Merriment and Reels on All Hallows’ Eve

Hello Everyone
Thank You for joining me on All Hallows’ Eve where in sharp contrast to yesterday’s angelic post I have a more sinister offering to share as I return with another  and my final Oxford Impressions, Danse Macabre – The Skeletons’ Ball DT sample ( Danse Macabre set. from Oxford Impressions and also available from That’s Crafty)
In part this was inspired by Robert Burns’ Tam o’ Shanter, an epic of a poem if ever there was one and a poem which I re-aquaint myself with at this time of the year.  I was first introduced to the poem at school, completely mesmerised by the flow of the words and enthralled by the imagery Rabbie Burns lays before us and so captivated that I chose to study it for my Higher Grade English exam.
The Scots language is surely no more beautiful and atmospheric than in the hands of Robert Burns but it is also a complex dialect, even for myself, I would not be able to sit and translate all the Scots words but that is the wonder of the internet where we can source anything at the touch of our fingertips. If Tam o’ Shanter is new to you or you possibly haven’t spent time immersed in this poem for the longest time then I found this site which has both versions side-by-side,  (link to poem with translation). There is surely never a better time of the year to read Tam o’ Shanter.
As for my DT sample, put on your dancing shoes as we join the merriment at the annual Danse Macabre where we are told to eat, drink and be scary (see the ticket stamp from this set).  Come join me for a reel.
18thoctober 039Initially I had in mind to work with a 4″x4″ box canvas but as I laid the stamped images onto the canvas, loosely planning a composition I realised I wanted to include more stamps for me to tell a story, therefore needing more room, yet I didn’t want to work on a larger canvas so of course I turned to a wooden cube.  If you are a regular to my Blog then you will have seen me use such a cube in conjunction with a canvas before, a simple way to bring more surface area to a project and seems to turn a canvas into something that is more displayable (is that such a word?) around the home.
I never hesitate to stamp directly onto canvas but there are times when stamping onto tissue paper is more suitable. I managed to take a few photographs of the initial stages of the preparation of the canvas.
Obviously I applied the various media to lay down the colour onto the canvas followed with stamping trees onto tissue paper and adhering to the canvas. treesonlyThe edges were also decorated in the same manner. onedgeDancing amongst the trees we have some joyous skeletons. I wanted two of them to be holding hands, somewhat bony hands I will admit but nevertheless, holding hands so I flipped the image before adhering. Bats flutter amongst the trees watching the scene played out below them. alltissuepaperimages

Once all the stamped tissue had been applied and well and truly dried, I moved onto texture and dimension with the moon and a couple of the bats which were fussy cut and of course the obligatory stained gauze.

detail3I love when I stumble across something which is exactly what I need at that moment, in this case it was this paper frame which I applied Glossy and Sepia Accents to give it a bit more substance then using it to frame the Danse Macabre stamp.detail2

The music can be heard from afar as the sisters take centre stage and all around them dance a reel this All Hallow’s Eve.girls2I rarely heat emboss, but for the wooden cube I felt stamping was simply too flat against the paint, I wanted the cobweb stamp to be more defined so heat embossing was the answer. embossingoncube
Thank You for all your amazing comments over the past few weeks, since I’ve shared various DT Halloween inspired artwork with you. It isn’t an area I ever imagined myself to be comfortable with.
For many of us our guising and Trick or Treating days are behind us (or am I simply speaking on behalf of myself!!) but whatever your mischievous and devilish plans may be, have a wonderful Hallowe’en and of course for those who either choose to not participate or possibly like myself, have no objections to Hallowe’en but will not be up to any high jinks, then simply have a lovely day and evening.


