les papillons

Snuggled amongst my Christmas gifts, my friend Doli sent me “fish paper” which she purchased in Cyprus. It has a waxy surface on one side and the other, a slightly rougher texture. Wonderful to work with. On all three cards I painted the paper prior to stamping the butterflies.

I mentioned in a previous post, “New Chapter” , that I would show the butterfly stamp in full – it is the trio of butterflies. A gorgeous stamp.

Painting the Town Red (or is it Rose Pink?)

Some months ago Stampers’ Sampler set a challenge to use paint chip samples. As my friends know, it’s never a chore for me to visit a particular D.I.Y. store! Fast-forward – I receive my copy of Sampler in the mail and there is my card. I am so delighted.

As there are rules prohibiting me from showing that particular card I have taken up the challenge once more. Here is the card I made

This new stamp from Crafty Individuals was perfect as the name on the paint chip sample is Gypsy Bloom. I painted a piece of white card with paint prior to stamping the gypsy girl. This created a distressed image which was perfect. I also used emulsion paint to stamp the background onto the cardbase. It was then a matter of adding various elements.

Here’s a closer peek

Show Girl

When altering this single mailer, in my head I created a little story of a young woman who is a dancer at the Folies Bergere.  She is at her most beautiful and admired by many, every evening.

Marrying the image with this quote I wanted to convey that youthful beauty may pass but a person, no matter their age, can always be beautiful.

The mailer is photographed nestled on a fan which my Great Aunt Jean brought back as a souvenir from the Folies Bergere in 1938. It is an item I treasure but it would be lovely to have heard of the sights she encountered.

New Chapter

Some days you want to craft but possibly don’t have a particular project in mind. I had one of those days and all I knew, I wanted to use a particular stamp, paints and to not make a card.
This is the result.
The butterfly stamp was a gift from my swap friend Audrey. It is such a beautiful stamp depicting three butterflies in various sizes. Another time I will post some artwork showing the full image. I painted a piece of sheet canvas with various paints in heritage colours, velvet texture and pearlescent, all from a favourite D.I.Y. shop. Gesso was applied to a letter stamp and stamped onto the canvas.  I like the not too perfect result. I wanted to diffuse the paint colours so I stitched a piece of fleece blanket to the canvas – the type used to cover plants/shrubs to protect from frost.  Between the canvas and fleece blanket, I sandwiched some pressed flowers and tore “Chapter One” from a novel.  Painted a chipboard circle with the same paints then carefully inked the stamp as I only wanted to stamp the smallest butterfly. Then just a matter of adding two pressed flowers and the hanger.
Here is a closer view.

On Cloud 9

I submitted a piece of artwork to Somerset Studio (available from Wendy at The Stamp Attic) for the Aubergine challenge.  This was the first time I had submitted artwork to Somerset Studio so as I flicked through the magazine I had little hope of seeing the hanging I submitted. There I am having a leisurely look and all of a sudden I see artwork that looks familiar,  then I see my name …. then the penny drops!Well  a week later and I am still sitting on Cloud 9.

My good friend Doli gave me my first Somerset magazine and since then each issue has captured my imagination. If I were to never submit anymore work to this publication or never published again, it could not take away how delighted I am at the moment. Just goes to show, it is always worth a shot.

Crystal Chandelier

Where does the time go? In the blink of an eye a year passes.

Although this Blog is still very new I want to thank everyone who has stopped by and left a comment.  My friends have been incredibly supportive, not only with my Blog but in general. When I started cardmaking I had no idea I would connect with so many people and develop friendships which go beyond sharing the same hobby. Of course the hobby then developed into a passion!

Here is my first card for 2010!

After stamping the chandelier I flicked watercolours and water soluble crayons onto the grey paper. The numerals snuggly fitted into the frame (LLB Venaissance Collection). It was then some final touches of Sakura Stardust pen to the chandelier and black gems. I could not resist adding the crystal trim. This I discovered in B&Q. The best bit – they have different colours and styles!

For this New Year I wish everyone a year filled only with good – good health, good times, good memories and good friends. Also a year packed with creativity. As a member of Katy’s Corner I cannot wait to see what swaps, etc are in store.