Don’t Doubt The Strength (Somerset Studio)

Projects can be such funny things.  This wasn’t the first incarnation, I tore off elements, played around and still I wasn’t content with it, so I pushed it aside, letting it lie knowing I would either eventually be able to move forwards and if not, I would try and peel back as many layers as possible to rescue the substrate and butterfly.
I am never, ever 100% satisfied with anything I make and I don’t view that as a fault because it’s not me being ridiculously humble, it is me being well aware that I have much to learn, to improve and that is what I want from this “journey”.  So when I say that, on eventual completion of this panel I was at an even lower level of satisfaction about this project than I normally am but it coincided with me packing up some submissions to Stampington offices and there was just enough room for this project and what swung it, there were two other projects with a theme of butterflies and where I had also used similar Infusions colours.  If there was even a chance they liked any of the trio, sometimes they assemble them together into one feature – that was my greatest, daren’t even dream it wish!  At the worst, there really wasn’t a worst because I had no hopes with this project.
Imagine then when the Editor of Somerset Studio contacts me to ask for an article.  I am sharing this because all too often, we can believe that those around us are always in the zone when they create and always have belief in their art and high expectations of publication.  Once again, not from being humble, there is another side to the story and it feels right to share that with you.  Sometimes it is about doing all you can at any given time and saying to yourself, I will give this a go and submit it, who knows what the outcome will be.
Instructions are within Somerset Studio Jan/Feb 2018 issue
This is why I adore Infusions, the teeny, tiny bursts of colour, which for someone who is not a person who immerses themselves in the colour wheel (!) is just the perfect amount of colour for me to cope with, without the need to run to the nearest darkened room. Joking aside, I love that I can use the same colours on the substrate, the butterfly, re-cycled/found papers and textiles. They are an all rounder and what I need amongst my supplies.
That’s Crafty Antique Gold paint was applied to the butterfly, highlighting the edges and texture but only using my fingertips, I do not want a precise application of paint, the same as applied to the Infusions stained lace.  I have lovely Sharon Bruner to thank for that lovely lace.
I wanted this assemblage to be rich in texture.

It is a truly special feeling to have a project, featuring one of my Lynne’s Affirmations stamps, published in what I deem as THE publication for Mixed Media – it’s what dreams are made of and what makes my wings stronger.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. janellmithani
    Apr 30, 2018 @ 01:54:48

    Congrats on the article with Somerset. I do love their magazines. This is beautiful and I love anything that has a reference to wings! 🙂


  2. jan2bratt
    May 01, 2018 @ 14:51:32

    It was Somerset Studios where I was first made aware of your beautiful work and I have been following your blog ever since. This piece is another example of your intuitive process and a reminder to all of us not to sell ourselves short. Glad you submitted it!


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