Hello Everyone
A quick post today to share a card made some weeks ago using one of Crafty Individuals newer stamps, an Elements set, CI-396.DIGITAL CAMERAIf you are a regular visitor then you might recognise the Santa as I used him for a wall hanging. I have made a couple of samples using Santa and the angel and for this post it is a card where the angel takes centre stage. angelcardlynnemoncrieff-001It is becoming clear already yet I haven’t even made a dent in my Christmas preparations, that white, cream, silver and also kraft are what I am reaching for and as with many of my 2012 Christmas art projects, the Crafty Individuals Elegant Swirls mask and stencil set is much in use.
This card is 8″x8″ and it makes sense that if  a large rate postage stamp (U.K.) is required then I might as well go all out with dimension.  Initially I simply had in mind to add the stamped angel to the card but as I was playing around it just looked too flat on this size of card, something wasn’t right, so of course I reached for corrugated cardboard which immediately brings extra and I believe, much needed texture.
In the photograph below the different textures:- the painted corrugated cardboard, the stencil pattern in relief with the use of texture paste and Tinting Medium painted on afterwards. The little stars are actually silver, strangely this star looks as though it is gold.  A fragment of crumpled paper swiped with paint.
When working with a colour palette such as this for Christmas, in my mind, shimmer is required so that when the lights from the Christmas tree or candle light catches, the card will dance. The shimmer and sparkle appears in the generous using of Pearlescent Tinting Medium both on the relief pattern but also the edges of the corrugated cardboard and swiped onto the fragment of found paper tucked beneath the flower and the flower itself is made from a fabric with a beautiful pearly sheen to it.  Also on the background, I randomly swiped some Creative Expressions Enchanted Gold Gilding Wax which along with a multitude of other colours, is available from That’s Crafty.
P1000557In fact this card sees a few of my favourite things as you can see that I stamped onto book text, one of my all time favourite stamping surfaces (along with fabric).  Stamped sheet music, also from Crafty Individuals was also stamped onto painted book text.  When I say painted that can either be paint (emulsion or craft), Gesso or Tinting Medium.P1000570Merry Christmas happens to be one of those stamps that Crafty Individuals included in a stamp sample pack with every on-line order.  The selection is random but I tell you, many of those stamps are the ones I reach for time and time again.P1000558
If I happen to share other Christmas cards then I will apologise in advance that many of the above will make a repeat appearance, especially that mask which I have been using with the gorgeous Cosmic Shimmer Vintage Mica Flakes.
Many Thanks for your visit today. I will return tomorrow with my final DT post for October and then before we know it, it will be November …. yikes!

True Love Lasts Forever …. and ever, and ever, ….

Hello Everyone
Firstly, let me apologise as this is a photo heavy post.  Just the other week I shared a Halloween project which was a DT piece for That’s Crafty, a hanging using one of the arches from the Tando Creative Layered Arches with Cobweb.  That is the great thing about Tando (and no, I am not affiiliated with them!), there are so many pieces to play with in each pack.  For this post, a DT sample for Oxford Impressions, I used the arch with the cobweb and two other pieces (I still have one remaining to play with at a later date).   I decided to take some photographs of the arches so you could view them at this stage.
The base and arches were all prepared and treated in the same manner:- Gesso, paint and crackle.
PHOTOGRAPH 1:- BasebaseofarchArch with the moth from Danse Macabre trapped in the corner.prepared arch1This shows the arches layered ready for the stamped images. archeslf truth be know, I never thought of myself as a stamper who could or even would, embrace Halloween but when you receive stamps such as Danse Macabre – Skeleton Ball (or the other Oxford Impressions Halloween sets I am lucky to have) then you cannot help but want to ink them up and have some fun with them.
As I tend to do, I kept to a neutral colour palette.  With the arches being grey, black with a hint of soft lilac what easily could have happened would be the skeletons disappearing into the background so  instead of stamping them onto cardstock painted grey, I stamped them onto cardstock stained with dissolved walnut ink crystals (yes, my go to, especially for Halloween).
They are delicate souls that require handling with care when cutting!dansemacabrearchlynnemoncrieffDoesn’t this Tando set remind you of the doorway arch of many churches? I could visualise them as newly weds. He is more tradition in his attaire, with his bowtie and top hat whereas his bride is very contemporary in her corset dress with ribbon tied around her bony legs.
A couple of friendly bats flutterin the background, well the bridal couple did require witnesses to their wedding vows.
main imageThis stamp isn’t only for Halloween as I can see it being used for Anniversary cards and of course Valentine’s Day projects.  That is what excites me most about stamp sets, there are always stamps suitable for occassions other than the theme of the actual set.detail1You might well be relieved to know that I only have one more Halloween project to share, again using the Danse Macabre set. After that I might finally be able to catch-up with projects made some time ago and I still haven’t shared and then once I get knuckled down, Christmas projects to share.
Have a wonderful week.
P.S.  If you are a U.K. stamper and the Danse Macabre set has caught your imagination then you can purchase it from Laura at That’s Crafty.

