Untie Your Wings (The Stampers’ Sampler)

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To start this week and to close the month of February, I am sharing another of the bird panels published in The Stampers’ Sampler. There are similarities to the one shown HERE as I wanted the trio to be similar in texture, theme and colour palette.onelynnemoncrieffIn the junkyard of a derelict building, perches a sweet bird atop a coil of rusty old wire.  The song from this bird is as sweet as if he were perched upon a blossoming tree, finding joy in his voice despite the neglect surrounding him.twolynnemoncrieffI know most of you will relate when I say that, there are times when working on the background can be the most enjoyable part of the process and sometimes the most rewarding.
You might be able to make out the layers of media and the subtle shadow of ink used with the Dinky Stencil which fills in the areas which I left exposed of the Grungepaste and stencil.threelynnemoncrieffI remember at the time wondering whether to use real feathers but I really do like the Redlead feather stamp so opted for that, creating a cluster with tied jute and wooden bead.fourlynnemoncrieffAll the wonderful stamps are from Redlead.sixlynnemoncrieffTo receive amazing products to play with, then the enjoyment of working with the stamps, stencils, paints, etc and the icing on the cake, to then have the artwork published in one of my favourite magazine titles alongside so many stamp artists I admire – I am so very lucky!sevenlynnemoncrieffThank you for your visit to this post.


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Today it is my turn for a DT post over at That’s Crafty.
You won’t be surprised to read that I was in my element as I gathered bits ‘n’ pieces for this collage!
onelynnemoncrieffInstructions, supplies, etc can be found at the post, HERE.
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Be As A Bird Who Sings (The Stampers’ Sampler)

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When The Stampers’ Sampler announced a challenge call, For The Birds, I was eager to submit because I have quite a few beautiful bird themed stamps and an idea in my head!  I wanted to continue with the style of this panel which was a DT post for That’s Crafty, but this time to ink up some beautiful Redlead Paperworks bird themed stamps.  On completion, I submitted a trio of panels to the challenge call and obviously I was more than happy (under-statement!) to see them in print.
Redlead Paperworks stamps:-
Bird Defined
She Sings
Be As A Bird Who Sings
As much as I like nature themed art with a delicate appearance, I have found myself to be more and more interested in setting birds, butterflies, etc against a more urban, industrial background.  For this panel (and the other two), the style allowed me to work with some favoured colours and items such as rusty wire and the stunning That’s Crafty Dinky Stencils and using one of their Alterable Surfaces as a substrate.
shesingsonelynnemoncrieffThis wee birdie is one of my all time favourite bird stamps.  She might well be a lucky mascot as I’ve previously had artwork published which featured her!
This photograph shows that I used the Dinky Stencils (the bricks happen to be amongst my absolute favourite Dinky Stencil designs), in some areas with ink but predominantly with Grungepaste.  Rusty wire, which I formed into coils add to the sense of urban decay, of broken down areas where metal railings and all manner of metal work has rusted through years of neglect.
shesingstwolynnemoncrieffThe background, beyond the use of the stencil, has layers of Frescos to hopefully heighten that sense of decay, of crumbling masonry, of buildings worn by time, weather and neglect.  Although amongst this neglect, the birds continue to sing their song.  It was during working on this panel that I pondered on the fact that amongst neglect, there is hope and on a different level, if there is despair, hope can arise, keeping a song in our hearts and knowing that we can all find our wings.
shesingsthreelynnemoncrieffThe That’s Crafty Alterable Surface will take all manner of abuse.  I applied many layers of paint, Gesso, dissolved walnut ink crystals, so much water and heat and also the Grungepaste and yet the panel did not buckle.  This is the link to the Dinky Stencils.
shesingsfivelynnemoncrieffI am repeating myself (!) but I have to say again, Redlead have some of the very best bird related stamps and so many beautiful sentiment stamps (and stencils) relating to birds.
A piece of wood, painted and stamped brought another textural element to the panel and also ties in with the theme of birdsong.shesingssixlynnemoncrieffI am incredibly lucky to receive so many fabulous products so that I can go off and play around with them and in turn, submit, just never knowing if Stampington will like what they see and publish it.
Another time I will share the third and final panel.
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Listen To The Trees

