If You Go Down To The Woods Today

Hello Everyone
Recently I shared with you stamp news from Darkroom Door, the release of the new Line Art stamps and also some new additions to the Texture Stamp line.
Amongst the stamp goodies I received was a Leafy Lady stamp, this is from the new Line Art stamp line.
Darkroom Door stamps used:-
Line Art – Leafy Lady
Texture Stamps:- Splatters and Flourish
Wilderness Vol 1

So this is my Darkroom Door sample using the Leafy Lady.
This stamp conjured images of The Green Man, so with thoughts of that in my head, I gathered elements that had a natural feeling to them.
22 July 412Knowing I wouldn’t be colouring/painting the stamp I was unsure what to stamp her onto, then it struck me.  I had a beautiful piece of handmade paper with gorgeous flecks of gold and silver which my lovely friend Nicola had sent to me.  It was all the more perfect as it produced the lovely feathered edging once I tore around the stamped image.photothreeObviously I wanted to incorporate some of the new Texture Stamps I also received so here I used the Splatters (this is a stamp I know I will reach for time and again) and the elegant Flourish was stamped onto waxy paper.22 July 411A rustic gathering of wood, raffia and jute.detail5Thank You so much for your visit to my Blog not only for this post but previous posts especially during any of my absences.

Dr Coffin’s Apothecary of Delights (Published)

Hello Everyone
To start this new week I want to squeeze in a quick post before I commence with sharing DT samples.
The latest issue of The Stampers’ Sampler contains pages of Halloween inspired artwork and I cannot begin to tell you how thrilled I was to have seen my submissions published within the pages.
One of the pieces I have published is this altered quad slide mailer which I had altered with Oxford Impressions’ Dr Coffin’s Apothecary set (available from Oxford Impressions and in the U.K. from That’s Crafty)lynne3Although not photographed in the magazine, this is the inside of the mailer. I so enjoyed altering this mailer, creating texture with very few paint supplies and a heat gun and being inspired by the stamps themselves.
lynne11Soon enough I will be sharing more of Dr Coffin with you but for this week I will be focusing on DT samples for new stamp releases from Darkroom Door and Crafty Individuals but before I leave you, thank you for your comments on Mr Turtle and for the chuckle I had reading that some of you thought he was experiencing an underwear adventure not an underwater adventure!!!  In a few up-coming posts I will be sharing samples, again, that see me outwith my comfort zone.
Have a wonderful week.


Made Sense For A Change

Hello Everyone
Welcome to my sneaky peek post for my That’s Crafty DT post.
photofiveIf you would like to see what I’ve been working on, then please pop on over to the That’s Crafty Blog to view the complete project along with instructions and supply list.
Enjoy what remains of the weekend.

Mr Turtle & His Underwater Adventures

Hello Everyone
I know the previous post shared news on the latest releases from Crafty Individuals but, for now, I have a card to share using a previous release, an Alice Palace design, CI-413.
As I like vintage and pale, muted tones, it is so easy for me to always reach for vintage book text, Gesso and the palest of paint colours but at the beginning of this year, I wanted to spread my wings a wee bit and ink up stamps that otherwise have been avoided.
It is no great secret to say that Alice Palace designs are not nestled within my comfort zone and for that reason, it is fair to say that this stamp was not inked up until very recently. Knowing I had received a stamp to play with which hadn’t been inked up, it pushed me to release Mr Turtle from his packaging and simply to see where this stamp was going to take me and not worry about how to fit it into a shabby chic style but simply, arrange a bundle of paints in front of me and have some fun and that is exactly what I did do and you can see, a result that is different to my favoured “style”.
I introduce you to Mr Turtle.CI-413
This is the stamp.  I decided not to use the text.
15 May 121All the texture was laid down prior to applying Gesso and paint and amazingly, there are no embellishments on this card, unusual for me.  What struck me as a positive about cards created this way, it would certainly make it a lot less expensive to mail, without any bulky embellishments.detailoneYou can see some of the texture I laid down in this photograph, along with a sentiment from one of Crafty Individuals Elements set.detailtwoThat is my little squeezed in post prior to returning on Sunday with my regular post for Sunday, the That’s Crafty DT post.
I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend, possibly even finding some creative time to yourselves.