Hear The Crunch Of The Leaves

Hello Everyone
Welcome to my final October DT post for That’s Crafty., another month has flown past.
This is the sneaky peek for this week, as you can see, the colours of Autumn take centre stage on this project.27thoctobersneaky peekHave a lovely Sunday and if you wish to see the project in full along with supply list and instructions then you visit HERE, the That’s Crafty Blog.
Thank you as always for your visits and lovely comments this past week.

Gecko Galz Blog Hop

Hello Everyone
I wanted to take a moment to tell you about the Gecko Galz Blog Hop which is underway.  I was unable to participate in the Blog Hop, creating samples, however, you can imagine that I want to spread this fabulous news.bannerFifteen of the Gecko Galz DT members are participating and they have all created stunning samples to share with you and not only that, on each of their Blogs they are sharing, for free, a Gecko Galz collage sheet for you to use in your own artwork.  Visit all fifteen Blogs in the hop and you will have fifteen Gecko Galz collage sheets for your collection but it doesn’t stop there as there are so many prizes to be won.
Interested?  If you are then click the link to visit the Gecko Galz Blog and read all about those fabulous prizes.
Happy Hopping!

Down on the Farm (Published!)

Hello Everyone
Let me take a mini break from Halloween posts to share news from back in July when I discovered I was published in The Stampers’ Sampler (July/Aug/Spt issue). In this issue I have 3 feature articles all featuring Oxford Impressions stamps.
At the very end of last year I received this wonderful set of stamps (referral stamps) from Oxford Impressions,  Farm Girl (also known as Country Girl) and it was timely as for Christmas one of the items my lovely friend Dar sent me was a Moose Poo pad, yes, you did read that correctly! Don’t be concerned, there is no lingering odour lol. I knew I had to use it as a stamping surface and with the Farm Girl set the images would work perfectly with the rustic appearance of the Moose Poo paper add to that the washi tape which was one of the gifts from my lovely friend Debbie and so into the new year I set about creating a collection of cards to submit to Take Ten so it was a lovely surprise to see them in print in Sampler.
Four cards were printed in the article but I won’t share them all here. As I say, they were submitted to Take Ten so the premise was for them to be makes that take no longer than ten minutes.
Maybe you will join me to take a trip down on the farm.DIGITAL CAMERAThe washi tape was actually a red and white stripe but I hit upon the idea of layering it alternately which gave me a gingham pattern, repeating the pattern on the tissue paper.
Some fibres which were literally lying around so I knotted them and adhered to the corner. DIGITAL CAMERA
The Moose Poo paper has crushed pine needles embedded within and that brings a lovely texture to the paper, you can see the little flecks on the panel stamped with the tractor.  As for the cardbase, I did my much loved paint flicks to add interest to the cream cardbase.DIGITAL CAMERAOn all the cards I included stitching, the Moose Paper was lovely to stitch and the stitches, to my mind brought a homespun feel to the cards. DIGITAL CAMERAThe final card I will share is this one which is the one that shows the stitching the most clearly.   I don’t know why but I like to pull stitches loose here and there. DIGITAL CAMERAApologies for the slightly grey appearance of the photographs. They were taken on my old camera and I am unable to take the photographs again as I no longer have the cards in my hands, once I submit artwork to Stampington & co I do not request their return.
Thank You for visiting this post. You are always so generous with your comments for posts where I share my news of being published and that means so much to me.

They Call Me Mr Beautiful

Hello Everyone
Trying as hard as I can to ensure I post all my Halloween art before the 31st, time is fast running out.
How many times do you intend to use something for one particular project and then before you know it, you end up using it for something else.  I earmarked a round box, which in a former life stored rather tasty chocolate truffles, with the intention of using it with Jane’s Garden (Oxford Impressions) but I was never happy with the colour I painted the box so laid it aside, returned to it some time later, a coat of Gesso and said to myself I would use it for a Christmas project  but when I received Danse Macabre- Skeleton Ball to play with I noted that the large skull suited the shape of this lid and that was decided ……Halloween.october15 137He is fabulously bold.
It wasn’t until I actually photographed the box that I realised the black organza ribbon which I crinkled, looks as though he is wearing a bow-tie!  Doesn’t he look rather pleased with himself, wonder if he flashes his teeth to all the girls!!!  (Excuse me, at the moment, between Mr & Mrs Bones and this skull I do seem to be in rather a strange ole mood of late!)skullboxlynnemoncrieffThe other stamp from this set which I used on the base is the bone stamp which I stamped in grey and black, the grey blended into the paint but that was okay, it gives a nice subtle stamped effect. bonesonbaseFill with chocolate treats and it is ready for Halloween.
Thank you for your visit to this post, you know how much I appreciate your visits here.
Danse Macabre – Skeleton Ball is available directly from Oxford Impressions at Austen Gallery or in the U.K. from That’s Crafty.

