Stretch Your Wings And Fly: Pendants (Somerset Studio)

This is another re-wind post, sharing two pendants which were published in Sept/Oct 2018 Somerset Studio, two Mixed Media pendants which had focal elements of a word (Red Lead stamp), stamped onto birch tree bark, with an application of ICE Resin.I worked with all I had to hand, including some beads which were re-cycled from broken jewellery and the stamped birch tree bark was layered onto suede which was from an old suede skirt. Packaged with re-cycled corrugated cardboard with one of my Affirmations stamped onto scrap calico.  Wings…the second pendant.You can see that this pendant is a variation on the first onewith similar style of packaging. Thank you for taking the time to visit this post.

Learning to Fly (Somerset Studio)

I am winding back the clock to the Sept/Oct 2018 issue of Somerset Studio, when at that time, I had the lovely surprise, of this submission, featured as a Spotlight.
I remember at the time, the inspiration for this project and another which I am sharing in this post, were the fabulous Greyboard Wings from That’s Crafty and their Art Shrines. With beautiful image of a young woman from Red Lead, I had the possibility of giving her wings, outsized wings which would enable me to attach chain, suspended from a tree branch.Although there is a strong nature element to this hanging shrine, it is also an Affirmation.  The shrine is trying to convey the spirit of a person, most especially when that person doesn’t see what is actually within them, almost blind to their own spirit and what they are capable of.PaperArtsy Frescos enabled me to bring a speckled appearance to the RELICS & ARTIFACTS Imperial Egg, nestling inside the Art Shrine. 
The twin to this shrine, has the message of “Fly, Soar”, almost saying to the young woman from the first shrine, you have the spirit with you, this is now time for you to fly, for you to soar.  The light catching the wing.At the time of working on the shrines, I was not conscious until setting them side by side, viewing them as twins, possibly a subconscious nod to Gemini.  Side by side, they could be viewed that it is one side of the personality, nudging the other side, supporting it, shoring it up to say you are able to achieve anything, believe in yourself.
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Earthy Affirmations (Somerset Studio)

In the latest issue of Somerset Studio, one of the articles I have is Earthy Affirmations.
I was inspired not only by the Somerset Studio Art Call for the theme of Blush but also inspired by That’s Crafty white/greyboard Doodled Shrooms. Instead of matching them with their corresponding clear stamps, I wanted to give them a grungy, earthy appearance,pairing them with Affirmations.For each collage I worked with the same items, torn papers including stained That’s Crafty Rice Paper, layered onto eco dyed watercolour paper. Partial Affirmations appear on a stained shipping tag, with a central word taken from the Affirmation, to be layered at the base of each mushroom.Machine stitching the layers brought extra texture and interest to the collages.PaperArtsy Fresco Paints were used, swiped here and there, with my fingers, onto the panels.Corrugated cardboard, oh it is simply wonderful to work with!  I used the corrugated cardboard which comes within That’s Crafty’s Surfaces Mixed Media Paper/Card Kit. to form pockets for the collages, making one pocket larger to contain two collages.A full supply list and details of the pockets can be seen in the Somerset Studio article.
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Wisdom of the Trees Part II (Somerset Studio)

This is Part II to this previous post, sharing collages inspired by trees and their wisdom which were published in an issue of Stampington & Co’s Somerset Studio last year.
Sharing today the final three collages.
Collage 4
As with previous collages, the trees were stamped onto lovely, delicate tissue such as dressmaker tissue.Infusions were the aid in bringing touches of colour, earthy colours as though they were pigments created from natural elements gathered from a walk in the woods.Collage 5Stained book text, again with Infusions, are a gentle layer that peeks through from the stamped tissue. Corrugated cardboard evokes ruts in the ground.Collage 6Layering fragments beneath the trees, again aiming to conjure images of layers of texture in a landscape.
I appreciate both posts were lengthy so many thanks for taking the time to visit both of the posts.
It is nice to be able to catch-up, sharing projects from some time ago, next I need to start to be able to visit blogs, something I enjoyed doing so much before.
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Wisdom of the Trees Part I (Somerset Studio)

