Love Tokens (Somerset Life)

To start this new week, I thought I would share some Love Tokens, a collection which appears as an article in Somerset Life., obviously I am absolutely thrilled!
All paper doll elements are Character Constructions stamps
Love/Valentine themed sentiments are Redlead Paperworks
Heart is from Oxford Impression, With Love (also available from That’s Crafty)
The How-to for making this collection appears within the article so you will appreciate why I do not want to share those details here.
Friends of my blog will recognise this mischievous face as I have inked her up countless times since the release of the Paris Flea collection in 2016.  I cannot imagine I will ever tire of her.
A love sentiment on the rear of each tag.
A new favourite rests beside an old favourite, one of my oldest Character Constructions stamps, she is from the French Laundry collection.
Each tag has a kraft pocket.
Variations of the first two tags, making four in total.
Red and white are not colours I find appealing but I wanted this collection to have a Retro Valentine feel as opposed to shabby chic Valentine.
Gathered and bundled,
with another Redlead stamp featuring on the tag.
Thank you so much for your visit.
Have a lovely week.

She Is An Artist (Somerset Studio Gallery)

In the latest issue of Somerset Studio Gallery, Winter 2017, amongst the items I am so very lucky to have published, is this shrine to Frida Kahlo.

Yes, this is quite removed from my regular colour palette but I wanted to work with the Frida theme and knew I had to attack this with colour.

On this shrine, two Sandra Evertson Relics & Artifacts appear.  They can be purchased from That’s Crafty or directly from Sandra’s site.

The shrine is from Calico Crafts Parts


PaperArtsy Metal Card was perfect for this project, painted with Frescos.  The stamped shrine and Frida are Oxford Impressions stamps El Corazon with the panel behind, the stamped words, from Redlead Paperworks.

The stamped sentiments are all fussy cut, after again stamping onto the painted metal card,  from the She Makes Art stamp – this stamp is a “must” in my eyes!


Two Sandra Evertson Relics & Artifacts were used on this shrine.  This is the smallest heart from the Flaming Hearts Ex Votos I set


The shrine has amazing depth to play around in.  I incorporated this arch shaped panel which was a piece of “waste” from the shrine – expect nothing is waste for a crafter!


Another Relics & Artifacts tops the shrine, this time from Ex Votos II, although this particular R&A can be found within a few of the packs.


On the left and right sides, after I had painted and carried out some distressed stamping, I stencilled two wonderful sentiments from Redlead.  She Shares Her Story is the stencil and if you love sentiments with a positive feel to them, then a visit to Redlead is a must.


I actually made this in 2015 to submit to Stampington and Company.  Some might say that is a long wait until publication, winter 2016, but for me, there is such fun in opening a magazine and making the discovery of a project that I had actually forgotten all about!

Thank you so much for your visit.



Children From A Yesteryear Christmas (The Stampers’ Sampler)

Sharing cards that appear in this issue of The Stampers’ Sampler
The cards are small in size, approx 3″x4.5″, the size dictated by the wee kraft envelopes.
Some links to the fabulous products I used on the cards:-
Redlead Paperworks stamps – Christmas stamps (She Loves Snowflakes and Winter Wishes stamps were available at the time of drafting this post and the sentiments labels are also available)
Oxford Impressions stamps Season of Giving stamp set (the boy and the two children)is available in the U.K. from That’s Crafty.
That’s Crafty Dinky Snowflake background stencil and Greyboard Snowflakes

The co-ordinating envelope is peeking at the background.onelynnesamplerIt is only the past couple of years that I have felt comfortable in using red for festive creations.  With the stamps I selected (above and below are Redlead), it brings a touch of nostalgia.
threeThe two cards below are Oxford Impressions stamps, photo real stamps.  The stamped image of the boy has been troubled with what obviously was sun reflecting off the glossy cardstock.boyonelynnem
The snowflake Dinky Stencil is much loved by me, you just need to take one look at the stencil I own and it is evident how much I love it, it isn’t exactly box fresh! The greyboard snowflake is another favourite.  I used them so often on festive/winter creations last year.twolynnemEach card does have a pocket/envelope even though they do not appear in all the photos. They can be seen in The Stampers’ Sampler as they took the trouble to print them all.fourlynnemThank you so much for your visit to this post, my first for this brand new week.
If you are preparing for the festivities, I hope your plans are going according to plan and it isn’t too stressful a time.

