Just to say Hello and to thank you for still visiting and commenting on blog posts, even during this absence. I didn’t intend to take a break, it has just been that one day has merged into another, resulting in time passing and me falling further behind. You are always such supportive blog friends and I did not want to be seen to take you all for granted, I certainly don’t.
I hope to be able to draft some blog posts soon, I certainly have plenty to be sharing with you. At that time I hope to also get back into the pattern of visiting your own blogs, which I surely miss so very much.
Hope life is being kind to all of you.


Hello Everyone
Sharing this project over at the That’s Crafty blog.  A teeny card featuring Infusions and a Prima Christine Adolph Rub-on.blog26junelynnemIf you are interested, all details are HERE.

Let The Party Begin (The Stampers’ Sampler)

Hello Everyone
Recently, HERE, I shared a post with celebration cards, which were published in The Stampers’ Sampler, for the Celebration Challenge Call. I mentioned in that post that alongside the cards, I also had a trio of canvas panels published.  The canvas panels, even moreso than the cards, were a conscious effort of me to “let go”, to not hold back on the application of colour and use of colour.  It was actually quite freeing!
It’s always an honour to be published in The Stampers’ Sampler, none moreso when they make a feature of my submissions and I would say, being very honest, that although I never, ever take for granted being published in any of the Stampington titles I submit to, always staggered to be published add to that, when the artwork is not immediately associated with my style makes it to print, if it is at all possible, I’d say it means even more to me because it does not come naturally to me.
I’ve quite a few detail photographs for each piece so intend to share the panels over several posts. I think it’s fair to say, the panel I am sharing in this post and the subsequent ones, are probably the brightest, boldest pieces I’ve ever shared here!
8″x8″ canvas panel (Links for stamps and stencils appear throughout this post.)

Redlead’s She Lets Herself Fly is the stencil that this girl with wings comes from (a wonderful stencil featuring two girls – the other appears on one of the other panels which I’ll be sharing another day).
twoI continued the theme of stamping onto fabric throughout the cards and canvas panel submissions, such as her party  hat ( HERE) and balloon (which appears on this stamp set, HERE.)
threeTo add texture to her dress I used a That’s Crafty Dinky Stencil.  I so love a Dinky Stencil, something I never imagined I’d say but not only do I like the designs, I am fond of their scale, perfect for adding the smallest touch of stencilling.  I used the same stencil in two ways, to give me the yellow dots and the circles.  A hint of sparkle in the form of a trio of rhinestones on the hem of her dress.fourThe bold colour choice was really determined by the fabric,fivewith let the party begin repeatedly stamped onto the background
sixwith words stencilled onto painted cardstock to create word tiles.  I tried to link this stencil but cannot find it over at Redlead Paperworks, maybe it is out of stock at the moment.
A grungy background where I allowed the white of the panel to peek through.
sevenPompom trim brings a whimsical touch and
eightright back up to the top edge of the panel there is more stamping onto fabric with the  banner (a PaperArtsy LPC stamp).
nineMany thanks for your visits and comments, even moreso during a time when I haven’t managed to visit your own blogs, I really do miss those visits.

Rusty Bits

Hello Everyone
Sunday always seems to roll around so quickly!
Over at the That’s Crafty blog, this week I am sharing another of the ATCs created for a HOCHANDA show, where ATCs and ATC storage units were showcased.bloglynnem19juneIf you are interested in reading more about this ATC then please click HERE.

The Sweetest Day Ever – Part I (The Stampers’ Sampler)

Hello Everyone
Sorry for being so quiet on my blog and also with visits to your blogs.
This scheduled post shares a trio of cards I made last year for The Stampers’ Sampler, in the hope of being published for their annual Celebrations Challenge Call. I wanted a submission that was cheerful, with a celebratory feel to it, something that I cannot say comes easily to me!
Along with this collection I submitted three canvas panels, I was so delighted when I opened The Stampers’ Sampler to see that they had combined all of my submissions into a feature The Sweetest Day Ever. Another time I will share the canvas panels.
There are four cards but I’m only sharing three because I cannot find photographs of the fourth card!
The cards look smaller than they actually are – they are 7″x5″

