PaperArtsy – Launching a new Eclectica Stamp Designer

Hello Everyone
Tonight is an extra exciting night at PaperArtsy as it isn’t only a launch night, it sees the launch of a new Eclectica designer, Scrapcosy.  I was lucky enough to be a wingman, alongside Jennie Atkinson, for this new designer, playing with the new stamps, stencils and also with some new Infusions colours.
Before I share my samples, here are some links
Here are the Scrapcosy stamps.
and stencils.
What struck me, they bridge  the gap of feminine and masculine and although they will work for all manner of projects, I can just imagine creating for someone who has a passion for their garden or the whole Farmer’s Market vibe with the vegetable stamps.
I have only selected a few of the samples to share with you. They may pop up another time.
From the ESC01 stamp set.
For all samples, Infusions were used to stain book pages, sari ribbon, torn crochet lace.  The other items I used throughout were specific Frescos (neutrals), Grungepaste, Satin Glaze and ink pad for stamping.
This sample was one of the last ones made, utilizing scraps.
The detail shows the layering, even on this very small, almost ATC size panel.  The smallest of stained, stamped fragments were incorporated.  On the background, you can almost see the faint impression of the repeat stamping of the flower. It is subtle but as I wanted, it adds a hint of texture.
This stamp would make pretty wearable art, such as a pendant.
This card has a focal of three, individually stamped flowers.  The size of those flower stamps allow them to be combined or isolated for smaller projects and all would make pretty backgrounds. Excuse the sizing, this sample is actually larger than sample no. 1.
The stenciled script has the Grungepaste left plain, I decided not to tint it in any way so it would be a contrast to the background.  The stencils were so enjoyable for only selecting small areas to work with.  Nothing pleases me more when you can do this with stencils and stamps.
The final sample to share featuring stamps from ESC01 is this tag.  Similar to the first sample, lots and lots of layering of various stained and stamped fragments.
ESC02 is packed with vintage images relating to vegetables.  All of the stamps would be fabulous for anyone who is keen on growing their own vegetables or Farmers Market enthusiast.
The layer of chalk paint still allows the text to peek through, then the Infusions creating some lovely drips.
A stamped label was layered to the pumpkin.
This sample was one I made near the end and it was really a way of challenging myself to make another sample with scraps left over from the previous samples, so all I had to do was stamp the focal and add some stenciling.
I really don’t live by the Less Is More attitude!!!  The upper right corner has every leftover scrap conceivable.  I stencilled with Grungepaste over the layers, knowing full well it would not allow for perfect stencilling but, in my eyes, it adds to the charm of the shabbiness of it all.
I found myself dipping into the sets, mixing and matching, adding touches of stamped script or other smaller accents.
Now, please don’t laugh at me but I initially thought they were carrots, they are in fact radishes.  Poor observation especially from someone who has been a vegetarian since her mid-teens!!!
From the final set, ESC03.
This sample is a simpler approach, with the stamped focal and only a border and stamped fragment in the lower corner.
This is the same flower, such a lovely stamp, the design and size. I know I will use this stamp often.  It would look amazing if painted with Infusions, using them as watercolours.
On both tags, alongside hints of Fresco Gold, there is the merest touch of foil.  I had tiny pieces left from Prima Christine Adolph rub-ons (which are so beautiful).
I decided to change the orientation of the floral stamp, placing it horizontally. Once again, some stenciling.  I also stamped onto a fragment of Infusions stained calico, layering with Infusions stained crochet lace.
The PaperArtsy blog post will share Raquel and Jennie’s samples and also further details.  If you are interested in the stamps or stencils, then please seek them out at your local Paper Artsy stockist.
That’s Crafty is a stockist of PaperArtsy products so it might be worth a look to see if they are stocking Scrapcosy stamps and stencils.
Thank you to Leandra for the invitation and Raquel for designing such beautiful stamps and stencils.  It was also fun to work alongside Jennie.
Many thanks for your visit to this post.