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Nature was never really a theme I indulged in but it’s one I am becoming more comfortable with especially as I now have so many beautiful nature stamps including a lovely set of stamps I received from Darkroom Door to play with, Darkroom Door Gum Trees.  It’s certainly long overdue that I share a Darkroom Door sample with you.
On this card, although I did not stamp any snowflakes or winter related imagery, I wanted to convey a wintry day, with the sense of snowflakes blowing through the wind and a low winter sun casting a golden glow.DDonelynnemoncrieffYou might just be able to make out the white splatters which brought to mind a snowstorm.DDtwolynnemoncrieffInitially I planned on tearing up this panel, to re-ink the stamp and stamp onto a different surface as the ink has almost pooled, even though I did work with Staz-on.  After a few days I happened to return to the panel and decided that I would go with the flow.  I remember feeling the same way about a post I shared in December which also featured stamping onto mop-up paper.DDthreelynnemoncrieffI am always happiest when I can putter around with little pieces of this and that, finding a home for them on whatever it is that I am working on.  There is something therapeutic in this.
detailthreelynnemoncrieffA gathering of crochet lace and button, with threads happily trailing.DDfivelynnemoncrieffIf you are a fan of Darkroom Door stamps then you might like to know that they have a Facebook page and also a Group
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Sunday rolls around once more signalling time for my DT post over at the That’s Crafty Blog.
Today I am sharing a card which I actually made for a friend who was celebrating a birthday, knowing she likes the PaperArtsy LPC stamps. oneIf you would like to visit, the post is HERE.
Have a lovely day.

Urban Butterflies Part II

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The other two cards in the Urban Butterflies collection featured in The Stampers’ Sampler.
(The butterflies are from Darkroom Door Butterflies stamp set).
three.1lynnemoncrieffLayered a tag onto the cardbase and lots of crackle to give the appearance of peeling paint.three.2lynnemoncrieffThe butterfly rests on the tag surrounded by industrial style stamps and a scrap of rusted mesh adds another layer of texture.
three.3lynnemoncrieffYou can only see a small snippet in the lower lefthand corner, of where I stamped into Grungepaste.three.4lynnemoncrieffThe final card which has already been shared on my Facebook page, after sharing from Stampington & Company’s page – what a surprise to see them select this card to post on their page.
two.1lynnemoncrieffFor the appearance I was aiming for, Frescos made the work easier for me as the colours were perfect and not only that, Grungepaste and Crackle Glaze allowed textures to be achieved with such ease.two.2lynnemoncrieffThe compositions might seem random but I remember playing around with the various elements, taking my time as I wanted a slight variation of the compositions for each card.  I can happily while away the time playing around with elements before adhering them.two.3lynnemoncrieffRusty wire forms an antenna and coiled to create an industrial style detail.two.4lynnemoncrieffMany thanks for taking the time to visit, especially if you have already visited the previous blog post. I appreciate all your visits.

Urban Butterflies (The Stampers’ Sampler)