All Stamps and Stencils:- Redlead Paperworks
Cute As A Button (Dress)
Darlene’s Dress
Art Stencil
Other stamps from Redlead – balloon, party hat, small bunting, labels and sentiments.
I knew from the start that I wanted to work with Redlead products, create a watercolour style wash for each background and to include fabric.cardtwothreelynnesamplerOn each card, for nearly all the stamped elements, I stamped onto fabric.
It doesn’t really translate in the photograph but the party hat, dress, balloon, the Make A Wish sentiment label and bunting, were all stamped onto fabric.  The word Today, is stencilled onto cardstock painted to co-ordinate.
The smallest detail added to the dress, a rhinestone.cardtwotwolynnesamplerI don’t know why this blog layout will not allow me to create larger sized landscape photos, this makes the cards look as though they were mini cards and not 7″x5″!cardoneonelynnemsamplerThis is the same dress, Darlene’s Dress is the name of this stamp, stamped onto different fabrics.  A teeny tiny fabric flower and tiny rhinestones embellish the dresses.cardonetwolynnesamplerFabric cut to form bunting.
cardonethreelynnesamplerAgain, all the elements stamped onto fabric, including the PaperArtsy bunting.  A pink pompom was added for some frivolous fun!cardthreeonelynnesamplerThere is a lovely sense of freedom to sometimes (and I do add, sometimes!) having fun with brighter colours.  I doubt if I would have made such a collection before, always going for vintage/shabby.  If colour is a huge part of your creative life then it is difficult for me to explain what a big step this is for me.dresstwoThank you for all the lovely comments even moreso when it is during a time I am absent from visiting your own blogs.

Flowers In The Rain

Hello Everyone
You might know that That’s Crafty continue to add to their own product range, including storage units.  The ATC storage unit was recently showcased on HOCHANDA with the DT creating ATCs and altering the actual units.
Over at the That’s Crafty Blog, this week I am sharing one of my ATCs.oneAs always, if you are interested in viewing more photos or reading supply list, instructions, then please click HERE.

Greetings From Mimi

Hello Everyone
Let us catch-up with Mimi.
onceIn the month of May, Mimi took the time to help a sweet person celebrate her day, Betty.  For Mimi, this was the perfect opportunity to dress up in her finest and don her straw boater.
Mimi has been in a creative mood of late.  Since the arrival of Springtime, she has found herself searching through her wardrobe, looking for pieces to be titivated.twoA straw boater, which really had seen better days, was calling out for a little make-over, so, with a nose tickling feather and cluster of fabric flowers, Mimi brought some life back into an old favourite.
threeOf course, she was having so much fun she could not stop at brightening up only the boater.  She could not resist snipping off the buttons from the bodice of her dress, instead replacing them with some rhinestone buttons.  Now, this outfit would be most celebratory for when she greeted her friend.  A sweet yellow primrose fabric flower to adorn the bow on the bodice and why stop there, what about some puffy lace to the sleeves.fourGosh!  Look at the time.  Mimi grabs the book she bought for Betty, a beautiful edition of Little Women and a bouquet of delicately scented flowers from Mimi’s window box.fiveOops! I do get carried away with those paper dolls!!!
Mimi was made as an alternative to a birthday card for my dear Mum.  I have been sharing the outcome of completed paper dolls with my Mum so thought it would be nice to finally make one for her.
sixThe stamps are all Character Constructions and are available from HERE, shipping worldwide.sevenIf any of you are interested in the individual stamps I inked up to complete this paper doll, then please contact me and I can provide all the details.  Eleven individual stamps in total, form Mimi, from head to toe.
Many thanks for your visit to this post as I always appreciate your visits and comments.

She Flies

Hello Everyone
For my DT post over at That’s Crafty, once again I have been dipping into Infusions, which I’ve used in a few ways, including stamping with the Infusions.blogonelynnemoncrieffIf you are interested, the post can be found HERE with instructions, etc.

Celebrate Your Creativity

Hello Everyone
Earlier in the year I received some wonderful new products from Redlead Paperworks, including Art House Kits.  I thought they looked such fun and with so many uses, after all, there are no rules to say they have to be storage for art supplies.
There are three different Art House kits, the one I played with is Shine Bright, Dreamer.  What’s so clever, it isn’t just the house, the kit includes wooden words, numbers and elements such as stars.  On my art house I also included some other Redlead products, here is the supply list.

Redlead Paperworks Supplies:-
Art House It – Shine Bright, Dreamer
Stencil – Celebrate Your Creativity 6″x6″
Collage Image – Ancestors
arthouselynnemoncrieffAlthough the image is vintage and I sneaked in a wee touch of lace, I knew I wanted a more contemporary colour palette when it came to painting the house, with a slightly grungy appearance.  Three colours of PaperArtsy Frescos were applied, working on the the individual pieces before assembling.
This woman is actually holding a book which I envisaged as being her art journal and I liked that the image sheet she came on had four different sizes of the same image.two
If you haven’t visited Redlead Paperworks then it is worth mentioning that not only do they stock amazing products but they are also generous with sharing tutorials, such as how to work with their wooden words/shapes.three
The Art Houses would look amazing with layers of stamping but I opted for stencilling words onto the rear
and the sides.
Be BoldsixBe You.
Well I am not very bold but I am trying to be at least a wee bit bolder with colour!
sevenThe Art Houses could not be any easier to assemble!
Redlead have a newsletter you can sign up.  You will receive notification of new products, offers and every now and then they provide a beautiful free image for you to use in your art.
Thank you so much for visiting this post.