.
fourlynnemFor each character, I merged Character Constructions stamps with PaperArtsy LPC.  In my article I touch upon the fact that I had inked up those designers’ stamps as both designers either their own art or stamps, appear in the Somerset issue from 2009, the one that made me sit up and be in awe of the paper doll creations within that issue.  Also, I am a huge admirer of both artists.onelynnemThis little birdie is from Character Constructions.  As you can see, this cheeky little fella has made a home within her hat.  Birdie, as this paper doll became known as, was one of my favourites to make along with her story.twolynnemAnother one of her feathered friends who has managed to step from outwith his cage.threelynnemThe Scholar…onelynnem
is a variation on one made for That’s Crafty.
twolynnemKnowledge is precious to her.
threelynnemWanderlust.onellynnemI’ll admit to having suffered from Wanderlust at various times in my life.  I like to ponder the thought of packing a bag and whizzing off somewhere.  Truth be told, I am not as light a traveller as this lady!twolynnemShe is always prepared for an exciting jaunt.threelynnemA pretty parasol in her hand.fourlynnem
fivelynnemThe final one…onelynnemMaybe you can relate to her, she is always chasing time!twolynnemBy carrying a pocket watch in each hand, she believes they will provide more hours in her day.threelynnem
fourlynnemIt’s nice to be able to organise a few blog posts, makes me feel as though I am beginning to get back into the swing of things, once I’ve made a start on visiting your own blogs I will feel as though I am “finally there!”

Heart of a Relic @ Craft Stamper

Hello Everyone
Being a small part of the That’s Crafty DT is so rewarding and so it was really lovely to see all the DT, as a collective: Alison, Amanda, Donna, Fliss, Moira and me, in the October issue of Craft Stampercs_197-oct16We all received two sizes of That’s Crafty MDF hearts to create with for the Craft Stamper 3D Challenge.
I am only permitted to share a sneaky peek of my project which really doesn’t give much away!  I think it is okay for me to tell you that this is a peek at a piece of jewellery which features many of my favourites craft items.  That heart is actually a stamp, all our projects had to feature stamping.
lynnemoncreiffCraft Stamper is available in the U.K., in shops and online and also available from Crafty Individuals site.
The MDF hearts we worked with are available from That’s Crafty, in various sizes.
Congratulations and Thanks to Laura and Graham for creating such fabulous products for us to play with and thanks also to Trish Latimer.

Her Wee Heart

Running late for sharing my post that appeared on the That’s Crafty blog on Sunday. blog11septlynneIf you are interested, details on what I used and how I used them are HERE.
I’ve had an enforced absence and only now trying to schedule blog posts for various announcements, including a Giveaway which will be appearing very soon.
Many thanks for those of you who continue to take the time out of your busy days to visit.

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