Fragile (Somerset Studio)

I have a scheduled blog post for Wednesday but decided to sneak in a quick post which had already been drafted.
When Somerset Studio had a call for Olive submissions, I decided to go for it, not because olive is a favourite colour but as I associate it with nature and nature is a “theme” I am becoming more drawn to. Also, I have found the annual colour challenge to be that, a challenge, which I learn more and more, is so rewarding, obviously being published is the ultimate reward but the challenge to dip into colours I might not normally reach for, it is very freeing for me.
The main project I submitted, I’ll share another time but for this post, I wanted to share this collage, assemblage, call it what you will (!) which I was amazed to see in the Expressions category.
The beautiful leaf is from Redlead Paperworks Autumn Beauty Leaves set
Fragile is from a much loved Redlead Paperworks set, Fragile Nests
That’s Crafty Alterable Surfaces substrate and PaperArtsy Fresco Finish Green Olive
This is all about texture and unusually for me, although all the usual suspects appear, I left breathing space around the stamped focal.    The texture was not me aiming to replicate anything specifically from nature but more a sense of evoking textures found in nature.
Fragments of tree bark bring another textural element to the collage/assemblage and heightened that sense of the natural.
I’m sure this isn’t weird for me to say – I can get so excited when textures come together – a painted scrap of found paper, a scrap of rusted fabric (plus a reminder to self to make more rusted fabric!) and stained calico and muslin.
Thank you so much for your visit and obviously, thank you to the Redlead Paperworks for their beautiful stamps and to Stampington and Company for printing this piece.

Art House (new product launch @ That’s Crafty)

That’s Crafty are launching new products at Stitches and I was lucky enough to have the new items to play with, to create samples.
Laura suggested I share the samples as DT projects so I decided to share the first one I made.  Foolishly, I forgot to take dimensions but this is large!  If you own the PaperArtsy EEA alphabet set, it will give you an idea of the proportions of the stamping against the frame of the shrine.
You might believe I would be enthusiastic about the shrines because I am on the That’s Crafty DT and feel obligated to be positive, that is not the case.
The shrines will be available in different sizes so if you wanted a statement piece, then the large shrines will be perfect or you might prefer a cluster of smaller shrines – variety and choice can only be a good thing!  The actual shrines are easy to assemble, no special items required other than your favourite, reliable adhesive (I use Regular Matt Gel Medium). There is generous depth to the shrines, you can see I managed to prop a mini canvas with easel into the shadowbox.
Many new(ish) products appear on this shrine, the full list can be seen HERE.
All details including more photos can be viewed at the That’s crafty blog.
Thank you for your visit.

Somerset Art Gal No. 3 (Somerset Studio)

Today sees the final Somerset Art Gal being shared.
Once again, the same stamp companies:- Character Constructions for all the paper doll elements, including the bodice and skirt.  The words dangling from her wrist are from Darkroom Door Creative Word Block and the stamps appearing on the outsize wooden peg are Redlead Paperworks.    The paints are PaperArtsy Fresco Finish (available from That’s Crafty)
This Art Gal does not believe in a minimal approach.  She is happiest with her many paintbrushes surrounding her.
Personally, I’ve never liked tattoos but when I was inking up (no pun intended!) the paper dolls, onto some lovely vintage French receipt paper, I thought it would bring a fun twist to incorporate the script, as though it were tattoos.  With tattoos being popular amongst artists, it just seemed cool to do this.  This Art Gals is into her tattoos in a big way!
It just so happened I had Frescos in colours that worked perfectly with the colours of the Somerset Studio Artist Paper.  I like nothing more than when I can make something my own and not only that, the finger painted mark making also brought texture to the paper.
You can just about make out the paint and stamping on the outsize wooden peg.
Thank you for your visits to the Somerset Art Gal. They were great fun to make. They were time intensive but somehow, that was okay, enjoying the process of making the Artist Papers my own, creating the characters of the dolls with the individual stamps but poor fingers are not happiest when having such a big fussy cutting session!
There will be new Character Constructions stamps available any day now – it’s possible they will be available by the time this post goes live – The Daisy Blue Collection.   For many, resistance will be futile!