Angelic Music

Hello Everyone
A quick post to start this brand new week a week that will still see me sharing Halloween art but for today a Gecko Galz DT post.
Not so long ago I shared with you the first of my October DT post for Gecko Galz, an altered matchbox.  At the time of altering the matchbox I also used the same digi image to create a Christmas card.   This sweet image is from the  Figgy Pudding.  digi stamp set.
The texture past and Tinting Medium create the interest on this larger size cardbase,  8″x8″.
Angelic_Musicby_Lynnemoncrieff-600x477As with all Gecko Galz DT post here is the supply list and instructions.
SUPPLY LIST:- Gecko Galz Figgy Pudding Digi stamp,  Oxford Impressions tassel (Season of Giving), Crafty Individuals Elegant Swirls mask/stencil set, texture past, Daler Rowney Pearlescent Tinting Medium, canvas printer paper, paper doily, 8″x8″ cardbase, seam binding, Deko Ice (Crystal), stick pin, tulle, gimp, faux pearl, star sequins and Sakura Stardust pen.

INSTRUCTIONS:- Apply pattern to cardbase with the swirls mask and texture paste. Once dry paint with Tinting Medium. Print Figgy Pudding digi stamp onto canvas printer paper.  Abrade edges and swipe with the Tinting Medium.  Add highlights with the Stardust pen and a scattering of star sequins. Adhere guipure lace to trim the bottom edge.  Layer to cardbase with paper doily. Stamp Oxford Impressions tassel onto scrap paper.  Adhere to cardbase, embellishing with seam binding tied into a bow and a faux pearl.  Finally embellish card with gimp along top edge.

Many Thanks for visiting this Gecko Galz DT post.

Trick or Treat?

This is a drafted post but I have edited it to say Thank You for your beyond amazing comments on Mr & Mrs Bones and their new home at No. 31.  I so enjoyed working on this DT sample  and to have such feedback from yourselves brought even more pleasure to the project. Thank You all.

Hello Everyone
Welcome to my That’s Crafty DT sneaky peek. Yes, those seven days do whizz past and before I know it I am drafting my sneaky peek for That’s Crafty and this week you will notice I have once again delved into Halloween but don’t be afraid,t here is nothing sinister about this project.
detail3The project along with full instructions and supply list can be viewed at the That’s Crafty Blog.
Enjoy your Sunday!

Mr & Mrs Bones Invite You

Hello Everyone
A few weeks ago I received the new Oxford Impressions Danse Macabre set to play with and knew immediately what my first DT project would be, altering a wooden display house. I believe this house was intended to display thimbles or small ornaments, anyway I picked it up in a 99p store some time ago.
All newly weds require a roof over their heads
lynnemoncrieffdansemacabreMr Bones is truly, madly and deeply in love with his new wife, Mrs Bones, so share in their joy as they welcome you into their newly weds’ home at No. 31, they have left the lights on so you will find your way easily enough. detail2
Aren’t they sweet.october15 053Mrs Bones is so stylish, carrying one of this season’s hottest accessories, a clutch. october15 032Mr Bones is rather dapper. october15 034I shall spare their blushes by stating which room of their home this is! detail4Mr Bones insisted that his pet owl come live with them, although Mrs Bones’ pet cat isn’t so pleased with this arrangement.  Really the cat is making such a fuss over nothing as her pet owl simply likes to lead a quiet life and is happy to sit upon a bone or two at the top of the house, watching the world pass by. detail3
(The house is covered with text from Dr Coffin’s Apothecary, stamped onto tissue paper. As you can see, I stained gauze to drape over the house with stained lace creating a border on the roof (thank you dear Dorthe) and also lace I stained with tea and coffee to mimic a garden fence.
From Danse Macabre I used the owl. lanterns, coffin, moth, skeletons, heart and stamped the bat stamp several times.  The moon comes from Masquerade
All stamp sets are available from Austen Gallery (the on-line Oxford Impressions store) and an up-date to this drafted post, they are now available  in the U.K. from That’s Crafty).
Mr and Mrs Bones did ask me to Thank You for taking the time to join them on the tour of their home and to say that you are welcome any day of the week to visit again.

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