Crafty Individuals – New Stamps Released

Hello Everyone
Do you know that Crafty Individuals have released new stamps?
Yes, there are six new stamp designs and not only that, some of the new stamps are on a special introductory offer.
(excuse the quality of the photographs but the sunlight was playing havoc with the cellophane packaging)
CI-414 – a very detailed stamp depicting an elegant lady in a wide brimmed hat414CI-415 – Beyond The Picket Fence is a stamp which sees a beautiful garden of flowers and a picket style fence.415CI-416 – Feathered Friends – two adorable little blue birds sitting in a branch adorned with flowers. 416CI-417 – Country Days – a bicycle with a sweet little bird perched on the seat and a basket brimming over with flowers. 417CI-418 – This is one of two stamps designed by the lovely Giovanna Zara. 418and  Giovanna’s  other stamp is CI-419.   419Remember, the special introductory price, but only for a limited time only. Less than half price, a fabulous offer especially for brand new stamps. Visit the Crafty Individuals on-line store for details or if you have signed up for their newsletter you will be able to read the details within that.
I will share with you a sample very soon. I wonder if you can guess which I inked up first!

Bird Study No. 1 (Guest Designer – Redlead Paperworks)

Hello Everyone
For my first post of this new week I want to share with you my first piece of Guest Designer art for the fabulous Redlead Paperworks.redleadbadgeIt is such an honour to be creating with Chris and Sharon’s amazing products whether it be their rubber stamp designs, stencils or collage images.
On receiving goodies from them I could not stop myself from inking up some of the lovely feathered friend stamps and other bird theme related stamps for a canvas which is rich in texture.
I wanted to capture a woody essence to the canvas, which is 8″x8″, achieving it with what transpired to be the minimum of products.
This captures the work in progress with the left photograph showing the texture I laid down onto the canvas with the application of Gesso and dissolved walnut ink crystals then moving onto the right side photograph where Gesso and paint has been laid down to create the base that I would ultimately build upon.canvasbaseMost times, the way I work is to then gather a bundle of stamps, different textures to stamp onto and a selection of what could be termed as embellishments.  I then set to work stamping onto the various textures, usually with too many remaining at the end of the project however, I know they will be used at some time, so long as I don’t misplace them in the interim!
I will list the Redlead Paperworks stamps towards the end of this post.
birdstudycanvaslynnemoncrieffNow, let’s zoom in to various areas of this canvas so you get a close-up of the stamped images, firstly the tag.
I always have tags prepared, stored away – either prepared with tea, coffee or dissolved walnut crystals.   The tag was perfect for what I had in mind, it forming  the focal of the canvas, dangling from a twig (a piece of driftwood).
Gathered for the tag alone are stamps from the Little Labels:- Butterfly Wishes (Bird Study), Fragile Nest (smaller egg) and Nest Defined (nest, definition and larger egg), which were either stamped onto wax paper, handmade paper, painted handmade paper or wood.tagdetailThe nest lost none of its detailing when stamped onto the handmade paper. detail4Taking a stroll we next move to the left side of the canvas where we spy one of the Perching Birds.  Again, it was not lost on me that the stamp retained the smallest of details no matter the surface they were stamped onto and considering this Perching Bird was then laid onto one of the highly textured areas of the actual canvas, it is testament to the quality of the stamps.
Some of the text you will see is either from Nest Defined or from Bird Defined, a stamp I recently shared on my Blog as I used it on both a card and Journal to gift to my lovely friend Dorthe.
The nest is from the same set as the smaller egg seen on the tag.  Brilliant value for money as there are two different nests, the small egg and also the word Fragile which I also used on the canvas. detail1Here is the second of the Perching Birds with that word Fragile which I was telling you about a moment ago. detail5With right below him the same nest as on the opposite side. I really liked the effect. When I showed the completed canvas to my Mum she saw this nest and thought it was a piece of pattern fabric I had incorporated – how we can fool!!!  I know you stampers would not be so easily fooled.detail3If you are interested in any of the stamps I used on this canvas then here is a list:-
Redlead Stamps:-
Perching Birds (both birds)
Nest Defined (large nest on the tag, larger egg and nest definition)
Little Labels:- Butterfly Wishes (Bird Study)
Bird Defined (bird definition)
Fragile (nest, smaller egg and word Fragile)
All stamps can be sourced at Redlead.
I cannot begin to tell you how much I enjoyed stamping up the Redlead stamps, I hope it comes across in the canvas.
It wouldn’t surprise me if I dip into some, if not all,  of those stamps for a future project as I really have fallen in love with the details of the nests and birds and I like that there are those smaller supporting stamps such as the wee egg, words, etc.
Thank You for your visit to my first post for this week. I am in the middle of trying to draft and schedule posts as my time on-line seems to be rather hit and miss at the moment, which is also having a knock-on effect to my visits to your Blogs.
Hope everyone is well and enjoying some summer days, of course, that depends on where you call home and also depends if you like the sun, maybe you are like myself with the sun not being your biggest fan.  Although it is nice to look out on blue skies instead of dreich weather!