A Huddle of Kindly Witches (Somerset Studio)

I am sharing a trio of kindly witches, they do not mean you any harm.
The trio are still bubbling over with the excitement of making an appearance in Somerset Studio (Sep/Oct issue).  They are aware that if it were not for some generous people, they would not have the opportunity to make this appearance so shout-outs to Catherine Moore Character Constructions, Redlead Paperworks and Oxford Impressions along with a thank you to Anne Redfern who kindly gifted me some pumpkin die-cuts.

Character Constructions stamps
Oxford Impressions stamps
Redlead Paperworks – Halloween Collage Sheet Skirts
Calico Craft Parts – Bats
Height 10″ approxone
twoTo add interest to the wings I scribbled Halloween related words. threeA lace rose painted for it to co-ordinate and a scrap of stained seam binding tied at her waist.fourBOO is an Oxford Impressions stamp which I decided to form into a flag banner, her pet bat catches a free ride by clinging to the banner!fiveEach witch perches atop a spool.  I should mention that the skirts for each witch, they are available from Redlead Paperworks, all links at top of post.sixNo. 2
oneThis time the hat was made in the same way as the wings, drawn free hand before cutting and scribbling Halloween related words.
twoA Calico Craft Parts MDF bat becomes a pendant for her to wear.threeShe clutches a pumpkin in her hand.fourThe final witch. oneAll the faces, arms and torso were stamped onto stained cardstock.twoAnother pumpkin with another MDF bat making an appearance.
None of the dolls are articulated but I do like to angle the arms, it brings more character to the paper dolls by doing so.fourThank you for your visit to this post.  I hope to share some more drafted posts throughout this week, a mixture of projects.

Boo! To You (The Stampers’ Sampler)

Squeezing in another Halloween post!
This trio of cards were made last year, submitted for The Stampers’ Sampler annual Frightful & Delightful Challenge Call. So pleased that the trio made it to print.
All stamps are Oxford Impressions and you will find, if not all, then nearly all of the stamps at That’s Crafty.photooneA grungy layered appearance was what I was aiming for with it being all about the stamps, embellishments were kept to a minimum.phototwoAll the papers were either kraft or re-cycled kraft/brown paper packaging,  with paint and coffee and tea altering the colour.photothreeThe actual background has layers of stamping, where I even stamped with Distress Ink (which is rare for me), misting with water and allowing the ink to bleed.photofourThis card is lighter with orange tones instead of the mahogany above.photosixThe owl is suspended on invisible thread, you can just about make out the thread.  When the card is displayed it creates a sense of movement on the owl, purely for a bit of fun!photosevenLarge stamped pumpkins make up one of the stamped layers in the background along with a huddle of fussy cut pumpkins.photoeightThe final card.photonineLots of splatters bring a nice distressed quality to the card and also to the cardstock which had been stained in preparation of a stamping surface.   I rarely colour in stamped images, all the colour laid down prior to stamping.phototenThe invisible thread makes another appearance, to allow the moon to dangle.
photoelevenThank you for your visit!

Bewitched (The Stampers’ Sampler)

Today I am sharing a trio of Trick or Treat bags which were published in The Stampers’ Sampler.
On each bag, the focal is a paperdoll comprising stamps from Character Constructions. Each doll is made of many elements so they are time consuming but they are so much fun to make, it’s very relaxing to gather all the fussy cut elements and enjoy the process of assembling the paper doll.
There is nothing sinister about the witches, they are all kindly witches with the merest hint of mischief in their eyes!oneThe wonder of the Character Constructions stamps, mixing and matching allows the stamper to transform the dolls to suit any occasion.  Soon I will share a trio of paper doll angels which use many of the Character Constructions stamps featured here.
Alongside Character Constructions stamps, I also inked up Redlead Paperworks stamps for the stamping on the tags and Halloween banner with Oxford Impressions stamps also featuring.twoSome stained ribbon, a cluster of tags (painted cardstock, stamped and paper punched with a tag punch) and also some torn tulle adorn a handle.
The sentiments are from Redlead Paperworks. A fun stamp set for Halloween with a quirky collection of sentiments.threeEach bag is a kraft bag painted with PaperArtsy Frescos trimmed with lovely black velvet ribbon or black sparkly ribbon.oneThe piece of lace rose trim was painted to co-ordinate with the painted bag and painted cardstock (used as a stamping surface).twoThis piece of orange/copper fringing was lying around, it just had to adorn one of the bags.fourShe clutches a banner …. BOO!sixThe Witching HouroneA wee bat from Calico Crafts Parts rests on her necklace.
twoThe moon lights her way.
This moon is from Oxford Impressions.  You can source Wicked, the stamp set this moon is from along with a selection of other Oxford Impressions Halloween stamps at That’s Crafty.threeThank you for visiting this post. I am nearing the end of my Halloween makes.
I hope you are all having a good start to the week.