In the Sept/Oct 2017 issue of Somerset Studio I have a feature, Wisdom of the Trees.
This project was initially inspired by a Somerset Studio Art Call which I had previously submitted to, finding myself still inspired by their challenge of working with tags, I continued to play, creating collages with tags as the substrates.  I was enjoying this project so much, I made collage after collage and it was understandable that Somerset Studio were not going to give page room for all the collages I submitted but I can share them all here and will do over two posts.
A footnote to this… on each collage I add some journalling, not giving any thoughts, allowing the words to freely flow from mind to pen, to project. Little did I know at that time, some of those words would be transformed into Affirmations, featuring on Set 7 of That’s Crafty Lynne’s Affirmations stamps.  This creative path is something to behold!
I wanted a sense of textures and fragments, something I find, unconsciously returning to is the thought of tattered elements being caught on a passing breeze.  I wanted a sense of that on each collage, of different textures, swept together by that breeze and resting as a collage.That piece of green lace, was from a panel of pure white lace I received as a gift from a lovely friend Sharon in the U.S.A.  I stained it with Infusions and this fragment brought to mind fresh leaves or possibly a shoot appearing from the hard earth.Collage 2Infusions brought not only earthy goodness to each collage, they also brought variation as I wanted to create a series.As you can see, texture was essential, in fact in most of the collages it was the layering of various textures which created a sense of grounding for the stamped trees above. Collage 3All the trees are from Crafty Individuals, they surely create some of the very best tree stamps. I am always fascinated by the effects achieved with Infusions, simply applied over Gesso.On each collage, as I mentioned at the top, I journalled.  You can just about see some of the journaling beside the button.  What is very freeing is not taking time to consider penmanship or actual words, simply allowing them to flow. This is only half of the series, I have Part II to share another day.
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The Strength Of Their Wings (Somerset Studio)

This is another of my catch-up posts, relating to Somerset Studio, the Jan/Feb 2018 issue where I was published with a project featuring a trio of assemblages which were made in response to their Art Call for the theme of Robin’s Egg Blue.  The colour, not surprisingly, turned my thoughts to eggs and as I had R&As resin eggs, that was the direction I would be taking.
In the intro for my article I write about the thoughts for this submission,where in this art community, no matter the phase of their lives, artists continually stretch their wings, to fly ever upwards.   There might be times when those wings might be slightly more delicate, whether in personal lives or their artistic endeavours, possibly inner struggles to search for strength to soar but there can be strength within the fragile.   My mind also drew parallels between human fragility and that of an egg.  An egg is viewed as delicate, easily broken, yet it has the strength to contain life within that delicate shell. The R&A eggs are packaged with tops, the decorative top can be seen more clearly in the photo below along with the wings from That’s Crafty!  Those wings are so amazing, in fact I felt I was using them too much around this time that I deliberately packed them away for a wee while!  The PaperArtsy Eclectica EEA faces were the perfect focals to strengthen the narrative for this project.Different greyboard wings from That’s Crafty were adhered to the eggs.Some of my Affirmations, again helped me firm up the narrative I was trying to express for each assemblage and also as a collective. 
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Don’t Doubt The Strength (Somerset Studio)

Projects can be such funny things.  This wasn’t the first incarnation, I tore off elements, played around and still I wasn’t content with it, so I pushed it aside, letting it lie knowing I would either eventually be able to move forwards and if not, I would try and peel back as many layers as possible to rescue the substrate and butterfly.
I am never, ever 100% satisfied with anything I make and I don’t view that as a fault because it’s not me being ridiculously humble, it is me being well aware that I have much to learn, to improve and that is what I want from this “journey”.  So when I say that, on eventual completion of this panel I was at an even lower level of satisfaction about this project than I normally am but it coincided with me packing up some submissions to Stampington offices and there was just enough room for this project and what swung it, there were two other projects with a theme of butterflies and where I had also used similar Infusions colours.  If there was even a chance they liked any of the trio, sometimes they assemble them together into one feature – that was my greatest, daren’t even dream it wish!  At the worst, there really wasn’t a worst because I had no hopes with this project.
Imagine then when the Editor of Somerset Studio contacts me to ask for an article.  I am sharing this because all too often, we can believe that those around us are always in the zone when they create and always have belief in their art and high expectations of publication.  Once again, not from being humble, there is another side to the story and it feels right to share that with you.  Sometimes it is about doing all you can at any given time and saying to yourself, I will give this a go and submit it, who knows what the outcome will be.
Instructions are within Somerset Studio Jan/Feb 2018 issue
This is why I adore Infusions, the teeny, tiny bursts of colour, which for someone who is not a person who immerses themselves in the colour wheel (!) is just the perfect amount of colour for me to cope with, without the need to run to the nearest darkened room. Joking aside, I love that I can use the same colours on the substrate, the butterfly, re-cycled/found papers and textiles. They are an all rounder and what I need amongst my supplies.
That’s Crafty Antique Gold paint was applied to the butterfly, highlighting the edges and texture but only using my fingertips, I do not want a precise application of paint, the same as applied to the Infusions stained lace.  I have lovely Sharon Bruner to thank for that lovely lace.
I wanted this assemblage to be rich in texture.

It is a truly special feeling to have a project, featuring one of my Lynne’s Affirmations stamps, published in what I deem as THE publication for Mixed Media – it’s what dreams are made of and what makes my wings stronger.

