That’s Crafty @ HOCHANDA: Sneaky Peek II

Sharing another sneaky peek of one of my journal pages, a completed journal was made as a sample for That’s Crafty’s HOCHANDA appearances on Friday 17th March @ 7 am and 11 am. The actual blank journals will be available for purchase along with new stencils and acrylic shapes, plus some other new products.
All my journal pages are double spreads and I will eventually be sharing them as That’s Crafty DT posts but for the moment, a peek at another of the pages.
The stamps can be seen HERE!
Thank you for popping over to take a peek.

Her Brave Heart (Somerset Studio)

Hello Everyone
Six months ago, or thereabouts, Somerset Studio announced their annual Colour Challenge Call, which was to be the colour lilac.  Initially had no intention of answering the call for a few reasons:- I rarely submit to Somerset Studio, I have only ever submitted to one of their Colour Challenge Calls which was for Aubergine (yes, I was published) and I am not exactly partial to lilac.  However,  I found myself reading the details time and again and before I knew it, I had decided to have a go, I had nothing to lose and if anything I had challenged myself to create with this colour.
I set to work on an art journal page using what were for me at that time, newish stamps (DT stamps I had received from That’s Crafty), Dina Wakley’s All The Gals.herbraveheartlynnemoncrieffonePaints were applied onto the watercolour paper panel after I had adhered various items to create a base layer of texture.
phototwolynnemoncrieffOn a recent post HERE I shared that I had used a stencil to create the heart embellishment.  Well the same stencil was used in the same way to create this heart, this time painted with Gelatos and NeoColor II watersoluble crayons.
A fragment of seam binding was stained to co-ordinate with the panel.
twolynnemoncrieffMark making, stamping in the form of the handwriting stamp from Dina Wakley’s Textures set and lots and lots of grungy paint flicks are some of what makes the background.texturedetailthreeA Gesso resist effect using this Mini Specimen stencil.  I also smudged areas with black watersoluble pencil to add to the grungy appearance. texturedetailoneYou can imagine how thrilled I was when the complimentary copy of the Jan/Feb issue of Somerset Studio arrived in the mail and there was my Lilac Girl along with a partner to this panel. To have both submissions published, well it was more than I could have ever hoped for.
Many thanks for your time in visiting this post because I always appreciate your visits.

Keep Taking Chances

Hello Everyone
Sitting here drafting this blog post and I did a double take at the date, 16th November! I am sure time is speeding up!
This is a peek at what I am sharing this week over at the That’s Crafty Blog.
twoThe full project can be viewed HERE.
Whatever this Sunday has in store for you, have a good one.

She Will Stay Strong

Hello Everyone
It is time to share my DT project for That’s Crafty.
2The full project can be viewed HERE.
Many thanks for your visit to this post and all the posts I have shared this past week.

Amongst The Poppies I Sit

Hello Everyone
Welcome to my usual Sunday post where I share a sneak peek at my DT project over at the That’s Crafty Blog.bloglynnemoncrieffThe full project can be viewed HERE.