Nevermore (Somerset Studio)

Hello Everyone
Halloween and I were not a natural fit, it took me some time as a stamper before I felt comfortable with Halloween, it was Oxford Impressions stamps which opened my mind and it is because of Oxford Impressions that I have a considerable amount of Halloween related stamps!
This  Poe inspired assemblage shrine happens to be one of the pieces which appears in the latest issue of Somerset Studio.  The actual shrine is from Calico Craft Parts, that does not include the spool, I added the spool with all stamps from Oxford Impressions Haunted set and is available in the U.K. from That’s Crafty.oneA quick photo of the shrine/assemblage in Somerset Studio.
p1150851I decided I wanted Poe set right at the back, adding to the sense of unease from the insects crawling towards and over him.
As the instructions are printed in Somerset Studio, I don’t want to include them here.
threeThere is beautiful depth to play with on this shrine.  I added the cobweb as a midway layer.
fourThe spool was my own addition, painted with the stained and stamped calico bringing detail to the spool.
fiveThank you for your visit. I hope I am not swamping you with Halloween artwork!

Something Wicked (The Stampers’ Sampler)

There is a slightly unsettling, sinister feel to the trio of cards I am sharing in this post.  I appreciate that the cards might cause offence to anyone who does not agree with Halloween due to religious belief, I certainly don’t want to be upsetting anyone.
They were submitted to The Stampers’ Sampler for their annual Frightful & Delightful challenge call and published as a feature in the Jul/Aug/Sept issue.
I am not someone who embraces the macabre, dark side of Halloween but I was inspired by the Oxford Impressions stamps. Oxford Impressions excel at Halloween (and Christmas) with stamp sets for all Halloween tastes from Masquerade to Too Cute to Spook style stamps, Danse Macabre and Poe inspired. If you want to have a look, in the U.K. That’s Crafty stock several Oxford Impressions sets.wickedonelynnemA hint of gold runs through my background with splatters of iron oxide paint.wickedthreelynnemMore stained items. In this photo you can see that the girl was stamped onto a tag.  I wanted the tag to blend into the overall background but at the same time, it brings another layer to the card.
wickedtwolynnemA wooden clock counting down the time to Midnight.poelynnemA sinister, watchful raven.ravenonelynnemThere’s something so fun about gathering all my O.I. Halloween stamps, dipping into various sets.
raventwolynnemThe rusty red paint gives a sinister edge to the cards.
fourlynnemI always appreciate visits at any time but understand that the cards here are darker to my usual style.  I will be sharing another Halloween related post very soon but not nearly as dark as this!


Hello Everyone
My first That’s Crafty post for the month of October so I thought I would share a Poe inspired card at That’s Crafty
oneIf you would like to know which supplies I used alongside instructions, please visit HERE.
I don’t even feel as though we have had a summer and yet here we are in October!
Many thanks for your visit.

She Sends You Hope & Heart

Hello Everyone
I have a few catch-up posts to organise but as I was tidying up my (much neglected!) Blog, I spied this drafted post from months and months ago, from when I was participating in a Heart Ornament swap hosted by the incredibly talented Vickie Kammerer and a group containing equally talented artists, it really was an honour to be part of this swap. To package my heart ornaments I tucked them inside pockets with a suitably heart themed tag.onelynnemoncrieffOne of my oldest Character Constructions stamps features on all the tags.
threelynnemoncrieffA simple shipping tag, dry brushed with Gesso.twolynnemoncrieffThe colours did not co-ordinate with the actual heart ornaments but I didn’t trouble myself about that, I decided to stay with the red, white/cream.  An Oxford Impressions heart (also available from That’s Crafty) layered with spotty fabric and pretty lacefourlynnemoncrieffand flip the tag over, a Redlead sentiment with the lace from the front peeking beneath. sevenlynnemoncrieffThe same sentiment layered onto the kraft pocket, with a shabby scrap of fabric
sixlynnemoncrieffSo there we have it, a quick post to end the working week. I will return on Sunday with another That’s Crafty MDF triptych. In the meantime, many thanks for your visits. Have a lovely weekend.

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