Whole Lotta Love

Hello Everyone
The arrival of Sunday means it is time time for my DT post over at That’s Crafty.
I had lots of fun stepping outwith my comfort zone for my project this week.blogphotoI hope you will visit the That’s Crafty Blog to view the project in full. Instructions and supply list are also noted HERE.

Masks, Stencils & Templates Challenge @ That’s Crafty Challenge

Hello Everyone
A quick post to share with you some challenge news.  The theme at the That’s Crafty Challenge Blog is Masks, Stencils & Templates.
I can imagine this will be a popular challenge because we all seem to have fallen under the spell of all three, especially stencils, I can even hold my hands up to say I have collected a handful this year, thanks to That’s Crafty.
Please read entry details carefully but it is well worth your while entering as the prize is a £20 voucher to spend on-line at That’s Crafty.Challenge Blog VoucherHappy Creating!

Life Will Be A Symphony Of Joy

Hello Everyone
When Darkroom Door recently released new frame stamps, amongst them was the Music Hall frame stamp. This, along with all the frame stamps, is a generously sized stamp which comes mounted onto cling foam. For the card I made as a DT sample I paired the frame stamp with stamps from the Harmony stamp set.
For my sample I actually went for a very simple card with the frame being a prominent feature and little details to conjure up music halls from days gone by.  The raspberry velvet representing the velvet coverings on the seat and the focus on the ladies who populated music halls, dressed in their finery, drop pearl ear-rings dangling from their shell-like ears and the glint of gold at their neck-line.
Listen to the music in all things and life will be a symphony of joy.oneA simple background of Gesso washed over vintage sheet music which is what I also stamped the sentiment onto and the frame. 
A stamped treble clef was tucked into a metal cabuchon frame. blogtwoThank You for your visit to this Darkroom Door post.

New Darkroom Door Line Art Stamps

Hello Everyone
Darkroom Door have announced the release of new stamps.
The stamps are a collection called Line Art stamps and they are definitely different to the style you would normally associate with Darkroom Door.
Let me introduce you to the ladies, designed by Lucrecia de Silva.
Leafy Lady
Flower LadyDDLA002_LineArtStamp_FlowerLady
Crafty LadyDDLA003_LineArtStamp_CraftyLady
Cherry Apple LadyDDLA004_LineArtStamp_CherryAppleLady
Strawberry LadyDDLA005_LineArtStamp_StrawberryLady
Tropical LadyDDLA006_LineArtStamp_TropicalLady
If you would like to view the Darkroom Door DT samples then please visit the Darkroom Door Blog and of course you can always sign up for the Darkroom Door newsletter to keep informed of any new Blog posts.

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