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Hearts have been laid aside, for the moment anyway, to share a card collection which I was fortunate to have published in the latest issue of The Stampers’ Sampler.
This collection came about after I made the card below as a DT post for That’s Crafty.
I am splitting this over two blog posts, nevertheless it is still quite photo heavy as I wanted to include detail photographs so you could see the textures on each card.
(The That’s Crafty blog post for this card can be seen HERE.)
fourlynnemoncrieffI’ve been lucky enough to have had a few butterfly cards/artwork published by Stampington but those previous submissions were predominantly pretty, feminine in style.  I had a notion in my head of butterflies fluttering around a waste ground or broken down industrial area where the delicate appearance of the butterfly is in stark constrast to the landscape of concrete, brick and rusting elements.one.1lynnemoncrieffTexture was uppermost in my mind which I wanted to achieve through paint application and also with the aid of Crackle Glaze and Grungepaste.one.2lynnemoncrieffI also wanted to explore inking up Darkroom Door butterflies which I had previously worked with on a card collection published in The Stampers’ Sampler, HERE and HERE.  This time, stamped onto crackled surfaces and rusty wire for antenna.  Isn’t that one of the reasons we love our stamps, for the sheer versatility of them where a stamp can be transformed into so many different styles.
That little area behind the butterfly was one of the areas I was most satisfied with.  Of course, typically, I would not be able to re-create this exact result!  I was so pleased with the outcome, to my eyes, of peeling, flaky paint with the elements taking its toll on the painted wall, revealing the layers of paint beneath.one.3lynnemoncrieffI have to give a nod to Finnabair stamps as they were also a source of inspiration when it came to the textural qualities on the cards.  The stamps allowed me to layer stamped textures and create elements which were embellished “faux” rivets.one.4lynnemoncrieffA leftover piece of the stamped cardstock was layered with some rusty mesh.one.5lynnemoncrieffIn the follow on blog post I will share the other two cards that form this collection.
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Paris Flea!

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Do you ever wonder if the stamps we are attracted to mirror our lives or aspects of our lives which are not a reality but possibly that what we dream or yearn for, after all, are we not allowed to dream!
If any of you had a rummage amongst my stamps I guarantee you will find many with Paris as the theme.  Postal marks, labels, I surely have an Eiffel Tower in every size (!), word stamps, Parisian fashion, the list goes on!  There is just something perennially appealing so imagine the excitement surrounding the soon to be released Character Constructions’ Paris Flea!
12717495_10153563874244234_7429540739813431670_n(I have permission to share the catalogue inserts).12721773_10153564151669234_2094696578_nIf you are interested in keeping up-to-date on when they are to be released then Catherine Moore has an active Facebook page and another HERE. You can also visit her site, HERE.
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Let Me Call You Cupcake

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I know, St. Valentine’s Day has now passed by but I had this post drafted so decided to go ahead and share it with you anyway.  To wait another 12 months seems an awful long time!
When I do vintage it is usually  vintage, meaning faded colours, torn and tattered lace but this time I am dipping my toes into a slightly more Retro vintage feel for a fun Valentine cupcake!
Redlead Paperworks not only stock amazing stamps and stencils, they also have an abundance of collage sheets covering different themes and styles. When I received some of their Valentine Cupcake collage sheets (link below) I knew they would be fun to play with even though I would be working with slightly bolder colours to what I prefer.
Redlead Supplies
Cupcake Collage Sheet No. 10 Valentine Cupcakes
Ancestors Collage Sheet No. 8
Valentine Rubber Stamp – Little Labels

Valentine Rubber Stamp – I Came To Enquire
Valentine Rubber Stamp – Romanticism In Art
cupcakeonelynnemoncrieffA cupcake on stand makes this a fun alternative to a Valentine card. Tucked into a wooden frame, given  a lovely Liquid Glass treatment, are a couple from one of Redlead’s collage sheets.  I wanted dimension and fun elements on this cupcake, such as the pompom trim.cupcaketwolynnemoncrieff A gathering of stamped images declaring their adulation for one another.cupcakethreelynnemoncrieffI played around with one of the Redlead stamps to create my own sentiment.
All cupcakes should have a topping – here, a small wooden heart painted and then some Liquid Glass.
cupcakefourlynnemoncrieffNow, I would say that needs to be a line drawn under all things Valentine!
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Always and Forever

Hello Everyone
Just as a puppy should not only be for Christmas, so it could be argued that love shouldn’t only be for Valentine’s Day, it should be, as the title for my DT post over at That’s Crafty, Always and Forever!
one2Quite a few of That’s Crafty’s own products appear. If you would like to view the post, then please click HERE.
Happy St. Valentine’s Day Wishes

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