Somerset Art Gal No. 2 (Somerset Studio)

A picture is a poem without words
Somerset Art Gal No. 2 being shared today.
Stamp Supplies
Paperdoll stamps – Character Constructions
Art related words – Darkroom Door
Stamps on wooden peg – Redlead Paperworks
She has a “don’t mess with me” stare to her eye so don’t even try asking if you can use her favourite paint colour,
unless you are prepared to prise them out of her grasp!
She loves to customise her clothing.  Here she’s added fingertip spots to her skirt, dipping her fingers into paint.
She is so cool and confident, never one to shy away, so she will happily declare herself to be artistic.
Somehow she manages to pull this look off – girly bows and lace and stripy/dotty leggings – yes, this girl knows her own self and she is running with it!
Did you spy the tattoo she has on her foot?!
Thank you so much for your visit.  I hope the Somerset Art Gals have brought some cheer.

Relics and Artifacts: Retailer Project Feature in Craft Stamper

Before I was invited to be a Relics and Artifacts Ambassador, it was suggested by Sandra and Trish, that I create two projects featuring Relics and Artifacts for Craft Stamper.
Relics & Artifacts are a dream to create with and I don’t say this because I am an Ambassador, I say this because I have been using them for some time now and grow to love them more and more.
To see the full range of R&As, including Bohemian Jewels, Velveteen Flowers and more, visit HERE.
If you are already creating with them or have only recently discovered them, then why not join the Facebook Tribe and share your R&A creations with us.
Just to add, some of the R&As are available, in the U.K. from That’s Crafty 

If you are a Craft Stamper reader then you might want to know that there is a Giveaway for some R&As!

The idea of the projects, to show how easy it is to work with R&As, with the stepped-out project showing how by simply transforming the Chandelier Pendants with a few supplies, they can become home decor items in very little time.

The assemblage frame is more time time intensive but the idea was to display the use of multiple R&As, all from different R&A sets, yet coming together in one theme.

Craft Stamper links:-
To purchase subscriptions:
Single print copies:
Digital copies:

Stamps used on both R&A projects – individual stamp details are noted in the Craft Stamper article along with PaperArtsy Fresco Finish paint colours.
Character Constructions
Redlead Paperworks
Many thanks for your visit.

Somerset Art Gals (Somerset Studio)

Trying to catch-up with projects from last year so I thought I would share my Somerset Art Gals.
This is the Art Gals as they stand side-by-side but I thought it fun to share each Art Gal in detail so I’ve drafted one post a day for three days.
They were published as an article in Somerset Studio Sept/Oct 2016
Stamp Supplies
Paper doll elements – Character Constructions stamps
Art Related Words, Paintbrushes, Paint tubes and Pencils – Darkroom Door
Stamps on outsize wooden peg – Redlead Paperworks
If you read Stampington & Co magazines, you will know they include Artist Papers, quality papers.  In all the years I’ve read their magazines, this was only the third time I’d used the papers.  I always wanted to save the papers within the magazines and also, I rarely use pattern papers, enjoying making my own backgrounds or my real love – any found papers.
On an absolute whim – which came about when I thought of turning some Character Constructions paper doll stamps into artists, I had the idea that a vibrant Artist Paper was what they needed, with me adding my own touches with Fresco Finish paint, to make the paper my own.
They were never going to only be paper dolls, each Art Gal is attached to a huge wooden peg, this enables the dolls to be free standing but also a place for creative notes to be attached, To Do List or a collection of favourite quotes.  I don’t have their dimensions but they are tall.
All Art Gals should wear a beret, especially with Parisian polka dots (paint pen), adorned with vintage trims.
She is a messy one, with smudges of paint on her face. I think we can all relate!
Her brushes are well used but that doesn’t mean they are not much loved – she just never seems to be able to keep her tools pristine.
She doesn’t believe herself to be an artist, much more comfortable with the term crafter but maybe, one day, she will view herself differently.
Thank you for the time you spend here, I appreciate your time is precious.
Have a wonderful week and I’ll return soon with the other Somerset Art Gals.

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