She Is An Artist: Art Tag Bundle (from Somerset Studio)

I have a few drafted posts, sharing makes from a wee while ago, such as this project which was submitted to Stampington & Co’s Somerset Studio Art Challenge, Tag You’re It! and subsequently published in their July/August 2017 issue.
I was inspired by stencils and stamps from Red Lead Paperworks, PaperArtsy EEA designed by Kasia Avery and That’s Crafty, to alter a bundle of ordinary shipping tags with the stamps, stencils, Infusions, etc and binding with another shipping tag which forms the cover.Turn the tag bundle over and there is more of the stamping and stencilling, much layering to create a grungy feeling.
For each tag, what I would call the front of the tag, has a That’s Crafty stamp, which I cut into word tiles after stamping.  I like this effect because it brings more emphasis to each word, allowing doodling to be formed around the tiles for definition and allows me to play around with placement, thereby altering the original alignment of the stamped words.
That’s Crafty Inspirational Quotes Set 2
PaperArtsy EEA designed by Kasia Avery, are the most perfect stamps for adding detail and Infusions were the most perfect of media to stain the tags.

Here are some of the tags.
As each tag is quite dark in tone, white paint pen markers were what I needed to add highlights.
Then, flip them over and a stencilled art sentiment from Red Lead is the focal, with stamping forming a border.
Here are some more details of the tags.
Tags were something I began to alter in the early days of my rubber stamping journey so it was very special to have this project and another one, with a nature theme, published in Somerset Studio.
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Nature Study (Somerset Studio)

This project is another article in the Jan/Feb issue of Somerset Studio, it was in answer to an art call for the colour Olive which isn’t a colour which I would normally reach for but I knew I had PaperArtsy olive Fresco so I had no excuse to dive in. It was packaging which inspired me, cardboard packaging from Amazon (I always have to battle with my conscience when I say their name!!!) which has almost a folder appearance to it.
I wanted it to become a Nature Study portfolio with not only green to transform the cardboard packaging but also a Green ethos to the items I reached for throughout.
The folder opens to reveal a panel of tree bark, embellished with a piece of found paper, stamped and layered with a beautiful feather and for the right side, where a book or other item would normally be packaged, this is the area where the art panels are stored.
The jute twine ties this element to close it,
A cluster of stamped tags, it was probably walnut ink (I keep a large jar which I top up when required and so far, no sign of mould appearing) I used to stain the found paper/cardstock.  All of those stamps are from Character Constructions.  That is one of the many reasons I adore Character Constructions, not only for the stunning paper dolls stamps but there are also so many detail stamps included on the plates.
The rear which was stamped with a script stamp (PaperArtsy ESN) and a beautiful fern stamp).
Inside the portfolio there are four panels which are all substrates of birch tree bark which I have randomly painted. There are layers and layers and texture upon texture, all items from around the home and garden. Some items again stained with walnut ink and I was so pleased, without going out of my way, I discovered that piece of book text.
Tree bark, burlap, muslin, brown packing paper, cardboard paper and a wooden button/bead from a piece of clothing.
Loose fibres gives the impression of nesting material within the stamped nest, which was stamped onto birch tree bark
I peeled back a layer of the tree bark to place this stamped image of the nest behind it.
Panel Two which features another Red Lead bird stamp
which was stamped onto resin paper or maybe the ICE Resin was applied after stamping…I think I should have referred to the instructions in my article! I know he rests on a MDF heart from That’s Crafty.
Thank you to Dorthe for the driftwood and the sweet wee cone.
Within the folder, other than the two panels featuring birds, there were two other panels, featuring leaves.
The leaves were stamped onto deli paper which had the PaperArtsy Freco paint, diluted and applied to create a textural appearance.
Red Lead have an extensive range of nature themed stamps and they do some of the very best bird stamps you could ever hope to source.
I appreciate, this was a very long blog post with lots of photos so huge thanks if you managed to stay until the end!

A Bundle of Hopes & Wishes (Somerset Studio)

This is another of those posts relating to an article in Somerset Studio, Jan/Feb, cannot believe it is from so long ago.  The items were made in answer to an art call in Somerset Life, Gifts of Positivity but as sometimes happens, they will move projects to another magazine title, I was just thrilled that they wanted to publish them whether in Somerset Life or Somerset Studio!
I had received a bundle of wooden word charms from Red Lead and for some reason, the notion of making trinket pins entered my head.  In the intro of the article I write that I was making an effort to use supplies which were ever so slightly unloved or I was saving, such as some Idea-ology items.  I never did embrace the whole Tim Holtz style but like so many others, was drawn to some of the Idea-ology items, preferring them for Mixed Media wearable art, etc.
This is what a bundle of Hopes & Wishes looks like, gathered together, attached to the presentation idea I had for each trinket pin.
I only worked, deliberately, with a handful of supplies.
I received the journal tickets from an art friend (Sam) and they were exactly what the pins were looking for as a presentation idea.
In Somerset Studio, I liked the way they attached this particular pin to a swath of fabric.
A tiny amount of mica flakes, on the engraved wooden word charm, to catch the light.
The wooden wing is also from Red Lead.  If you have not explored their wooden items then it would be worth your while, they have an extensive range.
Pearls and rhinestones embellish this pin.
Shine Bright is the sentiment spelled out with this pin.
A final Wish.
Thank you so much for your visit.

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