Butterfly Mornings When Secrets Are Shared

Hello Everyone
In this post I would like to share a Crafty Individuals team sample where I have used one of their new stamp releases
CI-419 Lovely Day designed by Gio and dipped into an Elements set from the previous release of stamps, CI-410.
I set about working on this sample immediately after this journal page HERE.
For this journal page two words were in my thoughts, dreamy and texture with the sentiment, butterfly mornings (from CI-410), creating a springboard of an idea in my head
 as though the girl has woken in the early hours of the morning, taking a stroll through a nearby glade where the morning mist swirls around her as butterflies alight in her hair and whisper their secrets to her
journalpagelynneAlthough this page was most definitely random, I did take the time to plan where the stamped elements would be, purely for the reason that I wanted to ensure those areas where relatively free of texture.  Beyond that initial planning it was all about laying down texture and various paints. This was fun because I looked around at the paints I have and dipped into this and that whether they were chalk or satin paints, whether they were caran d’ache or Gelatos (black) and also Twinkling H20s.detailoneSo let me share with you details of the page.
That piece of embossed floral is a fragment of wallpaper sent from Darlene.  I only use a smidgen of it as it is amongst my treasured stash.  When paint is added to it the flowers are beautifully enhanced.fourThis is another piece.  Initially both were painted to blend with the background until I decided to apply a beautiful Caran d’ache NeoColor II crayon, Phthalocyanine Green before adding highlights from a black Gelato.
This page really did transform as I worked on it.  Initially the colours were quite bold, now remember that my use of the words “quite bold” regarding colour isn’t necessarily the same as your interpretation, remember I come from a world of timeworn pink, sepia, cream and winter white!  Patches of yellow and lilac are some of the colours which remained peeking through the layers, they were actually amongst the colours first laid down, that was until I continued building up layers of paint, Gesso and allowing the paints to blend together, running down the page.six
Lace, muslin and gauze were some of the other textures applied to the page.eightLet’s now shift the focus onto the stamped elements, with Gio’s woman taking centre stage.
It was a great leap recently when I did just that for the Darkroom Door Line Art stamps but for me, although it is something I greatly admire when I view artwork by others, I prefer to not to.  It would have been tempting to paint the butterflies in her hair and the butterflies around her but I liked the effect of seeing the background colours shine through.  After stamping I applied a wash of Gesso, to enhance the dreamy effect.twoThe sentiment above is also from Gio’s set.  In the past I tended to simply stamp a sentiment as it came but at the moment I am trying to not always go with my norm,  so I arranged it differently and with a Stabilo pencil I quickly drew a box around each word.sevenThank You so much for your visit to this scheduled post and many, many thanks for not only your visits and comments for previous posts but also the encouragement I am taking from your comments regarding my use of colour.  For me, dipping my big toe into colour is rather alien but I wanted this to be a year where I would dabble a bit more, working in an art journal, using colour, etc.  In part it was sparked by DT stamps.  Being part of Crafty Individuals team is a dream and I class myself as so lucky but in all honesty and I am sure it doesn’t come as a surprise to learn that I was struggling with the Alice Palace designs.  I would see other stampers create (such as Coco) and they made it look so effortless to ink up the designs but for me, no matter how I tried, they were not fitting into my shabby chic/vintage style.  Since shifting my attitude towards those stamps I realise that all I needed to do was sit back and have FUN and that it is okay to dabble outwith the shabby/vintage style.  I was setting too many constraints upon myself.  There is no doubt my heart will always be a shabby one but I feel as though I missed out on inking up other stamps just because they did not fit into that particular box.
This all might be short-lived, who knows but your feedback, whether positive or negative, does help me because there are many samples at the moment which I look at and I don’t see anything of me in it, that is a little bit disconcerting.  As I said to the lovely Renee, I need to stop over-thinking! LOL. As much as stamping is a passion for me and I know you all relate to those words, I do wonder if I lost the fun of it along the way.  I do have a fun project which I will be sharing very soon, not for Crafty Individuals but for Redlead.
A short word before I leave to remind you that the Crafty Individuals Autumn Fashion challenge is underway.  All details can be found HERE.
P.S. I will soon be sharing a Giveaway soon.  It would be lovely if you wanted to be part of it.

The Girl With The Flowers In Her Hair

Hello Everyone
and welcome to my first post for August.
I recently shared with you the new releases from Crafty Individuals, including two stamp sets designed by Gio which can be purchased HERE and just to say that for a limited period (on offer at the time of drafting this post but please visit the Crafty Individuals website for all latest offers) one of Gio’s stamp sets is on special offer.
For my team sample I reached for my art journal.CI418lynneThe sentiment included in the set states:-
I dream my painting and I paint my dream
and it was those words which set the tone for my page where I wanted a dreaminess, as though we are peeking into her dreams, so although I laid down colours in the form of pink, blue and yellow, I then diffused the colour with Gesso.baseThe photographs are not in the order of how I worked on the page but that doesn’t really matter.  I tend to not have a plan, it is a matter of reaching for this paint, for that paint, some Gesso, more paint and so it goes on but I did know from the outset that I wanted to incorporate the beautiful lace roses to mimic the flowers in her hair.detail2
detailsevenI really do like this sentiment and sure it will pop up again.
Alongside Gio’s stamps I rooted through my Crafty Individuals stamps as I knew I had a lovely stamp which I had received in one of the wonderful Crafty Individuals sample packs (received with orders), the word dream and there was also Dream a little Dream, using only the word Dream, creating repetition of the words art and dream around the sentiment. detail4Back to the beginning when I laid down paint and textures I also included little pieces of beautiful texture paper.  I don’t actually know if it is wallpaper but it does have the feel of wallpaper. I received it from my lovely friend Darlene some time ago, but it is “treasure” to me so I only use in small amounts! It accepted paint so beautifully and the more paint I applied, the more the texture shone. Aside from the texture I also selected it as the pattern is flowers, it was a way of including another floral element  on the page.detail5After the stamping I decided to pick up a brush loaded with Gesso and liberally wiped the Gesso over the woman. There was a point when I thought, “what have I done?” as the stamping was all but obliterated but working quickly, I blended the Gesso and the Frida inspired woman emerged from the Gesso mist!detaileightSo there we have my first team sample with the new Crafty Individuals (Designed by Gio) stamps and another time I will share my sample using the other stamp set designed by Gio.
In the meantime, many thanks for your visit to this post. Remember that if you are interested in Crafty Individuals then you can catch-up on samples being shared over at Jean’s Crafty Individuals’ Blog and to keep abreast of new stamps/products, sign up to the Crafty Individuals newsletter.
(I am linking this post to Art Journal Journey and their Frida challenge. My first time joining their challenge which is actually hosted by my lovely blog friend Valerie.)

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