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Hello Everyone
It is time for a new challenge theme over at Crafty Individuals. For the month of May the theme is “Anything Goes“.

Here are some words from Jean:-
This is pretty much open to all of you out there then, providing you have a CI product somewhere in your stash, and we hope lots of you will join in, and link in a new make, or even a favourite older make that we maybe haven’t seen till now! The only rule is that it must feature at least one Crafty Individuals (CI) product somewhere within.
At the end of the month we will set about choosing five lucky participants, each of whom will win a CI rubber stamp of their choice, and don’t forget that as per usual, once you have linked in your creation, you can also claim a lovely 25% discount code to use on anything you purchase from the CI Website, which will be valid to use until the 10th of June.
Go for it, and enjoy the challenge x

For my team sample I dipped into the following stamps:-
I made this before I received the new CI-453 or I would have inked that stamp up instead.  Crafty Individuals trees have to be my absolute favourites, they surely have the most beautiful tree stamps, adding to the collection all the time.
blogcilynnemThe panel, 4.5 x 9″ (a That’s Crafty Alterable Surface) was one of many when I had a play around trying to create an almost faux bark texture. Sometimes it can seem, what’s the point when 99.9% will be covered up but isn’t that just the way we all roll!  We probably spend as much time on the base layer as we do the complete artwork!
The stained papers were in the main, found papers such as re-cycled packing paper and I also stained calico.blogtwocilynnemI wanted the main stamped panel to look as though it was a discarded piece of paper (not that I am condoning litter louts), possibly found during a country walk.blogcithreelynnemThose sweet little cones were from Dorthe, they were just the perfect touch for this panel.
fourThe touches of mica is a Golden product.  The panel is quite dark and foreboding as though from deep within a forest but I wanted an essence of light, as though sunlight was peeking through the canopy and bouncing off the dew on the undergrowth of the forest floor.fiveVisit the Crafty Individuals blog for further details on joining this challenge and also to view team samples.
Many thanks for your visit.


Hello Everyone
For That’s Crafty this week, I am sharing this panel,onewith more details HERE.
Thank you for your visit.

A Bloom of One’s Own (The Stampers’ Sampler)

Hello Everyone
I have some catching-up to do with items I’d planned on sharing long before now, such as the panels in this post which feature in the Jan/Feb/Mar issue of The Stampers’ Sampler.
At the time of creating the panels, JOFY stamps were still quite new to me. It was all because of this post, HERE at That’s Crafty that I continued to make some more.
Here are the other three panels.oneTouches of H20s catch the light beautifully and here and there, touches of mica flakes.  If I remember, I think I also used Golden medium which has beautiful gold mica flakes within it.twoCoils of rusty wire appear here and there on each panel.threeThis is one of my all time favourite labels from Redlead Paperworks, layered onto some rusty mesh which is also from Redlead.four
Grow A GardenoneAgain, on this panel, the JOFY stamps were highlighted with the H20s, working with limited colours (even though I have quite a stash of H20s!)twoI took no care with how I applied the H20s, working loosely.threeMorning DewoneThe backgrounds have little or no texture other than paint.  I might have added a touch of Grungepaste but on the whole, the texture on the background is purely Frescos.twoAnother label from yet another favourite Redlead labels set. I dip into their Label sets so often, they are such a lovely sized stamp to add a little sentiment to artwork.  fourI am thankful that Stampington & Co liked the panels enough to publish them. There are so many incredible stamp artists, vying for space within the pages of The Stampers’ Sampler, so it is always an honour to be published.
Many thanks for your visit to this post.

Monday with Mimi

Hello Everyone
Another Character Constructions paper doll, created with the Paris Flea collection.
I think her face is adorable and the name Mimi popped into my head so from now on, to me she will be known as Mimi. I don’t know if I should be concerned for my sanity as I find when I create these paper dolls, their characters emerge.  It is fascinating that the placement of legs can make them appear to be sassy, elegant, coy, etc.
I hope it shows that I am having fun with the Character Constructions stamps because I certainly am.oneMimi with the coquettish smile.
To give you an idea of the stamps used to form Mimi, the individual stamps, all from Paris Flea are the beret, which I couldn’t resist adorning with lace.  Then the face, arms and upper body is one whole stamp.
twoMimi wears her favourite pearl ear-rings, a gift from her Papa.threeAn old fashioned girl at heart, Mimi embraces the art of letter writingfourwith a fountain pen, naturally.fiveLace to trim the hem of her skirt.six
Have a wonderful week and many thanks for your visits. I will try and catch-up with you very soon.

New Crafty Individuals Stamps

Hello Everyone
Crafty Individuals have released new stamps and at the time of drafting this blog post, the new releases are available at a Special Introductory Offer!
CI-451 Inky Borders (this is actually three stamps)
CI-452 Nature’s Beauty
CI-453 Tree Trio1460550657CI_-_453_Tree_TrioCI-454 By The Sea 1460550676CI_-_454_By_the_SeaI definitely have my favourites and will be sharing a sample soon with one of the above, one of my favourites.
Visit HERE where the stamps are available at their Special Offer price, for a limited time only and you can also see the Dinky Stencils being stocked at Crafty Individuals.
Have a lovely week.

Act I

Hello Everyone

Late with this post, my regular Sunday slot over at That’s Craftyblog24lynneDetails can be viewed HERE.
It seems that all I do is apologise for not having visited your blogs, again, here I am apologising but I hope to manage to visit very soon.
Wishes and Thanks for your visits and comments and for being such loyal art friends.

The Birdlady

Hello Everyone
Ask most stampers and they will immediately associate paper dolls with Character Constructions stamps but Catherine Moore has also some of the most beautiful nature themed illustrations. A stamp which has been on my Wish List for the longest time, I do mean a long time, I finally received this year, this beautiful collage stamp of woman and birds, from Inner Child, Plate No. 7
(All stamps on the cards are from Character Constructions including:- branch, egg, wings, label)
For the first card and another, I decided to play around, adding wings to her so she might fly off with the sweet birds who gather around her.
oneThe wings are from The Beekeeper’s Tea Plate No. 7)
twoJust as a bird gathers items to create her nest, I gathered tiny fragments of bark, stained muslin and rusted fabric, layering with this sweet stamped label.threeSuspending from the tree branch, a spotted egg.  I like that, by chance, the background mimics the mottled pattern of the egg.fourThe same walnut ink crystal solution used on all the cards but for this card, applied in a different way, giving a much softer result.oneI had  stained the watercolour paper and after stamping, I noticed that the placement of the stamped image gives the impression of a setting, or rising sun or moon behind her.  That was just by chance.twoThe same branch stamp as on the first card, this time clustered.
threeThe egg nestling in the nest.fourCard No. 3oneAgain, working with the same stamps, just a matter of whether she got her wings or not!
twoCard No. 4oneIt wouldn’t surprise me if I used this stamp for Christmas cards, with the little tag declaring peace, it would make a lovely Christmas design.
I wonder if any of you still have stamps on your Wish List that you have wanted since your earliest days of stamping?
I seem to be spending less and less time on-line, only can hope that I catch-up with you all very soon. I truly appreciate your loyalty, continuing to visit here even when I have been unable to stop by and say hello to you at your own blogs.

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